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  1. Wasn't able to get out on a lake around Edmonton and instead I hit the Bow early in the morning, about 5:00. A few risers about but not too much action to start on the stones. So I switched up to a nymph rig with a large black stone. Had an immediate take and knew it was a big fish, it ran out into the river, then ripped line off as it went downstream. I tried to control it and was trying to run downriver after the fish, I won some line back and lost some, then the fish started to really peel line and got into my backing. I was reeling and all of the tension came out of rod. The flyline came off the backing. It was older line and still floated well, cracked a bit but I thought I could get another summer out of it, there was still a stub of line on the backing so it sheared off somehow. So I broke out the spare rod and then they started to take dries. Some were sippers and some were smashers. All were very nice fish, but the one that got away still haunts me.
  2. Good day all, I am going to be coming up to Edmonton and am just wondering what lakes I should consider for a possible fishing adventure. I'm limited timewise, last time I got out to Cardiff. Lots of little guys but fun nonetheless. So I'm looking for something close by that's worth hitting. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Thanks gentlemen, I will do that, and yes I too had the wallet on the dash as I drove home. Good thing it was a sunny day. TH
  4. Hello float tube experts, I recently acquired a float tube and took it out on the weekend. I got soaked, water leaked into the top of my chest waders, and I seemed to be sitting very low in the water. Are these things built for tall people? Do I need to adjust it and how? Now it was quite windy and the waves were fairly high. Anyway if someone could let me know what I was doing wrong I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  5. Uhm... yah know... on second thought... IF you really want to send us money... The Forum Admin team (FAT) will be happy to take it. We can always use new ff'ing toys. Jest Kidding. Nope, the site is 100% free of SPAM and ads, just 100% postie goodness -- a service provided by our guiding Club Charter (here on Page 4, Section C - http://nlft.org/ClubCharter.pdf). You should check out the main website page here as well @ http://nlft.org from time to time -- (Or Click on 'Visit Northern Lights Fly Tyers and Fishers' button at the top left corner of the forum.) NLFT&F Club Membership is only $20 a year... so if you feel the need to contribute $$... we're worthy... consider getting a membership then... although... again... not required. The club puts on a lot of great educational events, teaches kids tying, and promotes the hobby of Fly Tying and Fly Fishing. Our club motto here is dedicated to... "PROVIDING A FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE FOR THE NOVICE AND EXPERT TO LEARN AND SHARE THE FLY TYING AND FISHING EXPERIENCE" So, pull up a log.. have a sit around the fire. Yeah, M-K... back to work now. Oh and I am also a former FFA board member, it was a good site and I hope this one will be good for flyfishing in the Edmonton area and thereabouts.
  6. Hi all, just heard about this forum and so as a one-time Edmontonian, who cut my flyfishing teeth on Black Nuggget, Star, Hasse, Chickakoo, Peanut, etc. I thought I'd log-in on a regular basis, particularly as I come to the hometown to visit now and again, anyway this looks like a nice board, I'll contribute what I can.
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