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  1. Fished the bow this evening for about hour and half had 2 on, lost one, but got my biggest brown yet to the net. about 22" -24' on hares ear. There was a huge caddis hatch but didnt have enough light to switch my rig, but they were slammin em. Had some bad luck and my work sent me down here to calgary for thursday and friday so fishin the bow all weekend !!
  2. I have read about it in the Regs and always thought to myself "who would be stupid enough to introduce a new species to a lake??" Yesterday I was at Summerside Lake and the guy next to me pulled out a 4lb Carp and he said there was a huge school of them. Is this a problem in our lakes and rivers in Alberta?? I have did a bit of reading on the Carp and they are notorious for eating all the food in a lake and killing out the other species. It makes me angry how much overfishing and poaching that I see, and this just takes the cake. people have no regard for the law and fishing limits anywhere I go. Sometimes I wish the CO's has Tazer guns and would have a mandatory shot at these guys. Anyways enough of my venting Tight Lines Steve
  3. I was there the other day and some guy was there and I asked him what part of summerside he was from and he told me he was from Sherwood Park.. lol.. I guess the part with the fountain its easy to just hump the fence.. I have no problem telling them off. I am going to suggest that they post the fishing regs at each access point because people dont know them and they think they can bring home whatever they catch.. I see soo many people their with 5 gallon pails ready to be filled. Anyways I am sure I will see you on the lake this summer. Tight Lines Steve
  4. My question was more on presentation of the wooly buggers or streamer type flies in general.. I do understand you need to match the hatch.. Do trout normally chase what goes by them?? or maybe I was presnenting or stripping it wrong?? fast or slow for example..
  5. I went today and saw some fish. there was a hatch and there were a few risers... I had a few trout chase after my woolly bugger but would just turn away or just bump it a bit.. I am not sure if I am presenting it right or not... I had them chasing but no take.... any suggestions guys?? Thanks Steve
  6. Thanks for the input.. I got unlucky and my company sent me to Calgary this weekend for work So saturday full day on the bow.. Gonna try to catch a fish on one of those copper johns that I tied.. Hopefully get some cloud and a BWO hatch so I can throw some of those BWO's that we tied. for sure man, bbq it is.. only problem is that I dont have a bbq... haha going to be out on the lake on sunday afternoon give me a call if you guys want to join me. Tight lines Steve Steve, "Match The Hatch". If there are bugs hatching. Otherwise, recommend you put on one of those fish pimps.. and drop a couple of flies underneath, a Chronomid, and a Water Boatman. If that don't work, tye on a black Wooly Bugger (sans indicator), chuck it out and start stripping. Yesterday, Scratch and I went out check up on some new stretches of the NSR. We also visited our super secret hole called 'The Bighorn' (gorgeous Dry Fly water and riffles, that makes 'The Firehole' look pretty sad and small really), and in fact we saw rising fish all night long. Although, we can't say for certain they were Goldeye... many looked like Walleye breaking the surface. The only visible things hatching were tiny black midges. So logic dictates you should tye on a Griffith's Gnat to "Match The Hatch". However, Elk Hair Stimulators were tossed and anything big, mean, and ugly to get their attention in the silty water. At this time of year, many lakes are also in 'turnover' so.. bright guady.. glowy things often work well too. Sometimes... there is no logic. All part of the game.. figuring it out... and outsmarting them. FISH ON! PS - Oh yah, whens the BBQ.. we'll come show you how.
  7. I am a member summerside and have a stocked pond close to me, and I have never fished still water. What would be my best bet to throw at the trout??? what is the best methods for fishing?? using indicators?? Thanks for your input Steve
  8. Hello Everyone. Is there a club discount for big purchases like a pontoon boats at the fishin hole?? I read in a post today that they do not offer it on books... Thanks Steve
  9. Today was awesome!! learned a lot of new things, and need to practice before I forget... Thanks to all the volunteers, your time was greatly appreciated a real sacrifice on a 18 degree day when you could be fishing. I am sure once I get good at this I will return the favor. was a great day for me.. Thanks again everyone. Steve
  10. http://flyfishcalgary.com/board/index.php?showtopic=3967 I just saw this liberty for 6k on flyfish calgary. Its too bad, I sold a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee 2 months ago for 2500$ only had 150k on it.
  11. I think Pittsburgh or San Jose will take it. Detroit allways chokes.. What do you guys think?
  12. I think the stuff from last night could be applied to strengthen the body of many flies especially nymphs. I havnt started flytying yet but would love to have some to apply to existing flies. I am just started researching about entomology and cant wait to try tying some flies myself My dad is giving me his set up next weekend (not sure how good it is) so I am starting on the adventure of tying. I am happy I found this group and be surrounded with experienced tyers who can help and encourage along. I am looking forward to seeing the stonefly nymph from the guy I mentioned previously. just bought a few out of curiosity http://yhst-93962238211049.stores.yahoo.net/stnypa.html
  13. Hey guys, I am wondering if any of you guys have used a product called Softex. here is an example of flies built with it. http://yhst-93962238211049.stores.yahoo.net/cpnat.html It seemed similar to what the guy was using last night. I have no idea about the drying times though. HEre is the link on how he ties them http://www.robsrealistics.com/tie.html The 5 second drying time of that stuff last night was real attractive! I have ordered a few of these flies and will bring them to the meeting when I receive them Steve
  14. Hi everyone, My name is Steven Pollard and I am living in South Edmonton. I grew up in Newfoundland and love to fly fish. I have a few quetions about the Northern Lights Club. I dont tie flies and would I feel out of place if I attend the meetings. I know I would love to meet new people and discuss fly fishing, and have some people to fish with. I may score my dads fly tying kit later on so who knows I am currently trying to find a used pontoon boat, cant afford to buy a new one with all the accessories. Anyways if anyone knows of someone selling please let me know. Thanks and I look forward posting on this board. Steve
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