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  1. Who was the lucky winner?????? TT
  2. My 2 cents, I have two 4 piece TFO (6 & 9wt with the 9 being a smoken ebay deal) and love them both Seeing I tend to be extremely hard on equipment, the TFO warrenty is hard to beat......if you courier you broken parts to Calgary you can usually have your replacement rod section in less than five days(I speak from the experience of several mishaps) just put out the 25 beans per broken section.....No reciept or registration card needed......I also aquired a Sage FLi 4wt at the outdoor show this year, special thanks to Dave Robinson who help me with the purchase......But it has yet to have it's maiden voyage....I am still shopping for a reel..........As for reels, I'm on the fence and open to suggestions for my 4wt. Good luck in your final decision TT
  3. My comments on the Charter and Constitution are: The libary collection is one of many valuable resorces, aside from the knowledge of it's members that the club retains ownership of. It would be safe to say that NLFT likely boasts one of the best collection of fly tying related publicatons in Alberta (if not the best) and there should be provisions created in the charter on how this very valuble assest will be protected, managed, and improved in the future. TT
  4. Well after being out bid on ebay for a great deal on an airflo reel with a another 9wt rod.. ...I settled on a lower midgrade reel by okuma as I don't think it will get much use other then my tropical vacation this year and the odd trip to the coast......however I did get a great deal.....less that 50 beans delivered TT
  5. I am currently in the market for a 9wt reel that is saltwater friendly(affordable), does anyone have any suggestions???? Okuma airframe, integrity? Pflueger trion, medalist, supreme? so many to pick from........Help? TT
  6. Trip results, Well after a full day of fishing the Little Smoky, my lack of stream fishing experience stands out loud..... .......A great time was had by all and I look forward to my next adventure where I can get a little further up and down stream and explore for those hard to find honey holes. I guess practise makes perfect, and the only way to better my one grayling (12") this trip is to make more trips, more often! And just to clarifiy the road situation: The second bridge (35KM) is closed to traffic exceeding one ton....Which is due to a hole in the bridge........ TT
  7. I was there for work Friday afternoon, and if bigstone is the road that passes the decomission mine or plant that is just West of Fox Creek, than I was there......There was no road closure in the area that I ran into, however one of the bridges has a hole in it and is slated for repair in the next couple of weeks!!(states an oil field consultant) TT
  8. I have never been , but very seriously considering heading up to Little Smokey next weekend...........I wouldn't want anyone to give up their honey holes but can anyone offer up some general areas or waypoints to start from. I was in the Fox Creek area on Friday but didn't have a chance to scout around. Any guidance in the planning of my adventure would be much appreciated TT
  9. For my solo adventure to the ST Mary's I stopped at a local fly shop in the town/city that is close to the St. Mary's......They steered me towards a big orange stimulator, Adams for use there.........They pointed out to me when searching for a spot on the ST mary's to fish it is best to park on the road and hike down to the river as alot of the trails even thought they appear well used are dead ends with not enough space to turn around........ The bull river, I fished with a small group locals and was sworn to consider the area a tight hole...... .........but a green humpty whas the fly of choice that day.. Happy fishing TT
  10. I may give the Pembina river a try......... TT
  11. End of last summer I spent a couple of days fishing the Bull river and the St. Mary's which are just out side of cranbrooke.......I was an exellent trip.....definately worth the 20 bucks per day TT
  12. Was wondering if anyone can recomend a afternoon fishing spot on the way to or near the Slave Lake area.......I am headed up there on Thursday for work and was considering taking my rod and catching an hour or two of fishing. Any suggestions.............or waypoints of good locations???? Thanks in advance, TT
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