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  1. Dennis holding the trophy of the day - it put up a good fight!
  2. Photo of Ken demonstrating proper Tenkara technique - photo taken after he went a little too deep for his chest high waders. He did dry out after a few hours. We did catch a few Grayling so it did make the climb out a little less of a workout.
  3. Vince Excellent film, thanks for sharing the link. I agree, it is the people we choose to surround ourselves with that truly make the difference. I hope you made today a great day with your family and friends. Rick
  4. Hi Dave Trying to send you a PM, please clean out your mailbox. RIck
  5. Quenton 2102 Alberta fishing regs: Red Deer River  from the Dickson Dam downstream to the Tolman Bridge and Main Stem Named and Unnamed Tributaries (excluding the Blindman and Medicine Rivers) (Sec. Rd. 585 [14-33-22-W4])  May 15 to Mar. 1 – Trout limit 0; Mountain Whitefish limit 3 over 30 cm; Walleye limit 0; Sauger limit 3 (no size limit); Pike limit 3 over 63 cm; Burbot limit 2 (Burbot limit 0 - Feb. 1 to Mar. 31); Goldeye limit 10; Maggots are the only bait allowed.  Mar. 2 to May 14 – CLOSED The Red Deer is open until the end of February, lots of anglers out when the temperature is above freezing. Above the dam was closed for harvest for the remainder of the season due to oil spill in the spring. Dennis was looking to fish there this weekend, weather permitting. Rick
  6. Vince with his first fish on Bamboo Good net job! Can the smile get any bigger? Very nice Cutt Vince Hey Vince, where are we going next? Have a great one Vince, enjoy every cast and fish on your bamboo!!! RIck
  7. Hi Dennis I am available for either fishing or driving lessons, your choice, same price. Rick
  8. Hi Tyler To correct Dave the Silver King I landed was on a 10 weight Sage Xi2 (not a Temple Fork rod) with a Sage 3500D large arbor reel. Next time I go for Tarpon I will have a 12 weight. As for an ultra light rod I have both 0 and 1 weight rods. Both are excellent for small stream use. The rod protects the 6X to 8X tippets so you can really put maximum pressure onto the fish and land them quicker than with a heavier rod with the same tippet. If you are using a heavier tippet then the rules change. My suggestion is for you to do more research, Goggle "ultralight fly fishing" and read for yourself some first hand info on ultralight rods, reels, etc. There are a number of websites specific to fishing these rods. When I first entered the world of ultralights I heard a lot of "info" that I have proven false over a period of time. You need to talk to anglers who have fished the 000 to 3 weights in a varity of situations. Rick L
  9. One post on another board said that when he went ice fishing at Beaumont Pond in late winter he saw a "lot of dead fish" on the video camera. Beaumont Pond usually overwinters Rainbows quite well due to the depths on the north end of the pond. I have not heard any other reports of a possible winter kill. We should know soon. Rick
  10. Dave Send the Pres the dates for the next casting seminar Rick
  11. RJL2


    Beaumont Pond is 15 minutes from home, great place in the evening to cast to rising trout. Majority will be the current year stock with a few noteworthy exceptions. PB is over 5 pounds shaped like a football. It fishes well until mid to late June then the water heats up and they go deep. Good luck Rick
  12. Terry Too easy identifing the angler, the best ticket seller NLFT&F has ever had, the winner of a Sage ZXL rod. The stream, I will need to eleminate myself as the angler in question and I had a great conversation regarding the waters he fished on his visit to southern Alberta. Rick
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