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  1. The Aylmer site is there, yes, but I am thinking more of a random camping area near there. I have not scouted the area so I don’t have an exact location yet. Jim
  2. Friends, here is your first call-out for the 2022 edition of the Alberta Conclave. I am hoping we will be out of COVID danger by August but we managed to gather safely in 2020 and 2021. I am confident that conclavers will find a way! Our location this year will be a new one, where the Forestry Truck Road crosses the North Saskatchewan River (Google Maps - 52.3967226, -116.0753206). This location gives us fairly easy access to many of the waters we have been fishing in recent years - the North Ram River and the Blackstone River. It also gives us access to the North Saskatchewan, a big river with lots of water to explore. To help with this exploration, Wally Lutz has agreed to bring his jet boat and is willing to ferry people around as long as we cover his fuel costs. On timing, we will be on location from August 8 to 14. I don't have a specific site in mind yet but I will do a scouting trip when spring comes and send that out later. For those of you who have been there, you will have seen several spots nearby to set up camp for both RVs and tents. Anyone with specific ideas, I would love to hear them. This year we will once again be planning a pot-luck for the Friday evening. More details later. If you are looking for an adventure to drive away the pandemic blues, look no farther than the Alberta Conclave. I can't guarantee there will be no political arguments but I can guarantee abundant fishing opportunities, great stories around the fire and the unparalleled beauty of Alberta's wilderness. I will send more information in updates as I figure out the details. Looking forward to seeing you there! Jim Fox
  3. This year's Alberta Conclave was held August 16-22 on the banks of the North Ram River. We had a good crowd out from both Northern Lights and the internet FF@ list.. Weather this year was mixed and we began the week under a fire ban. Luckily for us, we got some rain and were able to have several nice evenings under the stars with the fire that is a critical part of these gatherings. The fishing was OK, with a few hatches (flying ants, BWOs and something that brought fish to large messy white flies). Some real hogs were caught, including one reputed to be 24". I did not see that one myself but Michael caught it and Tyzun saw it so it has some provenance. Some pictures, mostly from Wally Lutz, can be seen here: https://flywing.smugmug.com/Fishing/North-Ram-2021/i-zhS9nXP I am bad at reporting the details of the event but you can see that those who were able to get out had a great time. Some gorgeous wild Alberta westslope cutthroat trout were brought to hand and released. Stories were traded, opinions were argued, and time was spent together among friends. As the discussion about vaccines, government actions from COVID, and other news swirls around us like wildfire, I can distance myself by thinking back a couple of weeks to chilly morning coffee with old friends, to the swirl of water around my knees and the adrenaline rush of a fish rising to the spot where I think my fly is. Nothing beats that. Here is a big thank you to everyone who came out and made this event a success, Next year will be, I think, the 25th Alberta Conclave that I have been involved in. Planning for the 2022 event will start in a couple of months and I will let you know then when and where. If you are a regular, mark your calendar. If you haven't come out in the past, maybe this should be your year... Jim
  4. One last message before I head out in the morning. Everything is set for our Alberta Conclave beginning tomorrow on the North Ram River. We are experiencing a lot of heat and smoke here in Calgary and I am hoping for a bit of cooler weather and maybe even a bit of rain to take the smoke out of the air. Recent reports suggest moderately good fishing and less crowd than in other parts of the Alberta backcountry. The company will be fantastic I am sure. Drive safe everyone and I hope to see you all. I should be rolling in mid=afternoon. Jim
  5. Hey everyone, two weeks out for the conclave. I've got a couple of things to update everyone on now: The weather has been hot with little rain for a month so hope for some rain between now and then. There is also an open fire ban in place right now and I would not expect that to change. If you have a propane "fire pit" bring it along and it will get good use. If nobody has one, we can sit around a lantern. The stories will still be the same and we won't have to cut wood. I believe people need to buy a Public Lands Camping Pass to stay at the site. Information can be found here: https://www.alberta.ca/public-lands-camping-pass.aspx My intent is to come up Monday (I rented a trailer again) and I should be there by mid-afternoon. That's about it for now. I know from previous messages that some of you will be there. If you haven't already, let me know if you are going to attend and we can keep an eye out for you. Or, you can join the search party for me when I miss the turn, break down, or find some really fishy water I just can't leave. Looking forward to seeing you all! Jim
  6. I haven't been sending updates but I have heard a few questions so here is an update of Alberta Conclave 2021. We are on! August 16-22 at the Nice and Easy site on the North Ram River. To drive, go about 1 km west of the access road to Nordegg to get to the Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40/734) and turn south. Drive down the FTR for about 36 km (you will cross the North Saskatchewan River - keep going) to the North Fork Road. Turn east and follow North Fork Road for about 10km to get to the Nice and Easy site (Google maps says it's GPS coordinates are 52.269793, -115.812253). If you start going up a long hill, you probably passed the turnoff. I will put up a sign when I get there. Chances are good that there will be others in the area along with us but it is quite large and naturally breaks up into several separate sites. The camping location is not serviced but still pretty nice. The last time I was there, an outhouse had even been built by someone who runs free-range cattle in the area. We are just back from the river but it is close enough for the sound to lull you to sleep at night. If you don't know it, the Ram River system holds abundant and sometimes spectacularly large Cutthroat Trout. Hiking is often required to get to the best spots but it is worth it! I would like to try some South Ram fishing this year, as well as hiking a bit further down the river than I've been in the past. I might even bring my mountain bike (I don't own a quad) to make that trip a bit easier. Other fishing opportunities within driving range include the upper North Saskatchewan River, the Blackstone River and Frenchman’s Creek. If you want to access this last bit of water, expect to supply Michael Dell with a really good bottle of scotch. To respect COVID concerns, I will not plan a potluck this year. Friday night is normally our big celebration night, to tell lies and remember friends who are no longer with us. Alberta conclave veterans, families, flyfishing newbies and everyone else is most welcome. Let me know if you are coming and we can be sure to stake out some space for you. Or just show up - we can always squeeze in a few more people. You can email me at jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com if you have questions or comments. I hope to see you there! Jim
  7. Friends, here is your first notice about our FF@/Northern Lights 2021 Alberta Conclave. We will be gathering again in central Alberta to fish on the Ram, Blackstone, North Saskatchewan and tributary streams. Our dates are August 16 to 22. The current plan is to camp along the North or South Ram River somewhere. Our last conclave on the Ram was at a spot referred to as "Nice & Easy" and that is one option in the running. Another was suggested and I want to check it out before settling. Off-grid camping was amazingly popular in Alberta last summer and spots were hard to secure. I will finalize the specific location closer to the actual date. Look at your calendars and ask if this is your year to join our gathering. There will be westslope cutthroats, bulls, rainbows and whitefish if you travel a bit, and the best company you could find. I hope to see you there! Jim
  8. The clavemaster skill that I am worst at is writing up a summary of the trip. When the event is over, I start thinking about next year, not reminiscing about this one. However, only a week late, here is a bit of an overview of the 2020 Alberta Conclave. We had a great turnout, considering the pandemic situation that is affecting us all. Attendees included: Irene & Dan - thank you for saving the site! Terry Michael Karen Ervin Alberta Al Andrew Zach Farrah and Pau Dave R I don’t think I have forgotten anyone but if I have, please forgive me. I arrived on Monday afternoon and found a crowd there already. I got a couple of hours on the Blackstone before dark and after dinner enjoyed a sip of whisky at the fire. The rest of the week went about the same - drive over a better or worse road to a fishing spot; endure sun, rain, hail, sun, repeat all day; fish in tough conditions and head home ready to sit down and jaw around the fire. Our “COVID Clave” camp was not that different from normal - just a bit more distance around the fire (which means it had to be bigger!). Fishing was slow, though I caught a beautiful bull trout on a dry fly and we saw some fantastic cutthroat taken from deep pools. I think the water was still pretty cold - insect life seemed to still be in a June mode in mid-July. Friday night, around another fantastic campfire, the whole group shared in a memorial to Scott Rowan. Scott was a long-time FF@ member, Alberta Conclave attendee, and my friend. I first met met at one of the Cataract Creek conclaves in 2001 or 2002 and he was a regular attendee thereafter. We fished together many times and shared many fires. My heart is sore at Scott’s passing. The 2020 Alberta Clave celebrated our memory of Scott with a very fine Irish whisky and great reminiscing. Saturday dawned with the same rain and sun mix that we saw all week. Karen and Ervin had already left by the time I rose and I took that as a sign to head back to civilization. On my way home, a tire blew out on the rented trailer I was towing and I did not have the right lug wrench. A friendly tow truck driver from Rocky came out to help and I was back at home in time for dinner. Another Alberta Conclave under our belts. 2020 has been a devil of a year. Our Alberta Conclave on the Blackstone River reminded me how important it is to be in contact with friends, old and new. That is what this is all about, our FF@ and NLFTF participation - the opportunity to bond with other fine people, to broaden our outlooks and deepen our friendships. My soul is fuller for having been part of this event. Thank you to everyone who did get out. For those who wanted but could not attend, you were missed but we will have another trip next year. The “COVID Clave” reminded me what an important event I have the honour of planning. I hope to see you all in 2021 with the sun warming our backs and rising trout before us. Jim Fox
  9. Last week, heavy rains in the area have raised the North Ram River enough to actually wash out part of the road, leading to the camp site we have used for years. I do not have enough time to re-scout for another option so I am officially changing the location. Mike Dell confirmed that the road to the site we camp at on the Blackstone River is open so that is where the Conclave Headquarters will be located this year. To drive, head west on Highway 11 from Rocky Mountain House. Go about 1 km west of the access road to Nordegg to get to The Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40/734). Turn north (right) and drive to Chungo Road - a major road peeling off to the left. Drive up Chungo Road until you cross the Blackstone (it will be the first decent-sized river you cross) and up the little hill. There is a fairly large field on both sides of the road. If all goes well, we should be camped on the left side of the road. However, this is random camping and can't be reserved so it could be either side. Therefore, if you do not see a sign that says FF@/NLFT Alberta Conclave, look on the other side of the road. We have camped in the same location on several occasions before. There are numerous creeks in addition to the Blackstone in the area. Some are fed mostly through muskeg, meaning they stay clean during hard rain. I will bet someone will even take a side-trip to drive down to the Ram, though I have heard that it is quite dirty still. Google Maps says the site is here: 52.615902, -116.327583 This is the first time we have ever had to change the location of a conclave so close to the date. Share this with anyone you think might be interested in attending. I am making a large-ish sign so people can see our location easily. If there is no sign, I am driving a grey Toyota Highlander with the license plate SGX 814. You can also call me before about noon on July 20 at 403-471-3108 as I will be within cell range until then at least. If nothing else, COVID has taught us to be resilient. This minor change won't kill the conclave of 2020 for me. See you there! Jim
  10. Four weeks out and it is time for an update. With all we are going through, I am very much looking forward to this trip. First on location, I will be heading up to the site on Monday, hoping there is sufficient space for us. I was up on the Oldman River a week ago and the camping sites were very full. If we can't get the planned-for site (location below), I will find another one that works and post a sign on the road. I will also try to head to cell coverage Monday night or Tuesday morning and post something to these lists. In whatever case, look for the sign with the FF@/Northern Lights logo. One change will have to be made from previous years. A highlight of the Alberta Conclaves past was the pot-luck dinner on Friday or Saturday evening. I do not know a way to do this and deliver a measure of safety so I am going to cancel the pot luck. We can simulate that fun time by all cooking our own dinners at the same time and eating together. I think we will also need to be careful about car-pooling to spots but we can probably deal with that on the spot. It is probably a good idea to bring masks to wear if sharing rides. In this challenging time, it is very important to me to make this trip. Not only to cut into the stress I am experiencing (and I am sure everyone else is) but also to remember Scott Rowan - long time Alberta Conclave participant and good friend. I look forward to seeing people coming out. All are welcome! The fishing will be as it is but no matter what the company will be great. At an appropriate distance of course. Please let me know if you are thinking about coming - you can email me directly at jim_and_dorothy@hotmail.com. Jim
  11. For those of you who do not follow the FF@ listserve or Facebook page, I am sad to pass along the news that Scott Rowan passed away a couple of weeks ago in Victoria. Scott was a regular attendee at the Alberta Conclaves and met many of you on our lovely Alberta waters. Scott was a good fishing companion for me for over 20 years. He is missed... Jim
  12. I normally send this announcement out early in the new year but 2020 has offered up many challenges so far. Now that I have time on my hands thanks to Coronavirus, I am making the formal call for the 2020 edition of the long-running Alberta Conclave! We will gather again on the North Ram River at the Nice & Easy site (located at 52.269793, -115.812253 according to Google Maps) from July 20 to 26 2020. This timing gets us later in the summer but away from the long-weekend crowds. The location is the same as last year. It is a great site, directly on the river with abundant space for a large group. There was even an outhouse, with a lovely view. The site is located about 10km east of the Forestry Trunk Road (Hwy 40) on the North Fork Road. When we get closer to the time, I will supply easy to follow directions. The Ram River system holds abundant and sometimes spectacularly large Cutthroat Trout. Hiking is often required to get to some of the best spots but last year a 20" cuttie was caught within sight of the campsite. Other options in the area include the Blackstone, the Upper North Saskatchewan, and Frenchman's Creek (though you might have to bribe someone to show you this one). There will be a pot-luck on the last or second last night, good company, some fly-tying, some BSing around a fire and fine fishing in a beautiful location. Newbies, partners, kids and dogs all welcome! I will send out some more information and reminders closer to the date. Hope to see you there! Jim Fox
  13. Heading out this morning and I'll see you all there! Jim
  14. Thanks for this Dave! We will see you next week. Jim
  15. So just a week to go before our Ram River gathering. I got a question about how to get there and here (thanks to Michael Dell) are a couple of options: From the east, the North Fork Road turns off Hwy 752 at the Strachan campground. There is pavement for 8 km, then gravel for the rest of the 54 km. Some sections are good gravel, some are rough. Watch the signs as there are a couple roads which fork off. The Nice & Easy site is at the bottom of a long hill just after the road takes a 90 degree bend to the west. I think it is the first place you can see the river for quite a long time. One alternative way to get there is to take highway 11 to Nordegg, and then go south on the Trunk Road to just before the bridge over the North Ram River. Then east on the North Fork Road. The amount of gravel is about the same both ways, but the North Fork Road from 752 is an hour long trip, whereas it is an hour to Nordegg on 11, and then another 1/2 hour down the Trunk Road, and another 15-20 minutes to km 62. Another alternative is to take 752 all the way to the Trunk Road (732) and then up the Trunk Road to the North Ram. This is the longest and has the most gravel, but you cross over Elk Creek (4 or 5 bridges) , the Ram River, Lynx Creek, and Cripple Creek (3 bridges). I go this way sometimes for the extra fishing. Last time I was there I drove in on the North Fork Road from Strachan and it was not in good shape. It may have been upgraded at some time but it gets a lot of people pulling trailers along it and is very potholed. I find the route through Nordegg to be a more comfortable drive. Barring any issues, I will be arriving Monday afternoon. I will have a sign made up that you will be able to see from both directions. Look for my grey 2018 Toyota Highlander (license PFN 857). If there is no room at the Nice & Easy site, I will find an alternative so just keep looking for the sign. See you all there next week! And don't forget to bring your barbecue recipe for Saturday evening! Jim
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