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  1. Is the club planning a tackle swap during the spring?
  2. I'll be buying tickets at the door, I'll bring a printout voucher for the Oiler game. Mike
  3. How are we doing for the beginner flyfishing class this Saturday? Was going to Calgary, but my event got cancelled, so I'll be around. I'll probably just come, if that's ok. Maybe tie a fly or 2.
  4. That's hilarious! I hadn't even read this reply and I still put my hand in the dubbing machine. Too funny, lol. Its hard to debate a guy when he makes good points. As I've said elsewhere, we should all be advocating for more public fisheries, both on a QSF approach and a put and take approach. Province has gone from 1 million people to 4 million in my life time. As the amount of public fisheries increased by the same? No, of course not, that would be an impossibility. But, we ought to have more fisheries, and they should be easily (key word) be publicly accessible. If Spring Lake d
  5. Well, I'll play some devil's advocate here since I'm seeing Jokey real soon and he can take me task in person! lol :PAnd yet...the lake isn't totally private, right? There is actually still public access, yes? I agree, the shoreline access sucks, true, one would have to concede that point entirely. But! There are plenty of lakes in Alberta where shoreline fishing is limited. Does it make a huge difference if the limitations are because (1) of private property or (2) the shoreline just sucks to fish from; i.e., too many trees, no backcasting room, too shallow, too many shoreline reeds and bushe
  6. Posted elsewhere, so I am just going to copy and paste: Fed up with trying to find freighter canoe rentals in the province. No one does it. Got 4 nights booked camping at Maligne. Can't really justify the cost of a freighter canoe that I only use for one damn lake in this province. Anyone want to embrace the 21st century mantra of the sharing economy and buy a canoe with me? I already have the motor and batteries. Used ones on Kijiji are going for $2000 (I am talking about at least an 18 foot, square stern, wide, stable canoe). Anyone want to do halfsies or thirds even? Bueller? Pm me if
  7. Ditto; thank-you Peter for shedding some light. Excellent overview indeed.
  8. Hi, I'm just going to copy and paste from my Facebook post: Does the club need any extra equipment for the Beginning Fly Fishing class? I have some. Also, do you need more volunteers? Lastly, just throwing this out there, I can do group bookings for 30 people at Lake Summerside if you ever wanted a venue with water;(or, even a half day on land/ in-class, and half day on the water type of deal). It's where I've taken school kids. Just thought I'd let you know. Mike Smith
  9. Curious, was the data collection done by our group; was it helpful / used in any way in assisting the ESRD in their decision making? Was this project used as a snapshot for the watershed and provided the basis to make the decision for the rest and recovery period? Was just wondering. Mike
  10. I could bring a killer Caesar salad, and flaming Spanish / Irish coffee! I take it you're camping / bringing an RV? You're staying right on the river? Mike
  11. Hi guys: First - Ken, I have a radio that I accidentally kept from the Grayling outing last week. Secondly, I need some help teaching kids to cast and fly-fish on Thursday, June 11, in the afternoon. Approximate time is 1pm to 3pm. This year I am teaching in St. Albert, so I was thinking of taking them to Cardiff pond. (Any other suggestions are more than welcome!) If you're willing to help, please email or text me directly asap. I am looking for 3-4 people to help. Also if you have a spare rod and reel that would be great, but entirely optional. It would have to be an old outfit you d
  12. Hey just a heads up; in the future, if you guys want to host this at Summerside, I'd be happy to book a group reservation. Plenty of lawn space right next shore to learn how to cast and fish. Fairly cost effective too, as long as you have a decent number of people show up. I also have extra equipment from the kids fly fishing club. Would love to help out this weekend, but I'm away the rest of this week and its tight/short notice (my bad for not staying on top of events). Smitty
  13. Hi guys:Just thought I'd pass this along. I've copied and pasted (with permission) from another board. Mike Day is the owner of Iron Bow Flyfishing fly shop in Calgary. His place has been broken into a couple of times in one month. Please help support a local business by getting the word out, just to put it on the radar in case a few of you notice some of the items on Kijiji or if you happen to check out the occasional pawn shop.Here is the original message:"Over the past 3 weeks Iron Bow Fly Shop has been broken into 2 times, the first was Jan 5th and again last night Jan 26th. Please if anyo
  14. Mike

    2Nd S.o.s

    Hahahaha...posted the reply virtually the same time you did!Ok...all good to go then.
  15. Mike

    2Nd S.o.s

    Saw on the first SOS thread that the hours are 9:30am to 4pm at the latest. I can get there by 9:30am, but I would indeed have to leave by 4pm at the latest. Please confirm with me at your earliest convenience on me being there (if you have to submit a name to the Cableas manager or whatever, etc). Mike
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