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  1. After much soul searching I have decided to put it off for another year. Thank you for all your help. Best regards, Andy
  2. Hi Dave and Terry, I really appreciate your advice, Thank you! I'm literally stressed out with this decision. There are many pros and cons for both sides (roof or trailer). The biggest con for the roof is I'm scared to death I'm over loading my roof racks...Odyessy's are rated for 150lb weight load...not sure if that is for stock cross bars or in general. My fear is watching the boat tear off at highway speeds, take half my van roof and careen through somebody's windshield...I'm not sure if this is a far fetched fear or not. I love the convenience of the trailer, but I already tow a 17' RV behind the van to camp in, I'm not sure what the highway rules are or how my poor van will react to towing a 3000lb trailer in tandem with a 500lb-ish boat and trailer. I don't want to have to leave my RV at home b/c I want to fish or leave the boat at home b/c I want to camp...you know?! Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted. Thanks again for your input! Best Regards, Andy
  3. Hi All, I am planning to upgrade my boat from a 10' flatbottom, 80lb Aluminum cartopper to a 12' Aluminum 150-200lb Lund/Sterling/Naden/Sears etc. My only mode of transport is a 2007 Honda Minivan. I am thinking about carrying this new heavier boat on top of the van. I have a Thule Rack system that is plenty robust enough, it's the stock side rails I'm concerned with... Anybody out there carry a 12' Aluminum rowboat on a minivan? Is this idea safe? Anybody with similar experiences? HELP ME PLEASE...I really don't want another trailer to maintain, insure, pull, etc. I appreciate any advice, except the obvious, which is "buy a truck" thanks in advance, Andy
  4. My brother and I are thinking about going to Wabamun one of these days soon. Could anyone tell me if the water is open near the plant? It would save me a couple hours drive round trip if she's all froze up. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks. Regards, Andy
  5. Sweet rod! I have a 2 piece Sage 4WT that I love, hence the Login Name. Might I suggest Swan Lake this Spring? Strip a Leech and HANG ON! Those Giant BOW's will make short work of a 4WT if you show up without your A-game! See me pictured here with a sweet 24" tipping the scale at 6lb 4oz...caught on the above mentioned 4WT...he grabbed hold just as I was about to take the fly out of the water and ran me into my backing twice. Have fun with that new stick. Regards, Andy
  6. I'm having a little trouble with this link. Do I need to register or something to view it? Have you been out since this posting? I'm very happy to hear the water is open...this is the only fishing option that keeps me sane until fly fishing season. Here's a picture of one of the smaller ones I caught a couple years back. I got 2 in '08 that tipped the scale at 17lbs...I can't seem to find the pics on my work computer. Cheers, Andy
  7. Nope, just more Gold. Trevor and I didn't have much luck on Tuesday south of the Dawson Bridge. Trev caught one Goldeye and one small Walleye...I however, got skunked. I'm not sure we were fishing in the right spot and Trev wasn't in the mood to move around much...we were on a bend that made the river super wide and it got deep fast, so wading out, even in waders, wasn't much of an option. Maybe next time. Cheers, Andy
  8. Andy, search the Forums.. keyword 'Firehole' you'll likely find a 'Map' and a clue or three. Scratch and I may be down at the 'Stankhole' tonight to do a little prospecting for 'Goldeye'. Thanks again for everybodies information, I appreciate it! Ranger, did you get any the other day out of the "Stankhole?" My buddy Trevor and I are going tonight to try Dawson Bridge first and move on from there if need be. Cheers, Andy
  9. Hi Tee and Ranger, Thank you for the info! I don't know where Firehole is?! I would likely walk down depending on distance. My buddy and I were thinking about checking the N.Saskatchie out on Tuesday evening, weather dependent, of course. IF anyone else has advice on a good place to reach the river, please don't hesitate. Thanks again. Regards, Andy
  10. Good Day Gentlemen, I was wondering if there are any local experts out there that can "help a brother out" and give me a few tips on how, where and what you need to catch Goldeye from the N.Saskatchie? Mostly, I am imagining that the evening is the best time to fish, correct? When the mosquitoes and caddis are out? What time of year is the best time to catch them? Spring, Summer, Fall? I live in South Edmonton, but have no issue driving to a good spot....any advice? Dry or Wet flies? Nymphing? Any advice is welcome..........thankyou in advance. Best Regards, Andy
  12. Hey Guys, I was snooping around last night and you're right it looks like Sturgeon is the place to go...I'm almost tempted to pay a bit extra and set up camp in the Private Camp Ground, so I don't have to break camp every day...how much risk of stuff getting stolen do you think there is? I've left my stuff many times at Prov Camp grounds while I fished for the day somewhere a ways away, without incident, but Sturgeon Lake seems a bit more risky b/c of it's proximity to Grande Prairie. Do you know if there is a motel/hotel/inn option in DeBolt or Crooked River or Ridgevalley(not sure that is the right name)? Bottomline...Boo Hiss on whoever made the decision to take the camping away from Swan Lake! Andy.
  13. That seriously blows! My brother from Calgary and I had intended to spend the last weekend in June on Swan...I guess we'll have to bunk down somewhere nearby, but what a drag having to drive in and out everyday! Any suggestions where we could camp? Do you know why the change? Is it due to the people I saw living out there last year? Wouldn't it be easier and more effective to put a 3or4 day stay limit, then innocent guys like us could still camp and fish? Frustrating! Andy
  14. Morph, Dennis and Dragon, It is true that Summerside is a Private Lake and access is technically by invite only and I'd be happy to take you guys out if you like. I can understand you frustration that it "looks" like outsiders money funding the lake, but that is not true...I believe that derby is in place, not doubt to "help" with funding, but also to give non-residents an opportunity to fish the lake, thereby, advertising to the populace that Summerside would be a great choice for a community to live in, thereby, selling more property. As residents we pay an annual "condo fee" to pay for the lake and the surrounding site. I did the city census this year and there are over 700 occupied residences that pay to the upkeep and this fee goes up the closer to the lake you get. I live a kilometre away and I pay $326...the lakeside residents pay around $1000. Hope this helps. This goes out to Dragon especially...I'd be happy to take you out to Summerside Lake when ever you want...I owe you one...you gave me advice last year regarding Swan Lake and I literally had one of the best fishing experiences of my life...so you name the time. Cheers. Later, A.
  15. Hey Guys, To comment on most everything in this stream........I also live in Summerside, moved in this past Nov. One of the deciding factors of our move was the Lake, so to say the least the minute I had a chance to drill a hole in the ice and find out what it offered, I did. My Father, Brother and I safely caught and released 8 'Bows b/w us nothing under 15" in less than 3 hours.....to say the least I've been on Pins since waiting for Ice off. I've since fished 4 times this spring and was skunked only once......with that said, it is one of the toughest lakes I have ever fished........nothing more frustrating than seeing those big dawgs swim by or have them lightly bump your line ONCE and never return. The good news is, I have gently released several in the 18-20" range.....unfortunately in late April I witnessed some Twit winch in a beautiful 20" female that easily tipped the scales(he had a digital) at 4lbs and chuck it in the snow. I don't mind a guy taking a fish once and a while, but this guy had another agenda and it was all about filling his freezer with his 12lb test, Velveda and Power Bait. Anyway, enough of that........the good news is they are planning to stock 5-6 thousand this year.....I talked to the Manager, Gerry.....they are just waiting for the go ahead from the "stocking guy" when the water is at a safe temp for optimal survival. The also have started a new entry program.......they have repaired the gate on the north end and when you come in with a rod, they make you leave your I.D. card so they can check your "pail" and take a count when you leave.....this will help narrow down the numbers leaving the lake.....they want to maintain 10 thousand. Also there is rumor of a resident that is a Police Officer that has no problem charging those J.A's that jump the fence.........believe me I'll be asking shady looking characters this summer if they belong there. Finally, my limited success has come from dead drifting a Catatonic Leech or a Bead headed Hairs Ear nymph on an indicator......a foot from the bottom, light tippet (5 or6X)........and be ready, they will very lightly try and swim away with it, but don't set the hook to quick.....anyway, you'll figure it out. I hope to see you guys down there lots this summer....my name is Andy, I'll be the guy in the Olive Green John Boat (flat bottom Crestliner) using his beloved gold baby (4WT Sage Launch). If you haven't figured it out yet, I love Flyfishing more than any other recreation/sport on earth, so tight lines and I'm sure I'll see you around this summer. Regards, A.
  16. Hi All, Was thinking I might head out Monday night for a few hours to either Star or Muir.......I have a lot more experience on Muir, but it has stung more often than not this 2007 season..........I have NO experience with Star in the fall, so any advice would be welcome........if you were me and had a choice, which lake would you pick? Anybody been out on either in the last week or so? Are the Backswimmers present yet.....if not.....what then, Woolly Buggers? Scuds? Leeches? I look forward to your reply. Thank you. Best Regards, Andy
  17. Hi, Anybody out there have any experience fishing the Wildhay River near Hinton/Grande Cache? I've heard there are Athabascan Rainbows in it, but not sure how many or how big they might get...even Barry Mitchell has little to say about the river. I would imagine there is a good chance of some big Dolly's or Bull's...can anyone confirm these suspicions? Thanks. Best Regards, Andy
  18. Hey Dragon, Damn, I wish I would have read this before I headed out Wed evening, I would have said "HI"...I remember seeing you there...I was the guy in the Camo-Green boat, that pulled his back out putting it on top of the white Honda CRV...Brutal, I've been lying around on my livingroom floor for 4 days, since wed night. The 17" Freighttrain I caught at 8:30-9:00 pm, made it all worth it, though...I just wish this year was offering more of those size fish, more often...man I've had a tough spring! I'm thinking my only option for this upcoming weekend is to go to Swan Lake...I can't imagine my back holding out for 8 hours of walking a rocky river bank on say the Ram or Crowsnest. I'm still VERY INTERESTED in hearing Terry's report on the Crow, though! Are you thinking of heading up the Swan Lake way this weekend? Cheers, Andy
  19. Hey Joe, I hope you are feeling better soon. You should consider coming with us on the 29th...if we ever decide where to go. Keith called me today to say that he and the good Doctor went out to Dolberg yesterday morning and caught 9 above 3lbs...one of them weighing in at 6.5lbs....NICE! I'll keep you posted on the 29th. Cheers, Andy
  20. Hey Tuber and Terry, You guys are awesome...thank you very much for the info and I excitedly await your report after your trip to the Crow this week, Terry. Man, you guys got me so jazzed I can't decide what to do next week...part of me wants to fish a river so bad I can almost taste it, but the drive is long...and the other part of me really wants to get into some football shaped freight trains b/f the water warms up. I'm taking a couple hours off work today and heading out to either Muir or Star to see what my freshly tied Olive, Brown Wooly Buggers and Olive Scuds will do for me. Thanks again for the help and I'll look forward to Terry's update. Cheers, Andy
  21. Hi, I am a newish member of the NLFT (2nd year) and am wondering if anybody could give me some advice? I am considering taking June29th off, as it is my B-day, and heading out for the first 'river trip' of the year...what I am wondering is if anybody can tell me what the Blackstone, N.Ram or Crowsnest look like as far as flows, and water clarity, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST...how's the fishing? If the rivers are not cooperating, my alternative is try out Swan Lake, this will be my first time to that lake and am wondering if anybody has any advice on how, where, and what to fish it? Is it fishing well this year? Thank you Best Regards, Andy
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