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  1. I took a look on the internet yesterday and the 2014 Regs are available as are licenses.
  2. Yahoo! My first successful picture posting. Guess not to old to learn new tricks LOL
  3. Sitting in my backyard last night. West End Edmonton and holy cow what an experience I enjoyed but freaked my wife out alot as too many bugs she said. Went from nothing to seeing 20 of these flying around. 5 min hundreds 5 min later thousands everywhere in the neighborhood. Freaked the wife so bad she wanted to go inside. I was in complete amazement as I have never experienced anything like it especially in the city. As I get more into the flyfishing I find myself not swatting at the bugs but intrigued as to what they are doing and why. So as I was watching these land in the grass.....too my amazement comes a little one out the back end ready to take flight. 20 mins later all was clear and wife was happy and I was grinning being able to see nature at its best in my own back yard. Going to try and post a couple pictures and hopefully it works. My knowledge of emptomology sucks so bad that I am not even going to try. I will let you experts take care of that.
  4. DamnStraigh


    Thank you for the clarification and I agree it would be an excellent opportunity to advertise for new memeberships.
  5. DamnStraigh


    This may be a silly question but: Why is there a need to be discrete when you make such a presentation?
  6. Even though I don't know Vince very well, chatted couple times, and bit on the forum, I am surprised he is even touching it. I thought he had a restraining order on all things "nymph like".
  7. Excellent read Vince, thanks for sharing!
  8. I will also offer Dave to pay my costs too so he doesn't feel left out.
  9. Thanks for posting and Sharing! I hope to be the bunt end of everyone's Joke!
  10. Just looking for some advice for fishing / camping Kananaskis Country! Wife and I are planning our week camping (okay she camps I fish) in the Kananaskis area. We have never gone that far south for camping yet. and planning on late July early August. Is the fishing good at this time? Anybody have good camping areas close to a few decent rivers and lakes (trout, no more than an hour apart from camping location). Kind of have a hard on for the Bow River as I have never dropped a line in it. Camping amenities are definietly not critical as we can back woods camp and not have an issue with it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. Hey peeps! My name is Dwayne and I have been resonably serious flyfishing for approx 5 years and the desire to do and learn more is growing each time I hit the water or river. Feel like I am becoming an addict. For trout fishing I do practise C&R for the most part 99% of the time unless I am looking for a little taste. To me Walley is much better tasting anyhow. I am huge supporter of following the regs, barbless hooks, and would love to drown or shoot all Poachers ( Is that good food for trout? They probably would like the poached meet) Took some stillwater lessons from Mike Monteith at Muir couple years back, which was a huge eyeopener knowing I was fishing 95% incorrectly and opened even more of my horizions. Caught my first cutthroat at Cresent Falls (screamed like the little boy with his first fish ever) couple years back and after the awe settled down was nice to watch the cuttie go back to live another day. Vince you have been an excellent help to me in the store with spending my money BUT not steering me in one direction but assisting with the best decisions. Live in Edmonton and enjoy numerous hours of summer camping / fishing. I do the fishing and the wife does the camping so it is a perfect match. Look now to add many other trout species to the fly, net and release. Been following this forum for a while (Not a major contibutor, especially to the experts) and must addmit that alot of you have definitely peeked my interest in many ways, stories, flytying, trips, advice etc. Heck you may hear more of me and even see me at a meeting. Take care, Safefishing! Dwayne PS the devil made me do it. He frequents here alot. I will let you figure out who that is LOL
  12. Was at the new Fishin Hole on 170st and 112ave this past Saturday and they do infact have some Nor-Vise products in their fly section.
  13. Just wondering how the trip went for you all. Planning on posting a report or pictures?
  14. Vince and Rick, Very beautiful pictures of yourselves casting and catching. Vince I guess for me this proves that you don't just talk BS to your customers. Proof in the fish puddin here. Thanks for sharing
  15. Hell Ya Terry, I appreciate it very much. Still working on the wife though. LOL
  16. Hey Vince, Nice to hear feedback on such an amazing piece of equipment. FYI I was in the store a couples week ago and borrowed some of your time picking your brain to assist me picking out my new rod (haven't decided yet) and we have discussed your bamboo a couple times. Unfortunately, my skills, wife and pocketbook would not support a purchase like that but I have heard nothing but good things about Don and his Rods (Canes that is), and the curiosity continues to grow so I hope to hear more about it as you use it.
  17. Because Northern Pike is too much to say when Fish is on
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