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  1. Hello Ian: I live in Whitecourt and would be willing to help you out.Give me a Call @780-778-4316. Ian Bews Member( Whitecourt Castaways Fly Tying Club) .
  2. Mctuber


    Greeting's Mike and Welcome to the board.Got A days fishing on the Athabasca yesterday just outside Fox Creek. What a great day to be Green Side Up.I'm in Whitecourt and welcome you to fish up here anytime.
  3. Mctuber

    New Guy

    Welcome aboard, now who doesn't love Fly Fishing and a cup of Black Palasma!!!
  4. Has anyone heard anything about Stone Lake near Swan Hills. I fish there a few years ago and caught some great rainbows.I caught a four and half pounder and many others in and about the same size.A scale sample from that fish was turned in to the local fish and feathers and the age of that fish was Fifteen Months.Now this lake has a problem with winter kill, but it seems to me that this would be a great lake to get some areation.All in favor,S ay I
  5. Welcome to the Fox creek area,Our Cast-Aways club as been up and running since late September.We have a total of five members and newcomers are always welcome .Hope to make contact sometime in the near future
  6. Mctuber


    Howdy to you as well! The ballast part is priceless.Can I guess the name of the lake at which the canoe is being launched? DAHLBERG.Any how welcome aboard
  7. Greetings,Welcome to the site! Swan lake is just outside Valleyview by about 15 k turn left off highway 43 there is a sign all be it a small one. Follow the road in another 10 k and your there. Where do you can home? Whitecourt here!
  8. Welcome to this site, some very interesting blogs you have.May steal some info of my own
  9. Mctuber


    Hello Again:While the Little smokey was a little slow Mel did manage to out fish both Tom and Myself. Should have gone to the Freeman
  10. Mctuber


    Mel from the nlft club clued me into this site.We hope to start a club of our own in Whitecourt. The first members Mel,Tom and myself will be off to the Little Smokey tomorrow.We will let you know how the day turns out.
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