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  1. If I can add to Peter's post, I have just received a response to a letter I wrote to Shannon Phillips stating the Peace area reallocated resources from other projects to take over aeration from the ACA in that area. The other affected areas did not have enough notice, resources or staff to do the same.


    The following is an excerpt:



    The Alberta Government is taking the Alberta Conservation Association’s actions this past season seriously and there will be a review of the Alberta Conservation Association’s aeration program to ensure surface aerators are in place to reduce fish loss next winter. A Memorandum of Understanding with the Alberta Conservation Association is coming up for review and Alberta Environment and Parks wants the new Memorandum of Understanding to have the necessary provisions to ensure such situations are avoided in the future.




  2. The thing that is hardest to swallow is surface aeration was as normal in BC, Manitoba, and parts of Alberta. It appears the only areas that didn't, were the Edmonton Edson and Rocky. area lakes. My question is how come..



  3. Hi,


    I've been going through my gear and materials and have a lot of stuff, I'm never going to use. Would NLFT interested in fly rods, reels (mainly Orvis), capes (Metz and Whiting), assorted quills, biots, dubbing etc.?? If yes, I'll bring it into one of your meetings..



  4. I'm a member of TU Edmonton. Do I have to join NLFT also in order to attend the meetings? I don't know how many meetings I would attend as I'm in Leduc and the drive can be a bit of a bear.


    Regards Mike

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