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  1. This was a good presentation and those who choose to watch closely wil have learned something,those that did not,too bad their loss. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.
  2. Looks kind of stiff,there will be no movement in the warer.lol Nice one Jim,like this one.
  3. The contact that I have is old but it is: fly.rods@saktel.net
  4. Jim you want the R73,sizes 6 8 10 and 12 are most useful.
  5. AS too the above about the flytyers I will add Joan Mitchell Mitchell Special Bruce Alexander Alexander Special Gary Carlson 52 Buick Just a few. There are lots more.
  6. Dennis another trick that is helpful with the rib on the T.U. is leave a thread tag at the back so that you can twist the herl on the thread before wrapping,take care though as it is still very easy to break the herl if you twist too much.Take one wrap without twisting,then you can twist the thread and herl,this takes the stress away from the tie in point.
  7. Jim,I will try to get to the dragon fly today,if I get it done it will be posted in the Lest We Forget thread.
  8. I was quite interested in the presentation given last night,have heard a lot about this area over the years,lots of info was made availiable.
  9. Was under the weather,really would have liked to have seen this.
  10. I agree with all of the above,I am wondering if this post in the form of a letter to the members could be handed out at a meeting,putting the problem in the hands of those whom are causing the problemand hoping to bring it to their attention. This way the executive does not have to scold the "story tellers" like a bunch of school children. If the problem continues to persist at this point then the exec can bring it up in a meeting and try to then solve the situation. I feel that if given in a letter all complaints and opinions that are discussed here will be in their hands and they can see them for themselves,maybe they dont really know how disruptive and disrespectful they are being.
  11. I was in attendance at the club meeting this evening and took in the tying demo that was presented. The young man said it was his first and had to do it as a fillin for the original person who was not able to do it. Jim could have just as easily postponed but instead tried to do something himself. I am not new to what he was doing but still the presentation held my interest except for those chosen ones in the back that seemed to think it was okay to hold conversations that were so loud that it disturbed not only the presenter but everyone else present. Maybe those persons would like to come up and volunteer to do a presentation and see what it is like. You are probably a bundle of nerves,you probably put a lot of time into being prepared and now you get the feeling that no one is interested. I have done plenty of these and to this day they still do not come easily. Some good natured heckling done in good taste actually helps but a group of people not even bothering to pay attention is a real distraction. The club seems to have plenty of nights where it is easy to visit for the whole meeting so I hope that in the future we can show some respect on presentation nights and be quiet. It seems if someone is brought in from outside the club we can manage this so why cant it happen when one of our peers steps up. They are there because they feel that they have something to offer so why dont we listen to what they have to say,after all everyone has to start somewhere and who knows one day it may be you up there. I will sign this as I am not ashamed of what I have to say. Thankyou. Barry Phillips
  12. Thought it was a real good presentation,well thought out and prepared,and informative as well.
  13. I am not sure if you are aware or not but Damian is moving to Edmonton in the very near future
  14. I have been negligent in saying thankyou for the presentation that you put on for the members on Wed night. I thought it was very informative and well done. You obvisously put a lot of thought and work into your presentation and I for one really enjoyed it. I like watching others work and am always open to learning something new,there is not one of us that can truly say that we know everything. Again thankyou for your efforts. Phly
  15. The Rangely streamers that you guys are talking about were tied without being weighted.They are tied on long shank hooks to imitate the baitfish in the area for which designed. They were on long shank hooks because of the lenght required. These flies were designed to be used predominantly for landlocked salmon and larger brookies that inhabited the lakes in this area. They were also fished and still are fished in the river systems but when doing this the wings are shortened up so that they will not foul around the hook shanks. When they are fished in lakes the wings are lenghtened and they are trolled. They were fished with spinning rods as well as fly rods equiped with sinking lines or at times in the shallows with floating lines and long leaders. I have fished these patterns and some of my own as well with sucess in the lakes in sask and alberta. You are right,the long shank may be thrown by the quarry ,but if you keep the line properly tight you should have no more problems than having to use a barbless hook.
  16. Can anybody give me any info about Jackfish lake located nrthwest of Vermillion,I know that it used to be stocked with rainbows just wondering if any knows how they are doing.
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