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  1. Good job Dan Streams and fish like that are what it is about
  2. In regards to the bc site from prince George, it was last June, 20011, a six hour seminar on what to do and not to do around bears In essants they sed bangers were better then spray, on the site we were on, which was infested with bears, bangers were given out, when walking around the site by your self, we're spray was never given out. When I say infested, I mean two or three sightings a day on site.
  3. I looked up the bc safety bear aware, No mention of guns or pepper spray nor bangers They did mention if attached by a grizzly, curl in a ball, if a black bear get away, fight it off. Their is a bear aware site and association, in prince George, there is thought that the black bear young males are being more agrecive, if you encounter such make yourselves look big, up on your tip toes, open your jackets, back away. What I liked about the seminar put on by the accociation, was it was on first hand information and actuall encounters. Best advise, talk a lot with your friends.
  4. it would be nice if the government did listen , but i guess i'am to small a cog in the wheel, as i have never had an answer to any of my letters to our elected officials.
  5. I for one, wish to have the fishing lakes and rivers protected But I am more afraid of a government body dictating what may or may not bedone. For instant, if a farmer wishes to place a bridge over a stream, does the government have the right to say no. I say it is the farmers property.
  6. hard to get ued to the new look, but then again i am old and don't like change. i found the other easer to get around in, seemed more logical.
  7. good idea Den, but it wuld go over like a lead baloon in my house. But i will have to say santa was good this year, plenty of gifts from the fly shops in Calgary. as the temperature here is now 24 degrees, it is time for a cool one. i hope all of you have a good winter see you in the spring from sunny Califrnia
  8. Now Dan, You know right well that the rod is going to stay in edmonton, right at my house
  9. I just want to add my two cents it was a good day, nice to see all the guys out, had lots of discussions on what material is available, Norm was at the store, showed us around, looked at different fly's, and how we could change them for the salt water. interesting to listen to each of the guys explain to the kids how to tie a fly. Everyone has there own take on what is important on how to tie this fly. Thanks again for the coffee,
  10. Don as the ardent expert on Cane rods, i wonder if i showed you a rod i have that was made in and about 1885, could you tell me if i should fish with it or leave it on the wall.
  11. Now have some people got the wrong idea about Nymph fishing, I get the idea they must be new to fishing. Nymph fishing is more about stealth then using a CIL wabler A good nymph fisher checks the stream to see what the fish may be eating, and ties on what might represent the food. A good Bamboo rod will place that nymph right were you want it, so it sinks to were you know the fish are feeding. [lakes and streams] If your idea is lobbing in some bait held up by a bobbin, go back to your spinning rod.
  12. Well a Vince my boy, Like to go fishing, and sometimes I might catch a fish or two, and some times I catch something else. To me it is we're you go, because if you you don't catch any fish at least you saw some pretty scenery. Stream fishing is best as you never know what is around the next corner, is it a rapids, a big pool? Or just a nice spot to contemplate life. Nothing is nicer than to place a nice Adams , gently on the surface and see a nice brooky come from the a bottom and take the fly. When you see the fish come, your heart starts to pump. But if you like to hunt, and you find that pool, the one that has the daddy , than stealth and a good wet fly, stands out the best. It is hard work with total satisfaction, when you pull back on that rod and feel the shimmer in it. The runny nose drys up, the icy hands are hot, it's fish on. The satisfaction of having the right fly on,. Casting to the right spot, drifting it with the right speed, not to deep or to high. Then again it does not take much to satisfy me Rods I like them all, for each there own, it's like Women, they are all different . If I am out on a large body of water I take my 7weight loomis, if i am out after grayling, I take my 0 weight sage, But always buy the best rod you can afford, like this year the sage Zseries rods are 25 percent off, good buy The best part of fishing is the friends you make doing it That's my take on it
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