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  1. Thanks for sharing your Annual Adventure Chadillac, this will encourage me to share our annual Golden Trout Safari ... stay tuned !
  2. Jim, my passion is Golden Trout and as such have fished Barnaby, Upper and Lower Southfork as well as Rainy Ridge. With success at Rainy. I'm planning to fish Michelle lakes this summer if time permit's. I would be happy to converse with you offline via Personal Messenger . By the way I agree with albertatrout the hike is well worth it, it's all about the journey. Lorchaser
  3. Dave thanks so much for clarifying this for me. I will contact Rick via email or phone. Paul
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, in any case i was wondering if anyone has fished either Rock Lake (north of Hinton) or Glacier Lake (West of Saskatchewan Crossing) for Laker's, Rockies and would like to share info on patterns, presentations, techniques....etc Thanks in Advance, Paul
  5. Thanks, may end up going to Beaver but I'll let you know in any case.
  6. Thanks Flycaster, goldeye near the Dam huh usually they are down around Drumheller this time of year. Anyway they can be interesting had alot of fun by Jofree Bridge a couple of summers back they love to slam Stimulators. I'll take anything after having been down on the Crow after September Long weekend Wednesday and Thursday were fine with a grat day on Michel Thursday Friday all hell broke loose and the streams were like Chocolate milk so we came home. Anyway thanks again for the reply I'll be packing my Stimies tomorrow for sure.
  7. Has anyone been to either the Dam or Gravel pit I am planning on heading there Thursday and if anyone has information they would like to share I would sure appreciate it. Planning to nymph for Rockies with San Juan / Pheasnat Tail or Evil Weevil or Copper John's. Maybe fish for Brown's later in the Evening Thanks to all in Advance
  8. I am planning a day trip down to the Red Deer on Wednesday and was wondering if anyone has fished the Gravel Pit and could possibly give me directions Thanks in Advance
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