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  1. I use Photobucket , you just register up load a photo, then put your curser on the photo you want to upload a drop down menue will show and then you put your curser on the IMG code, or IMG thumb, copy which one you want and then got to your post, and paste.. very easy.. you can up load several images at the same time, and do some neat work on the photos. This is IMG Thumb..
  2. Welcome aboard Raymond, and let me publicly thank-you for your service for our Country! I look forward to doing so again in person someday. Scratch just approached me last Wednesday night to lend a hand with the upcoming casting course in Ft. Saskatchewan, and I too am more then glad to help out where I can. Cheers! Lance Thanks very much RangerBob. I used to say that when I changed Tractor trailer tires that was work, at 20yo I joined the Army and have not worked a day since !!!! Was out fly fishing today, with a young friend that can tell you that Inconnu does not have to worry about me bringing Donuts when I fish with him, he falls all over for the Crow, and today all we saw were frigging big Cougar track and where the tail dragged ... The fishing was great the catching was slow..
  3. Dave that do you have the outline in a electronic form that Scratch could put on our web site or this one for that matter, we need to standardize our teaching approach and build a library of resources, I know that each person could be different in their abilities and it may take a while to out # the variables with proven methods but it can be done.. thanks..
  4. Hello to you all, I just joined the BB, I think that is obvious though. My name is Raymond Fairweather, I am from Lethbridge, so why did I join the NLFTTUE BB.. well we have a common cause and interests and I used to live in Wainwright, as a soldier, and all I had to fish were the Pothole lakes of Dillberry and Capt Arye. The common cause, well you may have heard Scratch talk about this, and maybe your members that were at the FFE in Calgary 22- 24 Jan 2010, it is PHW&FFC that is Project Healing Waters and Fly Fishing Canada. I would like to thank Northern Lights Fly Tyers - Trout Unlimited Edmonton for there great interest and support of our cause.. I would like to also extend an invitation, that if any of you wish to come down this way and are looking for a bit of local knowledge to let me know and I will be more then glad to help... like they say who ever "they" are - "it's the least I could do" take care, and Tight Lines and Happy times at the vise..
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