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  1. Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Sportsmen Show. We had lots of volountyers, so it made the whole show go smoothly. I'm still looking for some more help at the Fishin Hole show and I'll have the sign up sheets at the meeting tonight. This show is a little easier to help with as there's no admission fee and parking is free so. Thanks Again Carl J.
  2. Passes have to be picked up at the "SHOW OFFICE". If you're arriving before the "public gates" open the Show office is located on the south side of the complex by Hall F. Just say that you're with Northern Lights and they will issue passes for everybody on the list. If you're arriving after the public gates open, just explain to the gate staff that you are a volunteer exhibitor and they will allow you access to the show office. I didn't have to show any ID, they were mainly concerned about having your name on the list. If by chance I have missed getting your name call me on my cell 780-231-8932 and I'll come down to the show office to sort it out with you.
  3. Thanks to all those volunteers who have signed up, so far. I have submitted your names to the organizer to arrange for free passes, however if you would still like to help us out please let me know and we can get your name added to the list. I will have some more details in the near future about how the organizer is handling the passes/badges this year and will be posting those details here as well as bringing them to next weeks meeting. Thanks Again Carl
  4. The Sportsmen's show is Mar 18 through the 21 at the Edmonton Expo Centre-Northlands, and the club will need volunteers to run our booth. We'll be doing the "kids" tye again this year and will be looking for some wonderfully patient and kindly disposition individuals to help in this area, as well we will have a "demo tyer" that will be tying some "flashy attractor" patterns to catch the eye/interest of the crowd passing by. We'll be selling the "cane rod raffle" tickets and we'll also be selling the last of the old logo apparel at deep discount prices. http://www.edmontonboatandsportshow.ca Volunteer sign up sheets will be available at the club meetings or you can post a reply and I'll get your name on the list. We need all the volunteer names before the event so we can arrange for the free passes. If you volunteer for more than 4 hours, the club will reimburse you for your parking, more than 8 hours and the club will reimburse you for a meal up to $15. The Fishin Hole/Campers Village show is March 25 through the 28, at the Mayfield, and we'll be needing volunteers for this show as well, the same as above with the addition of the Lloyd Shea bucket lottery booth.
  5. Little Smokey Graying Oct 09
  6. I would be interested as well. Let me know the plan as it develops.
  7. Woven Stonefly Nymph Materials List: #8 curved nymph hook Embordery thread- darker colour for top lighter for bottom-3 strands on each side woven "overrhand knot" on hook 3 - 1" strips of .30 lead wire tied on both sides of shaft and on top for the keel wieght Brown goose biots-tail and feelers (sorry forgot the fancy name already) Biots & wire legs-brown goose biots glued to end of fine wire then dipped in flex cement Brown raffia for wing case-used wing burner to shape the wing cases in the demo, picture was taken before I got the wing burners Brown or black thread 6/0
  8. Barry Whites Burlap Golden Stone Nymph Materials List: #8 limmerick hook Burlap dyed yellow (body and wing case & red (tag) 6 " of .30" lead wire wrapped double over thorax Yellow Thread 6/0 Yellow Goose biots Brown or speckled wet hackle
  9. Bootlace Stone Fly Material List: 1 1/2" bootlace-woven outer shell over nylon core is best Crystal Flash Pearl 2 or 3 strands #8 hopper hook Elk hair Rubber legs 2mm closed cell foam dark brown/black for the bullet head and a bright colour for an indicator Brown Thread 6/0
  10. Thanks Dave this is the url for RIT website and as you mentioned it has all the possible colours and how to make your own custom colours. http://www.ritdye.com/Home.1.lasso
  11. Where abouts are the Crow and North Raven rivers? the crow's west of Lethbridge and the North Raven is west of Red Deer
  12. It was a great day to not be in the office. Hope you had more success than me. I only had 1 one the line that I used my long distance release technique on.
  13. Thanks Scratch. I tried Star and enjoyed the day, but looks like I should have gone to Hasse. Hope that guy with the club has left some for the rest of us.
  14. I'm looking for a lake near town, for an ice fishing expedition, any suggestions?
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