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  1. From my understanding most of the lakes in that area are eutrophic and in the rest of alberta for that matter. I totally agree with you being a waste. I can think of many different places that could really use the funding and the fish
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but last year i believe they stocked it with walleye. My only real concern is the more pressure added to the other trout fisheries. Seems a bit odd that if it winterkilled so bad why restock species that were originally illeagaly introduced.
  3. Seems like you guys had a good time, now i just got to figure out who im going to go with. It seems thats the biggest issue with me now no one to go with.
  4. I've got an old rod blank for free but the base of the tip section is split about an inch and if any one could give me some advice on repairing it that would be awesome. Will
  5. Suprisingly enough the is no outboard
  6. Shes done it looks good enough for me.
  7. It does look like the one in the picture. Funny thing is that the rod is done now and he wanted me to learn how to do it on my own. I think I successfully completed it personally. Keep Fishing Will
  8. DT The rod is 3/4 built and there is a thread design covering where the info should be. Michael Dell Its a 9ft or 9.5 ft (Between some where) and it has a diameter of a 6-7 8.5ft rod.
  9. Hi My Granddad Reg Denny gave me an older rod blank which we figure the brand is Fisher but I don't know the weight of the rod. Any help trying to figure out this mystery would be appreciated. Keep Fishing Will
  10. I have a book that has detailed descriptions on all the drainage systems of Alberta. It maybe has what you are looking for in it. It as well has good information for rookie stream fisherman. It’s called Trout Streams of Alberta by Jim McLennan. You can get a copy at the fishing hole or you can borrow it if you wish. Will
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