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  1. Just wondering if some of you more 'experienced' fly fishers could tell me something. Is it better to use a roll cast or side arm cast in 70km winds? :lol: Just tired of having all this line swirling around my head. Pat
  2. Just a heads up to anybody that might visit this site. Tried to access the web-page and my computer security blocked me and put up a message that visiting this site could do damage to my computer. Some sort of Malware warning. Hopefully this may just be my computer or connection and not a virus but you never know. Jacobin
  3. Thanks Pauline, That fixed things. Patrick
  4. Hello, First off I would like to say how much I enjoyed attending last nights meeting and look forward to future meetings. Even the business portion of things wasn't that bad. Now to problems that I am having with the forum. When I try to go into either the fish and wildlife management or the conservation sections they both are coming up blank and telling me that there are no posts in this section. However, I can see in the last post section that there are post. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Patrick
  5. Thanks for the info. I will be there Wed. Pat
  6. Hi, I am hoping that someone could let me know a couple of things. I would like to come out to the meeting this Wed. and I am wondering what is on the agenda? What materials do I need to bring out? How much is the membership? And if there is anything else that I might need to know before showing up Wed. Thank you, Patrick
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