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  1. http://afgmag.com/april-9-2015-bull-trout-brown-trout-alberta-fly-fishing/ Enjoy. Tim
  2. Just saw this post on Fly Fish Calgary: Your attendance and volunteer participation is required, otherwise the final motion of the evening will be to cease chapter operations due to a lack of interest.
  3. Look at the pictures and information that gets posted on Alberta Fishing Guide's Facebook. Can you believe that Brown out of Obed Lake or the Walleye out of the NSR? And what should you do with half empty fly floatant containers? Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/afgmag Your welcome. Tim
  4. I thought Rod's presentation was excellent. I preferred the ability to sit around the tier as if you were at the kitchen table-very cozy and effective. Unfortunately, I did not get to see the whole presentation. Where do we find Rod's site showing his ties? Tim
  5. Try contacting this link: www.nilecreekflyshop.com They are knowledgeable for the area. By the way, they will also be at this weekend's Calgary Fly Fishing Show. Tim
  6. Also this link showing Gary Hanke: http://globalnews.ca/calgary/videos/?video-search=fly+fishing
  7. Another good day. I realized a number of exhibitors were not represented this year including the Fishin' Hole. Bill Robertson did make it to the show, but was expected to pay for his entrance which bothered some of the other exhibitors. I forgot to mention that yesterday I saw a presentation by April Vokey and was quite impressed. She is polished and informative and certainly better on the eyes than many of the presenters and attendees we have at our seminars! One of the more popular products to get sold today was the TFO instruction Fly Rod with yarn. Fish Tales Fly Shop brought 70 to the show today and sold them all! I hear cats really like them. Despite my view of the show becoming stale and the fact that many exhibitors and presenters have not returned, Rick Leblanc told me that the show had record numbers come through the doors on Friday. I must say today seemed very busy and so would not be surprised if this trend had continued. As far as club members that I saw, Pauline and Frank, Kristi, and Chuck Harvey were about today. Bill Gouge and our Super Fly members were also at the show but of course working. Tim
  8. Hi Everyone, Watched a presentation by Rick Hafele. He let everyone know about a new E-Magazine For Fly Fishers started by himself, Skip Morris, and Dave Hughes. It is called HookedNow (hookednow.com). Talked to Jack Dennis (or maybe he talked to me?) - I got a word in after he talked non-stop to me for 3 Hours! He needs to rush from Calgary to Jackson Hole On Sunday afternoon to sign the papers which complete the sale of his shop on Monday. No doubt that will be a big event for him and has likely been on his mind lately. Tim Rajeff casting presentations are fun to watch. His brother Steve has a world record distance cast for a single rod of 247 feet! The fly line has been recorded at going a speed of around 208 miles an hour. Nothing else to report as the show is becoming somewhat stale in my view. Take care, Tim
  9. Just wondering who to contact about helping out if required. Tim
  10. Do we have a meeting on Wednesday? What will be the topic? Have I missed the May newsletter? Tim
  11. Vince looks too clean in that photo (I think you photo shopped a photo of Vince trying on new clothing at a local shop!).
  12. If, by chance, Norm wants to leave later in the day Saturday, we'll be leaving Calgary around 3-4pm to return to Fox Creek. I have Norm's number and he has mine (unless he junked it of course) and he can call me if he likes. John, I have sent you a PM.
  13. Probably should double check that ReelLife: Chris does indeed teach at that time as you stated. However, that is a "presentation". I was talking about the paid "workshop". Because there wasn't a master schedule combining workshops and presentations, I too made a schedule for myself on Excel. Its a bit confusing the way they've set it up. Mike Quite right. I was talking about the presentations not the workshops. I have done three workshops with Chris Seipio. He certainly knows his stuff. Have Fun!
  14. Good to see someone was able to come through; I, unfortunately, don't plan on leaving till Chris Seipio's casting session is done Sunday at 4pm. Just so you know, Chris Seipio is from 10:45-11:15 on Sunday. The Last casting session is with Brian Niska from 2:45-3:15. I have typed out the whole schedule for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and may bring it to the Wednesday Club meeting. If anyone is interested I could email it to you.
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