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  1. You know, DT, you might have something there. Seems fair, since he declined despite being the poll winner. Rick
  2. Speaking of the flies, Dave, what happens to them afterward? I guess I was so surprised and excited to win, I got all flustered and forgot my work shirt there, and when I got home I thought of the flies. Unless there's some other allocation, I'd love to keep them. Someone joked about it, but I actually would frame them. They'd sure add alot to the telling of the story. But, if they got tossed it's not the end of the world. Anyway, thanks for a great night. I'll never forget it. Rick
  3. Yeah, it's kinda scary to look at the "high water mark" at Chickakoo. I'd say it's down about 8 feet. 6 for sure. I think we might lose a few trout lakes here soon if it keeps up. Winterkill is one thing, but if the fish can't make it through the summer it's not much of a put-and-take. Maybe SRD will adopt a new policy of diverting water from the oil and gas industry. Bets? Rick
  4. So what are you trying to tell me, dipperdan, that back in the good ol' days you could fish Muir all the way into August before the weeds choked you out? We've had alot of snow this year, more so as spring approaches. If it keeps up, who knows, water levels may just...Sorry, knocking on wood right now. Rick
  5. Where did you fish? Is the ice off down to 761 yet? Provided the weather cooperates, I'm headed there this weekend. Rick
  6. At the risk of showing my ignorance, dipperdan, where would the water go? Rick
  7. Hey Ranger Bob, What's Your Poo Telling You? Rick
  8. To paraphrase Dennis Leary, people examining their own feces for information on their health and diet, have too much f***ing time on their hands. Rick
  9. Happy (belated) Birthday, Dave! The Encyclopedia of Poo? Too easy. I'll just let that slide. Rick
  10. Vince, you say you want someone who hasn't been up front before, so what's the Blind Bugger's Ball? Chopped liver? Seriously, though, count me in Dave. I would just like to point out, though, I've only been in the club for a couple years, but I've never seen Vince up front. It is true that Vince's name gets thrown around alot, regardless of presentation, but that's probably because he does the most heckling. Come to think of it, maybe I don't want to compete with Vince. His heckling is recreational, but I bet his trash talk is serious business. Rick
  11. If we have enough open water to flipper around in by May long weekend I'll be surprised. Rick
  12. So what is that, Lance, the Man-chair? Rick
  13. Ah, yes, the good ol' days. Back when I had my landscaping company, 100 hour weeks were the norm, and the only days off I got featured pouring rain or snow on the ground. How I miss the rat-race. Sigh. Rick
  14. Thank you, Dave. You saved me from "Really Old Fart" status. I can only answer a third of your questions. But I'm only 32, and I scored eleven and a half out of twelve on Paul's quiz. That got me thinking; I work in a tackle shop, which in my books basically means I'm semi-retired. Do you think I qualify for "Honorary Old Fart" status? Rick
  15. I figure you guys are digging a hole. Dave's gonna pig out on soybean chili next Wednesday, and then we'll all have to pay for your "Old Fart" comments. Seriously, Happy Birthday Dave...and many more. Rick
  16. Oops! My mistake and apologies Don, Greg, and Lance. They're two separate photos, recording the same event. You can find the full one under Upcoming Events-Ice Fishing near Edmonton. Rick
  17. Don, you only see eleven because that's a cropped photo. If you really want to see their collection of 4-6 inch beauties, the full photo is here on the forum. I don't recall exactly where. No offense, guys. Rick
  18. I may regret asking this, but is there a limit to the number of guests per member? Rick
  19. That's makes sense. It doesn't take much effort to put your name on a list. A handwritten letter shows a whole different level of concern and commitment. Thanks Brian. Rick
  20. Wasn't that part of the fisheries round table, Brian? I guess it's a recurring issue. I missed that meeting, unfortunately. Did it sound hopeful? Do you think it would have more impact to write our MLA's individually, or should we do something like a group petition to the minister? Maybe both? Rick
  21. As far as enforcement goes, there's always going to be alot more fishers than C.O.'s, so like Scratch and I were saying on the Poaching at Wabamun topic, let's all do our part. Fish and Wildlife is probably not about to get a 400% budget increase anytime soon. Rick
  22. I definitely agree with you on the $1 levy versus 100,000 unlicensed anglers, Brian. The only part of the Gov't proposal I don't like is making it illegal to take perch out of trout ponds that have already been hit by the bucket brigade. I understand the idea behind it, but let's face it, the only people affected by that will be law-abiding citizens. There's plenty of poachers out there, and I bet most, if not all members of the bucket brigade would not be bothered by this new law. Meanwhile, the perch population in Hasse, for example, would increase, and the trout fishing would get worse. I guess that wouldn't happen if they dealt with the problem lakes in a timely manner, but somehow I doubt promptness is even in their vocabulary. Rick
  23. I put in my two cents worth. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Don. Rick
  24. Hey Bourbon, I heard you're a bit of an innovator! Could you send me the recipe for that Horizontal Leech? Thanks. Rick
  25. Hi Grumpy. I definitely want that copy of LaFontaine's Caddisflies. I'll happily pay the $30. Should I just deal with Dennis? Rick
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