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  1. Hey, i am still around. I have been extremely busy for the last 10 months. I am so tired after work all I can really do it sit down and veg. I have been trying to make it out to a meeting, but it always seems like work happens to run late on wednesdays. Anyways, i will make it out sometime. Hopefully in November. Tight tying thread..... Justin
  2. Well, I went fishin out at Muir last night. Unfortunately, like my last girlfriend. She didn't put out. j/k Had a couple bites. But didn't catch anything. Not really surprising given by stillwater talents. (Or lack thereof) They were jumpin all over the place though. Teasing me. (Again like my last girlfriend Anyways, it was still fun to actually get out and get fishing. Justin
  3. So, unfortunately I was once again unable to make it out. (I vow to never stop trying ) I was wondering what was the results of the meeting. If someone could fill in one of the peons that would be great. Justin
  4. Its not a web site, but the current Fly Tyer Magazine cover story is about modern no hackle patterns. Justin
  5. Ahhhh, crap!! I really wanted to go to that. Unfortunately, I ended up working until 7:30 or 8:00..... outside...... in the cold. Oh, well. What ya gonna do. Justin
  6. Well, I am looking forward to this one. I always like Phil's presentations. Justin
  7. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who would want to split the ticket for the seminar. I cannot make it for the Sunday portion of the seminar, but would really like to attend at least some of it. I don't really want to pay the full cost for only half of it. We could split the cost down the middle. So if anyone can't make it the saturday or whatever, throw down a line. Justin
  8. Dido on the Happy Birthday. Have fun. Justin
  9. Well, I've taken the leap and I am presenting at tomorrows meeting... Make sure you all come out and see me make a fool of myself......... I mean tie some pretty darn nice flies. AND make sure to bring some money for the 50/50, because as a second draw there is going to be a Turbo Dubbing Brush Spinner for a second draw prize. (And another "whitetrash block" that I'll just give away..... if someone even wants it.) So come on out, support the club with the 50/50 and see all the blood and gore. Well maybe just a little tiny bit of blood and gore *hint* Patterns: Gold Ribbed Hares Ear (for the beginners) Waste Troll Leech (Phil Rowley pattern) Cased Caddis (Oliver Edwards pattern) All tied with dubbing brushes. I'll also show how to make dubbing brushes with the brush spinner. Bring some dubbing .........and other materials too... (*hint*) and some fine wire and you can use the dubbing machines to make some brushes So come on out, and we'll try to make it atleast a little interesting. At the least, you'll be able to snicker behind your hands at my off color jokes.... Justin
  10. Happy Birthday Ranger Bob, Hope its a great one. Justin
  11. My wife has been taking an adult gymnastics class for about a year now, and this fall they all of a sudden decided to move it to Wednesday nights, and as it costs so much, if we can;'t find a babysitter, guess who loses out? Justin
  12. I really wish I could have been there. But I have been having the darndest time getting out on Wednesday nights. How about we change it to Thursdays??? (jokes) I really wanted to see Phil's presentation, especially because I suck at stillwater fishing. Justin
  13. You can get them at any of the Fishin' Holes here in town and at the Fishing Center, there are a few different kinds. They come in sets of three. There are caddis ones There are mayfly ones, There are some stonefly wingcase ones. Anyways, the wing burners look like this: You put your wing material between the two pieces, and squeeze them together, then using a lighter you burn the edges of the material. Here's a link to a fly I tied where I used a wingburner to shape the wings of a quill body dry. http://www.flytyingforum.com/pattern7308.html Justin
  14. Glad your back home Wooly. Good to hear that your doing okay. Justin
  15. Sorry, I may be the only slow one around. What exactly is a "Redd"? Just curious. Justin
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