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  1. great seminar as usual, Todd gave so much information, will need to have him back
  2. Were could i find the web page? quote name='DennisS' date='Dec 20 2010, 10:23 AM' post='22575'] Just for information you can see a copy of the program for Todd Oishi on Doc's new web page, Fly Fishing Centreal. Tickest should be in all the fishing stores now. What a weekend for $50. Tight lines Always Dennis S.
  3. We had a good time on part of the river we have never been on before, I will do it agian next year, just let me know when.
  4. "To suggest that Brian's comments are motivated by a commercial relationship with a store is wrong and unacceptable" Is not wrong or unacceptable, It was a question, If you cannot accept some one else’s opinion on someyhing, I feel sorry for you. If you are happy with the service you receive from the local shops, then that is good, I am not and as such wish to take my business else’s were. And I have a right to let others know that I am not happy.
  5. Well Brian I do agree with you, I support shops that support me and give me good service and advise, that is why I shop in Calgary, now I will try the new Edmonton shop, but if I get the same kind of crap I get from the other Edmonton store, I will go else were. Brian I did not know you worked for the Edmonton Stores? Mind you, this is a free world, and each to his or her own opinion is allowed and we should respect that. One should be allowed to shop were one feels they are getting their best value for their money.
  6. And a happy New year to you. The past year has been great, it has been a memorable year fishing with "old " friends. I Found new place to fish which I hope the to revisit this year. To you and yours, a happy new year. we will see you on the stream.
  7. licensed for any organization is to ensure that those individuals have the proper qualifications and insurances to look after the public. Now do we need the Government to ensure this is happening or an organizatin of guides? Then it is up to the individual to ensure the guide has all the qualifications. Now we are buyer beware, or do we need the Govenment to look after the individual who will not look after himself. In my opinion, if an individual has a busness in a town he he pays his fees to that town, that is enough let the buyer ensure he is geting what he is paying for. Why create further costs, that make is so the average Joe cannot aford to do it.
  8. \How many will he take on a float?
  9. thanks for all the information, my better half has made her decision for me we are going to stay at the Waterton Lakes Inn. but I will get to try the Cin Buns
  10. Heading down to the Crowsnest River this weekend, looking for a recommendation on motels.
  11. Is that at Vinces Creek? by chance?
  12. Vince my boy it is nice to see you have broad shoulders. Now if you need someone who needs to be heckled, there is a fellow named Dave Taylor. and I know he has never been to the front in all the years he has been with the club
  13. It is not the quality of fly tying they want from you, but the oportunity to Heckle you. So be a sport get up there and and show them your metal.
  14. A dredge is not a backhoe, but a pump, it sucks the mud of one portion of the pond and create a large hole in that area. Pumping into the beaver pond, would recycle the water and all aquatic life. All permits and licensing would be arranged by the company doing the dredging.
  15. Has anyone ever looked at dredging part of the lake?
  16. Grumpy


    Yes see Dennis on Wed.
  17. Grumpy


    All the books are gone but the following If anyone is interested, Trout Flies by Dave Hughes, Caddies Flies by Garry Lafontaine, Fly Tying Tips and Reference Guide by Dick Stewart, and Royal Coachman by Paul Schullery.
  18. Grumpy


    I have been in contact with a lady in Calgary who has a number of books for sale. She wants to sell all the books at once, I have another fellow who is interested, however both of us have a number of the books. I need to find some one who would like to buy some of the books, I have attached a list of the books that have not been spoken for. If you are interested please respond with the price you are willing to pay for the books, or contact Dennis Southwick for further information Please respond by Jan 9, 2009 If I have enough interest, I will purchase the books and contact all the buys. Aftma's Pocket Guide to Fishing Rivers & Streams Soft Copy, 1989 Value $10.00 Amazing Lures & flies (Every Anglers Guide To) Hard Copy By Dickson Schneider, 1997 Value $20.00 Art of Flytying (Freshwater Angler) Hard Copy By Hunting & Fishing Library 1994 Value $25.00 Caddisflies Hard Copy Gary Lafontaine 1981 Value $35.00 Compleat Angler, The - Companion Book Hard Copy By John Donne, 1960 Value $20.00 Complete Book of Fly Fishing HC Joe Brooks, 1966 Value $30.00 Fed. Of Fly Fishers Fly Pattern Ency, 1600 of best Soft Copy by Al Beatty, 2000 Value $30.00 Fisherman's Handbook Soft copy, by Al Pflueger Value $12.00 Fishing Flies, A Pract. Guide to the Craft of Fly Tying Hard Copy By Martin Ford, 1999 Value $25.00 Flies, The Best 1000 Soft Copy By Randle Scott Stetzer, 1992 Value $20.00 Fly Casting with Lefty Kreh Soft Copy By Lefty Kreh, 1978 Value $ 15.00 Fly Fishing Still Waters for Trophy Trout Hard Copy By Denny Rickards 1997 Value $80.00 Fly Fishing Strategy Hard Copy By Swisher & Richards, 1975 $ Value $ 45.00 Fly Fishing, Cartoons (Western Producer publication) Soft Copy By John Troy, 1987 Value $ 5.00 Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants, 1500 best Soft Copy By Randall Kaufmann, 1998 Value $80.00 Fly Tyers Primer Soft Copy By Richard Talleur, 1986 Value 19.00 Fly Tying Made Clear & Simple Soft Copy By Skip Morris, 1992 Value $29.00 Fly Tying Methods Hard Copy By Darrel Martin, 1987 Value $65.00 Fly Tying Tips & Reference Guide (3rd Edition) Soft Copy By Dick Stewart, 1999 Value $20.00 Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters (Spiral Bound) Soft Copy By Brian Chan (Signed), 1991 Value $70.00 Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods Soft Copy By Dave Whitlock, 1982 Value $35.00 Matching the Hatch Soft Copy By Ernest Schwiebet Value $15.00 Mayflies Soft Copy By Knopp & Cormier, 1997 Value$30.00 Micropatterns, Thying & Fishing the Small Fly Soft Copy By Darrel Martin, 1999 Value $40.00 Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes Soft Copy By Skip Morris & Brian Chan, 1999 Value $ 35.00 Pike on the Fly Soft Copy By B Reynolds, J Berryman, 1993 Value $ 22.00 Professional Fly Tying & Spinning Lure Making Man. Soft Copy By George Herter, 1969 Value $15.00 Royal Coachman Hard Copy By Paul Schullery, 1999 Value $50.00 Trout Flies of the West Soft Copy By J Schollmeyer & T Leeson, 1998 Value $30.00 Trout Flies, The Tiers Reference Hard Copy By Dave Hughes, 1999 $65.00
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