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  1. Hi dave, thanks for your quick reply. As you, i'm located in Edmonton. When I read the " Alberta fishing Guide from last year, I noticed that the Athabasca and its tributaries have good brookies, bulls and bows... The distance to those streams and creeks seems to be o.k. to improve my skills and not loosing too much time on the road... So, do you got another good location in the area NW of Edmonton to have a nice start? Greetings from stonefly
  2. Just noticed, that I caught the wrong forum, posted it at upcoming events... But its not that wrong, I guess, because: -I'd like to start ff in alberta, coming from germany, live and work here, miss the days on a nice trout stream. -would like to explore the closest streams first, especially freeman river! Heard about it, is it a good water to get back in the sport? - Was ff many years ago in europe, hooked since then... - Can anybody give me an advice wich patterns to use at freeman river, nymph and dry in summer ? Happy to hear from you and to be on this site! Until then
  3. Hello guys and girls, just my first visit in this forum as a newcomer to ff in Canada. I plan to start ff again after some years off,havent much experience but looking forward to explore Albertas streams from springtime... Can anybody please give me some serious advice about fishin' the freeman river? Heard good and bad, but it should be my first target to get back to the sport. Thanks for any help, until later.
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