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  1. I have libertarian persuasions and feel that the less the government does and regulates, the better off we are. While I can understand the temptation to try to "protect" people from fly by nighters, it's not so certain government regulations will do that. A free market is the best way way to operate. Having worked for the "government" for quite a number of years, some years ago, I know that government regulation will have many problems. Government regulators are simply made up of people, who are then given certain powers - and can make decisions based on their own prejudices too. They can create advantages for some and problems for others just because of how they decide to think.
  2. When does the Grayling season close up there? Should I bring some gear with me when I come in November to Whitecourt? Ian
  3. Hey Rick, I didn't take it as a snub! I was just using my dry Irish sense of humor... and sometimes I guess it does not translate well into the written word as much as it would in the verbal word! Sorry about the mistake about who you were addressing. Another dog's fur I've used is the undercoat of a Yellow Labrador, for dubbing. Works well and the colour is very nice! Thank you for the birthday wishes too. Ian
  4. Thanks, Dennis! If I am able, I will try to make it on the 11th of November. My schedule isn't certain yet and I'll likely be traveling to Fort McMurray at some point during that week. But it would be great to meet you and the others here! Ian
  5. This is sad news, and I'm sorry I missed it! RIP.
  6. Ok... I've seen some aquatic worms - Lumbriculids I think.. but don't know for sure. They were similar in some way to big juicy Dew Earthworms, but not as long and not as thick. But similar, yes. That would be great! I presently reside in Orangeville ON, but am looking at relocating to the Edmonton area as I'm there so often. Let me know when the meetings are! I'm planning on arriving the 8th of November and will be there until the 17th, but visiting in Whitecourt. If it's possible, maybe I can make a trip back down to Edmonton during that time. I also would love to meet up with some of "The Castaways." I'll bring the coffee, you bring the book. And I'll bring some flies along that have caught fish, and we can try to figure out what the FISH thought they were eating when they hooked themselves. I was playing around one day, when my Maltese dog needed a bit of trim. He has very white fine hair. I like fun.. and I thought it would be fun to use my dog's hair.. and tied up this ridiculous thing, with a red bead, lots of red thead, and the dog's hair, streamer style. That thing catches me fish. In lakes. And rivers. Brown Trout. Bass. Rainbow trout. Ontario. Alberta. What do the fish think when they go for it? I don't know. I've seen guys catch fish on "Booby" flies. What they heck do they imitate? I have no clue. A few years ago, I was standing on a bridge with a guy, over the Grand River. The guy flicked his cigarette but into the river... and a trout rose to it. What was that all about? I don't know. My point being that as humans, we want to have words to classify things, and try to figure out what something might represent - but there could be other factors going on that we haven't thought about. Like... "Hey, that looks tasty... or... that looks like it would provide sustenance... or.... I want to kill that thing... let's try it."
  7. It's Ian, by the way. Adding a "Br" is kinda like changing lumbriculids to Lumbricids Part of my point in a way. No... not everyone knows that. But then, some scientists decided to reclassify Pluto recently. It's no longer a planet. But that's not my point, and I'm not up on Latin. I wish I was, but they didn't offer it back in high school. And sadly, I just have some College in Law Enforcement - no Biology - so most of the Latin I do know has to do with court rooms. But I can observe and report!
  8. Perhaps, but in reality, big juicy dew worms don't look like lumbriculids exactly. So again, to me, it's more about something about the look or appearance or something about it sensually to the fish that says "eat me. I'm ok to eat. I'm good to eat. Even if I'm not exactly like what you have seen before." I've never caught a fish on a san juan worm. But then I was never confident fishing them either. On the other hand, the fist time I fished chironomids, I wasn't confident.. and heck was I surprised when a fish took a skinny pattern tied with French Oval copper tinsel, and that was almost all there was .. just tinsel. Then I gained confidence.. and caught more fish with it! In rivers and lakes.. and we're told often that chironomids are more effective in lakes. Who knows??
  9. Interesting discussion. It's probably a lot about semantics. I do know that I've referred to some patterns as "leech patterns" because they look like leeches when they are wet and being retrieved. And I know fish often like them! I was fishing with a friend once, and we often tease each other. He was fishing midges. I was fishing a leech pattern. He was teasing me that "lure fly fishing is dirty." He was getting hits to his flies.. but few solid hook ups. Me? I was getting vicious strikes and boated about five before had one. Every time I'd feel a fish on, I'd exclaim, "It sure is fun being dirty!" I might be a dry fly purist myself if I could fish where there were always dry fly hatches going on and the fish were rising to them. But that's not the case, so I adapt. Ever notice that lakes and rivers seem to not have too many dew worms yet fish seem to love them? Sometimes, I think that although a fly pattern is meant to imitate something that the human fly tyer has in his mind, to the fish, there's just something that says "eat me" in the fly. Who knows what the fish really thinks it is supposed to be imitating?
  10. Thanks, John and Ian! I am now in Whitecourt. Ian - I'll give you a call hopefully later today. My cell just in case - 519.938.0483. John - PM sent!
  11. Thanks, Ian! I've got your number written down and will give you a shout. Much appreciated! Just getting ready to leave for the airport shortly! I've been traveling to Whitecourt just about every month for the past year - this will be the first with my son - and the first time with my fly gear, so I'm quite excited! I did fly fish Moonshine and Silver lakes north of Grande Prairie in September 2007 but that's the extent of my fly fishing in AB. Best, Ian
  12. Hi All, Just came across this forum while trying to research fly fishing opportunities near the Whitecourt area. I'm heading to Whitecourt tomorrow with my six year old son and am hoping to do some fly fishing while I am there - preferably where my son can use his spin rod. Haven't had much chance to find out what is available in the area or what gear would be most likely to be used... .so I'm bringing along an assortment! As well, hoping to get my girlfriend into some fish on the fly rod too - so that means double the gear! Two 5 wt rods and two 7/8 wts, with a variety of lines from floating to fast sinking in case we're on lakes. I know it's a bit late notice - but any suggestions would be great! I am pretty sure at some point we'll be at Carson Pegasus - I've heard there are rainbows in there? I've never caught a grayling - so that might be fun to try too!
  13. Thanks, Wooly. I'm actually in Orangeville, Ontario - but am heading to Edmonton tomorrow, and will be in the Whitecourt area. Thought I might be able to find out what fly fishing opportunities are there. Heh.. I think I'm taking just about ALL of my gear as I'm not sure what to bring! :)

  14. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you at a meeting. Be sure to identify yourself.


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