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  1. Gentleman: The Pembina study is a most excellent. Are there any folks on this forum who fish grayling, and study their activities in the upper reaches of the Athabasca drainage? If you do, it is amazing How and Where these fish live and hide. I refer to these grayling as "backwoods" graying. What I do not like is the poaching of these fish. My scale samples show these boreal graying do not age much faster than an Athabow. No academic paper to support my assertion. Suggestion: I believe we should start assessing the population of our Boreal grayling population in a systematic manner. I notice some folks on this forum possess sampling kits. And know how to use them. Excellent. Also: A commendation to the oil companies who work in the Boreal grayling areas. I was fuming Suzuki mad when a pipeline leaked into one of my favorite graying pools and riffles. I observed the engineering professionalism of the water clean up crew as they handled the leak, and restored my little fishery back to normal. Proof that Suzuki sucks. Thank you for reading my rant.
  2. Has anyone ever come across any serious Chironomid taxonomy for Alberta? I was looking for general identification, Species level recognition can get really tough.
  3. Given that we live in a very visual world I would like to suggest an approach to help illustrate the fundamental issues of habitat destruction of our trout. We are all prepping up for our summer "field work". We all own a digital camera of sorts. We all see disgusting habitat destruction as we search far and near for our quarry. Therefore, I suggest we create a "wall of shame" on this forum to visually show digital pictures of the habitat problems that exist for trout and other cold water fish. A GPS location or good old map skills should be required, but not necessary for posting. A picture.......well you know. Nothing political, just an exhibition of real facts. Facts that might want to be pursued in the interest of our little slimy friends.
  4. Thanks Peter. Excellent overview.
  5. Does anyone want to tell the background of what happened with Muir, Millers......et al? Are the government news reports explaining the reasons for the kills acceptable? And, What really happened for this incident to occur?
  6. This evening I started to set up my fly tying bench, how humble it is, for the winter, and thought about your club. Almost a year ago I dropped by the Wednesday evening meeting and was not impressed. This is why I am not impressed. In one corner it appeared that a bunch of TU people sat. In the other corner a bunch of fly tying people sat. That is no problem. This is what was the problem Up front was some guy screaming at this divided crowd. This person up front looked at me like I was a member and implicating that I joined that year to get the a ten percent discount in stores. I don't need no ten percent discount when I purchase outdoor gear. This person also berated the members for not selling raffle tickets for some dinner at a steak house. My goodness, is a person who is a member of your club supposed to go door to door, like someone from a religious cult to pay for some meal at some slop house? Get serious. This person also cut down the president of the club. This was behind his back. I do not like seeing things like thiis. Backstabbing the president Hmm. After the great speech, I went to try and talk to people. In the corner was a gentleman tying flies. I tried to communicate with him, and he only mumbled something. I did not want to upset this gentleman and hope his medication is working well. I thank you letting me use this site. but I will not be seeing you at the Hall. Best wishes I wish I could have been more positive.
  7. I miss Denny's, especially Mr. and Mrs. Denny. Their prices were higher, but the knowledge I gleaned from that shop is irreplacable. You guys call me a Bare Hook and Maggot. I am currently tying Polish Condom flies, and by golly some of them do look like maggots wrapped around a hook.
  8. Check the spring creeks of Berland and Muskeg Rivers. I am quite sure that I have caught hybrids in these areas. I was told in the mid 70's by old locals north of Hinton that fish were once upon a time that Brook trout were stocked into the watersheds north of Hinton in cream cans transported by former WW2 Jeeps and by horse. They said the source of the fish was the Jasper Hatchery. I have no documentation to the above assertions I have also looked at the stocking bible at fisheries headquarters in Edmonton to try an substantiate my findings of Brookie stockings in the Berland and Muskeg area, but could not find any documentable proof of Brook trout stocking north of Hinton into these drainages. I have never seen the stocking records out of Edson, but I do know the Edson records do not match the Edmontons data. I wonder if a freedom of information application regarding the stocking records out of the old Jasper Hatchery could be obtained. I should give it try.
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