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  1. To all Tyers, My files will in to-night, but a couple of comments. If this same group are continuing on with the second plate, maybe a few suggestions: To facilitate getting the proper materials, lets pick the next set now so we have lots of time to get them for the fall and have all summer to tye a bunch for practice Seriously consider moving down to a size 10 hook which better suit the materials available Alter the main communication method to a general e-mail so we are not reliant on having to visit the web site to keep up to date. We might be also able to attract other tyers who don’t either have access or don’t use the internet, which would make e-mail difficult, but you get the idea. Barry
  2. Sorry Guys, might be a little late. Between the TU Dinner prep and work, not a lot of time. 3-1/2 of five done. Next Wednesday for sure Barry
  3. The goose is claret as well. I'll take what you can spare on the rest. We can discuss terms. Not sure how to get hold of you but maybe late on next wednesday. I have a TU Dinner meeting that night. Barry
  4. Tony, the Jungle cock is no problem but the Barred Mandarin for the tail of the Bostwick might be. Got everything else except the claret hackle and goose. Just remembered to look at the thread to-day so I guess I'm a little behind. Barry
  5. Count me in. I'm for using the materials from Don Bastion list. Barry Wright
  6. You take all of the fun out of it, Rick Barry
  7. What you are really asking is if Edmonton could support a "Fish Tales" type shop, only bigger and better. From a purly selfish point it would be great, not having to drive to Calgary, but, I don't think the city could support it. Lots of us do go to Fish Tales. Or an alternative would be to have a non-retail "Superfly" shop" that would allow us to see all of the materials available and have our order placed through one of the local shops for payment and be able to take it with you. None of the local retail outfits can afford to stock everything and for certain materials you want to see, touch and evaluate them before purchasing. Barry
  8. Tu sends out their newsletter "Currents" in every issue of FlyFusion, just got the new one to-day, have you not been getting either Canadian Flyfisher or since the change FlyFusion?. That's TU's newsletter. They also have sent out notices via e-mail. If you haven't received an e-mail notice from TU, then quite possibly your e-mail address isn't on their membership list. I would suggest that you check with me on Wednesday night to see and add if you want. Barry
  9. Here's what AK is going to be doing from AK Here's the list of flies I will be demonstrating on Saturday and will use as many as time allows for the Sunday class. Quill body May fly duns and parachutes Biot body May fly duns and parachutes Quill body May fly spinner October Caddis (two versions) Winged beetles Midge emergers P. T. Nymph Royal Wulff wings St. Vrain Caddis Black Stone Fly Nymph The Power Point show is titled, "Tying and fishing with A. K."
  10. Last Saturday was great on the Blackstone. Nothing but Adams parachutes or smal and white.
  11. A note from our friend Phil R Hi guys, as per our meeting last week here is the link to the News item on the TUC website regarding the Grandfondo event and the voting for TUC and the Nile Creek project through RBC’s Blue Water Project. Visit the following site to cast your vote www.tucanada.org/TUC_newsitem.php?item=000104 If you can let your members know to vote that would be great. They can vote once a day for the duration of the contest, until September I believe. May 4th, 2010 Hi just a polite reminder to keep voting on a daily basis for the RBC Grandfondo funding. We are currently sitting in second place as I type with 24%, 1% behind the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The Georgia Straight Alliance has 20% vote and is closing. You are allowed on vote per IP address per day. There was, as you probably know, a bit of a hiccup during the first days of the vote but that has since been rectified by the RBC. Also if you visit the TUC home page you will notice the RBC Blue Water Project logo at the top. You simply click the logo and text to be taken to the Newsroom item where you can vote, quick and easy. A link has also been placed to our Nile Creek Qualicum Bay informational PDF so any visitors can see what the project its all about. So don’t forget to vote, get your friends and family involved too! Cheers, Phil Rowley Marketing and Communications Trout Unlimited Canada O: 780-464-5499 F: 877-656-0320 www.tucanada.org "Conserving Canada's Coldwater Resources"
  12. As of to-day, November 18th, 2009 the project has come to an end for this year. From all reports, the river has iced over, which makes the task a little difficult. Thanks to all of the volunteers who participated, and those of you who tried to participate. Next year, only earlier. Thanks again. Barry Wright
  13. Trout Unlimited Canada Oldman River Chapter General meeting agenda Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ATCO Gas Building 410 Stafford Drive North, Lethbridge 7:30 PM Welcome Richard Burke and Henry Komadowski, co-chairs 7:40 PM Guest speaker, Brad Hurkett will provide an update on ACA's bull trout data collection efforts in the Upper Oldman Drainage. 8:45 Other business Fall raffle ticket distribution Get ready to sell a book (or two) of tickets. We are printing 1,000 tickets and they will sell for $5. Great raffle prizes: Pontoon boat Orvis T3, 8-weight TBA 6-weight rod Donors include Daytona Homes and RBC Royal Bank. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Clive Schaupmeyer Coaldale, Alberta 403-345-6457
  14. You might try out BCM Inns in Coleman 1-888-700-2264 or 403-564-4274. They are on hwy 3 directly across from where the forestry trunk road comes to hwy 3, right across from Subway and next to a small bakery where they have the absolute best cinnimom buns for breakfast, also good coffee.
  15. I've not had the pleasure, Scratch.
  16. Right on all counts. River is low now so crossing and wading are good.
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