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    I agree-well done! Fun evening, looking forward to our pizza meeting. With or without anchovies?
  2. Brian, Your suggesting the raffle rather than a silent auction sure was a great way to raise the money-and to be sold out already on the Saturday was terrific! Tak was very pleased when I told him Sunday night and said he wants to do it again next year. I feel honored to be associated with such a fantastic group of people.
  3. Hi Tim, I think it was me you and your brother were chatting to about fishing Racehorse etc. I just looked at your Hook and Vise video. You guys did a good job on it and no better guy to be out on the Bow with than Maxwell. I look forward to more of your productions. Tim Reid
  4. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing this fun, informative event. I learned so much this weekend and met many fantastic new people who I look forward to getting to know better in the future. I will make sure my new rod acquisition will be put to good use . Tim Reid
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