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  1. Absolutely. Like I said to Dennis, a little notice is all I need.
  2. My sincere apologies folks but when Dennis approached me about doing a tying demo a month ago I selected April 20th. He said great but would be on holidays so someone from the club would contact me with directions and particulars and I heard from no one so figured there was a change of plans so I made plans to meet some folks at Swan Lake and will not be able to attend. My sincere apologies for the mix up.
  3. Will be there tomorrow with the baldheaded guy from Cabela's!
  4. For me, Dennis, it would be 1760's and 1120's. Heavy wire hooks for me. Straightened out a 3xl 200R on a hog last year just east of the Alberta border.
  5. Canadian Llama sell them and also has faceted tungsten in the same colour.
  6. Great directions. Thanks guys. See ya there.
  7. I'm coming in from the west end early Saturday morning and would like some advice on the quickest route to Grant McEwan University and the best place to park? Thanks in advance.
  8. For me and my tying business it is all stillwaters. My top twelve are all original patterns tyed by me but there is a likeness to several old standards. #1. The Pumpkinhead (A variation of a baby bugger inspired by Rickards' Stillwater Nymph) Now being sold by Icky Flyworks. #2. The Patrol Car (A variation of the p/head dressed in black with red and blue flash and a blue anodized bead) #3. Flaming Llama (Love llama leeches just like Dennis S.) #4. Redheaded Stripper ( A variation of a flashback pheasanttail which accounted for 3 species of trout over 24" in the Parklands) #5. Balanced Leeches (Absolutely deadly suspended beneath an indicator) #6. Mini Maroon Rabbit Strip Leech (Size 10-12 emulates the size of leech most targetted by trout) #7. Ultimate Boatman (Steve Jennings foam pattern is the only pattern in my box that I don't tie) #8. John's Gammie (Pregnant Gammarus Shrimp, am important staple to a trout's diet) #9. Redback Chromie (A cross between a bloodworm and a gaseous pupa chironomid) #10. Holo Bloodworm (Holographic red with maroon tail and red beadhead) #11. Army Truck (Chironomid pupa that incorporates important earhtone colours) #12. Guns N' Roses (Maroon and grey chironomid pupa)
  9. Have been there the last two seasons. Going back from Sept. 15-24 to hopefully get in on the exciting backswimmer flights. The fishing is usually awesome during this time. I usually go late May to mid June and this June the weather was terrible but still managed to get some large trout. Tiger trout, 26" (7-8lbs), rainbows to 28" and browns to 28". PM me if you want more info. Phil Rowley takes hosted trips there twice a year and would be worth an e-mail as well.
  10. If it was me and I didn't want to fly anywhere exotic I would go to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast in BC and fish stillwaters for cutties to 10 lbs. and rainbows even larger. It is beautiful there at that time of year.
  11. Greg, Unfortunately most of the shops mentioned don't cater to "local needs". I think a full service flyshop could make a go of it but not without an online store to go along with it. Brian at the Fishin' Hole North has been good to me ordering in whatever I needed when possible but certain select items I need from WS have been out of stock for almost a year!
  12. Alas, the road conditions won't allow me to travel for the seminars. Have fun y'all. I know you will get a wealth of info from Todd. I'm sure Dave is no slouch either!
  13. Do y'all know the start/finish times on the Sunday?
  14. Between chasing down backswimmer flights and chucking dead rabbits for pike, not too likely but my lifeplan does dictate winning the lottery in October and will leave more time for chasing tiny grayling around!
  15. Good story Dennis. I'm sure eventually these other guys will clue in to the effectiveness of the Llamas!
  16. Okay Dave, you've got me convinced! What time does the shuttle leave Fox Creek?
  17. Hoping to get out to the show on Saturday. I reallllllly need a break from tying and if I make it I'll pop in to say hey!
  18. If, by chance, Norm wants to leave later in the day Saturday, we'll be leaving Calgary around 3-4pm to return to Fox Creek. I have Norm's number and he has mine (unless he junked it of course) and he can call me if he likes.
  19. Well said. As a commercial tyer, of course, I would save money by buying wholesale and that option is there for me but I'm not in it for maximum profit, it is after 15 years, a labour of love and every fly tying material I buy, with the exception of hooks, comes from the shops that I sell to. Besides those shops knows the materials they send me are coming back to them so it is in their best interest to sell me the best quality they can find. With the insurgence of online shopping/stores our local fly shops, dealing with much more overhead, have a genuine tough time competing and they need our support now more than ever.
  20. You could also check out Spratley Boats, another BC company. Welded prams that are awesome in 8-12' sizes.
  21. Another 3 week trip to BC's Interior and Cariboo at the end of May and hopefully I'll actually get out one One Island on a calm day!
  22. I had full intentions of popping up on Saturday to visit with Don and fish with y'all but when I saw that wind I reconsidered. I was there Thursday and my arms and shoulders are still aching.......wish it could've been caused by big fish and not galeforce winds!
  23. I thought you might find this interesting. Sometimes even the authorities on flyfishing get it wrong! Following is an excerpt from Roderick Haig-Brown located in his 1939 book, The Western Angler: "In Paul Lake, though they represent 20% of the bottom fauna, they only represent 7% of the food of the trout from May to August. It is possible that this is because they hide under rocks and stones and so are not readily available. It is hardly likely that it would be profitable to imitate them...." I have a couple friends from England that I've fished with there and they've fished with me when I was at Tunkwa Lake. The do use woolly buggers there but swear up and down that the fish are taking them for damsels. The Dognobbler is an attractor pattern and looks like a leech above all other possibilities but they don't really tie patterns to imitate leeches. A friend of mine, Michael Neale, is a member of an organization called The FlyDresser's Guild and they put out a monthly supplement and in the past five years they've had one leech pattern featured but if you go take your leech patterns because they sure do work there!
  24. Actually the first time I ran that maroon rainbow leech through the water that is exactly what I thought.......LURE! Call it what you will, as long as it lures the fish!
  25. Well, I hope you've got small camping units 'cause that parking lot is getting full! Was there today and got blown off by 2' swells but the "boys" yesterday had a heyday on floating backswimmer patterns!
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