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  1. If a fox gets into your chicken coop, do you roam the county, trying to kill every fox in the field? Of course not, you're a farmer, you've got work to do. That's the kind of "job" you give the kids to keep them out of trouble. You do, however, build a better chicken coop. At least, that's how my Grandpa, Uncle, and their neighbors did it back when I was a farmboy. Rick
  2. Maybe I'm just a punitive kind of guy, but did you get their license plate? I'd at least try to report them, though maybe that's pointless. Rick
  3. Happy Birthday, Brian! Mine was the 27th, and I had to work the Wall-to-Wall sale. I hope yours was better. See you Wednesday. Rick
  4. Brian, if you want contraversy, why don't we start a discussion of the netting of the upper muskeg river bull trout spawning run, three years in a row, which F&W was apparently unable to do anything about? Rick
  5. Take a little journey back thru history. Coyote was a respected creature for thousands of years by the people of the american southwest. Only those people, because that's the only place they lived. Then about two centuries ago, the white man arrives, decides the coyote must be wiped off this earth and has been doing everything in his power since. Coyote's range has expanded somewhat during this period. For a number of reasons, short-term "population control" leads to long-term population increases in certain species. I may not be as worldly and educated as you, Dave, but I've seen lots of people shooting little furry critters just for fun. Riddle me this; if people shoot gophers because the holes break legs and tractors, how come nobody ever goes around the fields filling in the holes? Rick
  6. Thanks for the heads-up, Scratch. I think it's kinda sad; just about the only time I remember to use my thermometer is when I'm worried the water's too warm to fish. Rick
  7. Thanks, Brian. Looking forward to it. Rick
  8. Okay, call me a cynic if you must, but let me explain something about politics to you young fellers. If a politician doesn't receive enough pressure on an issue, he/she knows it's safe to ignore it; if enough noise is made on the subject, the politician knows to make promises come next election, and then ignore it. Dan, I think that gun suggestion has merit. My father had an expression, maybe you know it, "It's only illegal if you get caught." If you think about it, most of us are fairly practiced at sneaking up on prey. Seriously, I really hope I never run into one of those guys washing his quad by doing doughnuts in the stream. I think I might get myself into trouble. The judge would say I overreacted, my outburst and insults would get me contempt of court...you get the picture. Rick
  9. The best resource I know of for that kind of info is the flyfishcalgary forum. Check it out, it's got a SLIGHTLY larger member base, and they update regional and site specific reports frequently. That being said, pretty much everywhere is low, with run-off looming. Rick
  10. Don't worry about run-off; when the river gets dirty, fish the backwaters for walleye and pike. After the river clears back up the goldeye fishing really gets going. Rick
  11. That's great, guys. I was at Sundance yesterday too. Sounds like you did a little better than me, though. I only managed 19 fish to hand: 11 grayling, 5 rockies, my first two athabows, and a 12" brookie(biggest fish of the day). I had about that many spit the hook, and that many again raised but not hooked. The missed fish were my fault, I saw large bugs and put on large flies; poor little six-inchers couldn't get the darn thing in their mouth, hard as they tried. If each of you guys got twenty fish, you did well. People keep asking me if the water was up, and since it was a little colored, I think so, but since this was my first time fishing sundance I have no comparison. By the way, Vince would have approved. So there. Rick
  12. milelongleblanc


    COZNUTS, come on by the west ed fishin' hole, I'll give you a river guide and mark a few spots. Rick
  13. Dennis, I mostly fish the NSR near my home; if I still had my throwing arm I could literally hit Dawson bridge with a stone from my front porch. If you drive over the bridge and look north, you'll see a small sand bar. I fish there, and also at the next inside bend upstream. Of course, I also make the occasional foray to Whitemud or Rundle. I've never fished up by Genesee, but I'd be happy to try that out, or show you my spots. Rick
  14. The North Saskatchewan River is having a record spring! The water still has that glacial-green hue, and the fish are feeding. My score so far? 23 walleye, 47 goldeye, 1 mooneye, 3 sauger. No pike so far, but in less than an hour last night I caught a dozen fish. How come you guys don't fish the NSR? Oh yeah, no trout. Rick
  15. Don't worry, Terry. Mentioning the cinnamon buns shouldn't make much difference; Vince talks about them almost weekly. Rick
  16. You're welcome, Shan. It's a pleasure to know you too. Rick
  17. Yeah, trying to get into an alpine lake early runs the risk of finding it frozen, even with the best info(short of a heli). I guess that's when you really put to the test the idea,"oh, it was just great to be out, I saw two eagles,etc..." Rick
  18. Thanks for that, RB! This may sound weird, but I think that will be an interesting read. I didn't get specific because I'm just looking at options at this point, so I'd have to list a bunch. Lake of the Falls, Coral, Barnaby and such are a little easier; I figure the opening date is a decent guide. Others like Grizzly, Allstones and Mystery Lake are open all year, so I've done more research on those. I've found the best info from F&W or fisheries biologists. Rick
  19. We'll just sent Brian Donnelly out first. If that guy can paddle in dragging his anchor, he can push through a little thin ice. Rick
  20. I know that I've read somewhere that there's a relationship between elevation and ice-off. Something like, for every 100 meters of elevation gain, ice comes off one week later. Is anyone able to shed some light on this? Rick
  21. Thanks, guys. You've given me all I asked for and more. Scholars and gentlemen, both. Rick
  22. Fred Noddin was in the other day. We got talking about hiking in to one of the Golden Trout lakes, but Fred said he didn't want to go to one that gets heli-toured. He was under the impression that Rainy Ridge was hike in only. I've been trying to get in touch with a couple of the outfitters, but so far no response. I know that Coral and Michele get heli-tours, so that only leaves Barnaby(Southfork), and Rainy Ridge. Anyone checked into this before? Rick
  23. Neil, you ever heard of a Snatcher? TMC 2487bl hook, fine copper wire rib, black seal fur body, palmered black dry fly hackle, Indian cape oversize furnace collar hackle. I tied on a size 10, got down to the river and noticed two different sizes of black stoneflies running around, then saw lots of backswimmers flying around. None of these were the same size as my fly, and the snatcher is rather bushy, compared to a sleek little stonefly, but I figured my fly would fall in the middle for size, and these are all fairly active bugs, so I gave it a shot. It's what I call a Semi-Dry; with minimal effort (two cheeks full of air, two false casts) it stays up top, but make two roll casts and down she goes. Back on top, back down, all you want. I tried nymphs, wets, and streamers, without a tap. Rick
  24. Maybe we should set some boobie traps. Rick
  25. Well, I checked out Stauffer for my first time yesterday. What a beaut! I caught three little (10") brownies, all on my own patterns. Well, I invented the flies, then discovered I wasn't the first, but still. I fished upstream of BFW. 761 is deceptive; right at the bridge it's open, but as soon as you get around the bend it's still iced over. Run-off had visibility down to maybe two feet. Rick
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