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  1. any private body of water really, seriously bothers me, I always wanted to check out that Lake Eden , I've read the description a while back from Doc's old web site, well I can't anymore because it turned private....
  2. Well I am still quite new at fly fishing, but if there is a hatch and the trout is feeding on it most likely your other presentation may be ignored as the fish may not know what it is that you're trying to present, a woolly bugger will immitate a minnow or a leach, if there is less minnows and leaches at the time than for example a hatching chironomid the fish will more likely go after the chironomid. I read that trout feeds 65 % of time of chironomids and 90% trout feeds from the bottom rather than the top. Somone correct me if I'm wrong. When I went to Eastpit lake last weekend there was ch
  3. is that the early version of a fish-cat first prototype ?
  4. thank you guys , as always professional reply from mr. Dave , I also read the link below my thread , and it's quite interesting. I like stiff rods so weight 7 would be my pick and I also noticed that sage rods seem stiffer, what will most likely be best for me... Dave I can just imagine looking through your fly fishing gear, must be like entering a fly fishing museum , I am gonna try this summer to join the club, meet you guys in person, and learn from the best.... Cheers !
  5. So who is the lucky winner ? or is it still in the pot ??
  6. Hey Guys, I have been thinking about getting a new rod, perhaps sage , I have noticed 2 piece and 4 piece rods, I am not looking for anything expensive, like 700 dolla stick , but something in range of maybe $250.... my question is , is there a performance difference in using a 2 piece oppose to 4 piece rod ??, myself I would prefer a 2 piece, as I am not planning on carrying the rod in a suitcase... I would like to get a 7 wt rod as I find it very universal and stiff enough for distance casting, I fish most of the time on lakes not streams. any suggestions guys ? thanks.
  7. BOB, please !!, Leave Governor Schwarzenegger ALONE !!!
  8. Morph1

    Sick n Star

    LOL, Were you there till evening ??? I think I seen you there packing into white station wagon ??? I get sick like that quite often, seems when there is hardly any wind I always get this stomache flu..........
  9. Morph1


    Hey Dave, are you still waiting for your new Zodiak ???, if so that's crazy..... If I may ask what is the total cost of that unit, from whay I read you were having a 10ft'er on the order with the rigid floor, the reason I am asking is that I got an awesome deal on a boat like that from e-bay, the quality of my boat is unbelievable, one of my co-workers has a zodiak and seen my boat he said everything was about the same ,except my material seems heavier than his zodiak, The cost of my boat was 3 x less than the cost of a zodiak boat, and arrived in 3 weeks time right on the scheduled da
  10. Hey Guys, thanks for the replies, I went to the Lake Isle again just trolling, pike and wallay action - non-stop, this time I took my kid and wife along, we had a fun day together catching over 30 fish varing in sizes... I tried to run my battery down, so this time I trolled the entire time from 6:00 am till about 3:00 pm, I stopped here and there for maybe 5 minutes. Well this time, every time I was checking the battery status on the minn-kota I waited about 2 minutes and procceded to check the readout, after 6 hours it switched to low and remained there for the rest of the day, after
  11. Thanks Guys for your quick replies, Terry, regarding your answer , should I get a Voltage Meter?? and monitor the battery status ? , when the battery weakenss is the voltage going to read less than 12 volts ?? , you mention read out of 2 volts , is the motor still going to run if the read out is 4 volts??, Dave, The battery I am using is brand new, I just bought it and used it only twice, I don't think I have to worry about the weak or damaged plates/cells, and also I think I was checking the status on the minn kota while the engine was on , maybe that is was caused the inaccurate reading.
  12. Hey Again, I guess I would most likely address my question to Mr. Dave again since he's got an electric motor and he is an electrical engineer, well to my question, as I had been at a lake this weekend for the first time planning my trip for the whole day, I must say I was very pleased with the electric motor and the battery setup, however something strange happend that I just don't have a clue how to approach it. Well the thing is I used my motor from 6 am till 3:30 pm that is 9.5 hours, from all that time I figured I used my motor for a good 7 hours trawling, most of the time at 25% and
  13. Hey Guys, Finally got my boat out, with the new motor and the new 115 amps battery, I was very pleased with the results, I was out on the water for about 3 hours, I had been maxing the motor going 75 and 100% thrust fighting against the waves (it was windy) I was quite surprised when I got home I had used only 15% of the battery charge I thought I had some what used a lot more charge cause of the windy weather and having it going at 100% thrust, what a great deal, I love it. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks Flycaster, Yep I just came accross a website Maligne Lake Lodge or something, they have posted that the lake is being stocked every year., I am not sure of anything I read of the net as anyone can write anything. I also heard from a friend of mine that the lake has hardly any fish, he happend to fish the lake twice last year and caught nothing. The water looks so clear, it is a sin that they don't stock it, I phoned the Pyramid Lodge and they confirmed that the Pyramid lake is ice free, I think I will try this one instead. Has anyone been fishing there last year ???, and yes t
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