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    I haven't written on here in a while, nice to see my introduction has staying power.
  2. Ok, so I know this has nothing to do with fishing or the like. But it's still crazy, and I had to share it with somebody... http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/4313978.stm
  3. Catching fish AND a bartender.... well Ballast is starting to not sound half bad
  4. I just got back from the North Raven about 3 hours ago. Chilly day to start but got better. The fish are still quick little buggers though. I just saw those pictures of the little stoneflys and have to say I did see a few of them ...examined my landing net after it trailed behind me for a bit and saw some scuds in there as well; I guess I should try one of those patterns out.
  5. Excellent. So where might I be able to see what a stauffer special looks like? Need to stock up, so that I can leave a few for the trees haha. Thanks
  6. I'm heading back down on Sunday for another go at Henry's line With better luck this time, I hope Anyone offer some suggestions on what I should be putting into the water? I was using mainly princes and hares ear nymphs.
  7. Yah the ones I saw were leaving just as quick.
  8. Yah I think I saw his decendents on Saturday, but thats about as close as I got. And by Stouffer do you mean North Raven? Because if you do than I saw them, but if not than I saw their cousins...
  9. Yep, Thanks. I headed down to the North Raven yesterday with a buddy. Real nice river, no luck but saw just a ton of fish
  10. Where abouts are the Crow and North Raven rivers?
  11. Oh yah, and is it open to fish still or no? Just saw those previous posts... Thanks
  12. So today is a ridiculously gorgeous day out, and I'm getting that fishing itch. So anyone know what the conditions are supposed to be like on saturday? and if Favorable, another question is where abouts on the red deer are condusive to good fishing? I've never fished there before, so just a general idea would be great. I'm not one for teasing out hot spots, so don't worry about that haha Good Day!
  13. I suppose we could all head down to Calgary on the 12th
  14. Scratch, I agree with you 100%, I saw a trailer of some of the stuff on the field and stream website and tried to look for some edmonton dates. I was sent to the american schedule so I didn't think there was any Canadian shows, but apparently there are, or were going to be at least . Looked pretty sweet.
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