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  1. Thanks Dennis. I'll be fishing the Wapiabi and Blackstone this weekend. Wapiabi is nice but you have to do a fair amount of walking between the pools, particularly if you go downstream of the upper road. Yes, there are some nice bulls in there. I'll save my next trip for Brown Creek until later in August or September. I'll let you know how I do. Mark
  2. Hi Dennis, I assume you were the person with the trailer at the campsite? It looks like you had a nice set-up. Have you ever had any problems with bears camping there? Is Brown Creek ever that good? As you know it has some really nice pools downstream of the FTR. I had planned on going as far downstream as I could but gave up given the condition of the water. However, this is still on my list of potential "targets" for this year. Although there are a few paths along the river it doesn't look like it gets fished that often. I fished the McLeod with reasonable success a couple of weeks ago. It is a beautiful river with some big rockies (and rainbows and bulls if you can find them). We did a float on inner tubes down the river that took a couple of hours. I saw some beautiful pools that I want to try some day (e.g. look at a map where the Little McKenzie Creek enters the McLeod). Do you ever fish the Wapiabi? Mark
  3. Hi Vince, Yesterday was a long day....I stopped first to fish the Embarras and caught a bunch of grayling. Nothing big but I didn't fish too long. The water seemed a bit dirty and on the high side. Next stop was Brown Creek. It was high and dirty to the point of being unfishable. I tried anyways and only saw one small bull for my troubles. The campsite there is quite nice. The Blackstone upstream of the FTR was next. I fished quite a bit of the river and caught nothing, hooked nothing, saw nothing rise and saw no fish in the river. Not sure what was going on. Never been skunked like this before. Final stop was good old reliable Shunda. Caught a couple of small browns and saw lots rising. Too bad I was running out of time. Got home to Edmonton at about 11:30. The wife wasn't too happy since I said I would be home after 6 some time. However, if I had fished Shunda as long as I would have wanted to I wouldn't have been home until after 1 a.m. Mark
  4. I am heading to either of these creeks on Friday. I have fished Brown Creek a bit but I was wondering if anyone has an opinion if one of these is much better than the other. My primary target is cutts. I'll post a report when I get back. Thanks, Mark
  5. I accessed the McLeod off the road that goes to Cadomin (i.e. it leaves the FTR just past the road that goes to Robb/Edson - sorry I don't remember the #). The road crosses the river two or three times so access shouldn't be a problem. I would guess that fishing upstream or downstream of any of the bridges should bring you to some good holes. Like any freestone stream you will have to do some walking to get to the better pools (in addition to getting away from the quaders). However the walk is worth it. Mark
  6. Thanks for the report. I passed by Sundance Creek at Hwy 16 today at about noon. Was that your jeep? I was fishing the McLeod River this weekend. Caught some rainbows, whitefish, and one book trout - all on dry flies. Beautiful river with some really nice water!
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