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  1. Rob Hinchliffe will be giving a presentation on a new website project he has been working on. The project is a bit top-secret right now but all will be revealed at the next meeting.
  2. kemo99

    Zoom Tie and Talk

    No program, just sharing. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  3. until
    Rob Hinchliffe will be giving a presentation on a new website project he has been working on. The project is a bit top-secret right now but all will be revealed at the next meeting. No program, just sharing. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  4. until
    Florin Sabac will be tying three patterns: a Stimulator Green Drake , a March Brown wet fly, and a General Fry Imitation. Pattern info is posted in the Forum under Upcoming Events. Thanks to Florin for stepping in when our previously booked presenter had to cancel. Zoom meeting details at https://www.nlft.org/zoom/
  5. until
    Kelsey Kure, Water Resource Technician at Sundre Forest Products, and Jacquie Pallard, U of A masters student, will present about bull trout habitat, population trends, and best management practices for industry. Highlights include a few case studies of areas where Sundre Forest Products has taken initiative to fix historic fish passage barriers as well as discussion of a stream crossing inspection program and some of the limitations in connectivity caused by municipal governments and provincial governments bad crossings on public roads. Jacquie Pallard is a masters student will pr
  6. As part of our conservation project, we will be collecting fin clips from Arctic Grayling in the Upper Pembina watershed. DNA will be extracted from the fin clips for analysis later in the summer. Northern Lights chapter members will be primarily working in Rat Creek, although there are opportunities in Lovett River and other tributaries. These waters are closed to recreational angling, so we must follow strict guidelines per our fisheries research license in addition to safety and covid protocols. Anglers will be required to attend a short orientation session via Zoom meeting.
  7. In 1998 Denny’s Fly Tying Specialties published a book of Alberta fly patterns titled “Flies for Alberta”. This book was authored by Reg Denny, Ian Denny, and Roy Ramdeen. The surviving authors feel that this book should live on, and as such they have decided to produce a revised version in electronic format for anyone that wants to have it. The book is still copyrighted and cannot be sold, however it is free to use by anyone that wants to download it. It is hoped that by releasing this electronic version, the legacy of the book and the patterns within it will live on! Flies for Alberta-
  8. At our February business meeting, the executive reviewed the constitution and the only change is to update Appendix C, the charter agreement with TUC. The attached document reflects the updated document. CONSTITUTION - Feb 1, 2021-merged.pdf
  9. On Jan 27, Mike Blackburn updated the chapter about preliminary findings from the previous 5 years on the Upper Pembina.
  10. Thank you and congratulations to the new club executive
  11. Alberta Environment and Park is hosting a series of fisheries webinars in January. Just thought I’d give you a heads-up in case you’re interested. Please feel free to forward this email to any of your club members, or post the link below to you club website to get the word out. You may have received an email inviting you already; however I thought I’d give you a heads-up regardless. Topics covered in this engagement will include: how recreational management objectives and sportfishing regulations are established, an update on recreational harvest slot limits,
  12. until
    AEP biologists Mike Blackburn and Ryan Cox will be presenting information and gathering feedback about findings in the Upper Pembina. Click this link to start the meeting, or start your zoom client, click the “Join a meeting button” and enter our meeting id 668 142 7482. The meeting password is 306090.
  13. Here is the link to Craig's presentation to the club as well as the link to the page that contains the 3 videos about fish stocking. https://mywildalberta.ca/fishing/fish-stocking/default.aspx
  14. Congratulations to John Hewitt, winner of the Cane Rod Raffle. The prize was a 7’ 6″ 3/4 weight cane rod with two tips, built on a Payne 98 taper, retailing at $1,350, built and donated by internationally known rod maker, Don Andersen, http://bamboorods.ca/
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