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  1. any private body of water really, seriously bothers me, I always wanted to check out that Lake Eden , I've read the description a while back from Doc's old web site, well I can't anymore because it turned private....
  2. Well I am still quite new at fly fishing, but if there is a hatch and the trout is feeding on it most likely your other presentation may be ignored as the fish may not know what it is that you're trying to present, a woolly bugger will immitate a minnow or a leach, if there is less minnows and leaches at the time than for example a hatching chironomid the fish will more likely go after the chironomid. I read that trout feeds 65 % of time of chironomids and 90% trout feeds from the bottom rather than the top. Somone correct me if I'm wrong. When I went to Eastpit lake last weekend there was chironomid hatch, I am not that experienced but someone I was with has 40 years of fly fishing behind their belt and they were able to point out many things to me, this is the first year that I am paying attention whats in the water and I was quite amazed to see for the first time a chironomid hatch, right after I changed the shrimp pattern to chironomid and right away started getting hits and landing fish. Last weekend I had a great lesson and I sure do appreciate it. Hope this helps, Cheers mate !
  3. is that the early version of a fish-cat first prototype ?
  4. thank you guys , as always professional reply from mr. Dave , I also read the link below my thread , and it's quite interesting. I like stiff rods so weight 7 would be my pick and I also noticed that sage rods seem stiffer, what will most likely be best for me... Dave I can just imagine looking through your fly fishing gear, must be like entering a fly fishing museum , I am gonna try this summer to join the club, meet you guys in person, and learn from the best.... Cheers !
  5. So who is the lucky winner ? or is it still in the pot ??
  6. Hey Guys, I have been thinking about getting a new rod, perhaps sage , I have noticed 2 piece and 4 piece rods, I am not looking for anything expensive, like 700 dolla stick , but something in range of maybe $250.... my question is , is there a performance difference in using a 2 piece oppose to 4 piece rod ??, myself I would prefer a 2 piece, as I am not planning on carrying the rod in a suitcase... I would like to get a 7 wt rod as I find it very universal and stiff enough for distance casting, I fish most of the time on lakes not streams. any suggestions guys ? thanks.
  7. BOB, please !!, Leave Governor Schwarzenegger ALONE !!!
  8. Morph1

    Sick n Star

    LOL, Were you there till evening ??? I think I seen you there packing into white station wagon ??? I get sick like that quite often, seems when there is hardly any wind I always get this stomache flu..........
  9. Morph1


    Hey Dave, are you still waiting for your new Zodiak ???, if so that's crazy..... If I may ask what is the total cost of that unit, from whay I read you were having a 10ft'er on the order with the rigid floor, the reason I am asking is that I got an awesome deal on a boat like that from e-bay, the quality of my boat is unbelievable, one of my co-workers has a zodiak and seen my boat he said everything was about the same ,except my material seems heavier than his zodiak, The cost of my boat was 3 x less than the cost of a zodiak boat, and arrived in 3 weeks time right on the scheduled date. I had the boat 3 times out and it is the best buy I've ever made for the money.
  10. Hey Guys, thanks for the replies, I went to the Lake Isle again just trolling, pike and wallay action - non-stop, this time I took my kid and wife along, we had a fun day together catching over 30 fish varing in sizes... I tried to run my battery down, so this time I trolled the entire time from 6:00 am till about 3:00 pm, I stopped here and there for maybe 5 minutes. Well this time, every time I was checking the battery status on the minn-kota I waited about 2 minutes and procceded to check the readout, after 6 hours it switched to low and remained there for the rest of the day, after 7 hours of trolling I headed back towards the boat launch, I was giving it 100% thrust all the way, checked the readout - again indicates at low, from there I decided to try to run down the battery, this way I would figure out approximately how much I can actually get out of this set up, so I started trolling for the next 2 hours non-stop on full blast along the opposite shore line, checked the readout - set at low... When I goot back home I headed straight for the charger, I hooked up the battery and amazingly it still read out 50% of usage left. I must admit that after this weekend I feel very safe in my unit having the electric motor setup, 2 more trips and for sure the battery expense will pay off compare to fuel prices , I feel like I also contribute to the safe and friendly environment using electric oppose to using gas motor poluting the waters .... Thanks Guys, :cheers:Cheers !
  11. Thanks Guys for your quick replies, Terry, regarding your answer , should I get a Voltage Meter?? and monitor the battery status ? , when the battery weakenss is the voltage going to read less than 12 volts ?? , you mention read out of 2 volts , is the motor still going to run if the read out is 4 volts??, Dave, The battery I am using is brand new, I just bought it and used it only twice, I don't think I have to worry about the weak or damaged plates/cells, and also I think I was checking the status on the minn kota while the engine was on , maybe that is was caused the inaccurate reading... and yes I always load the paddles on just in case of a situation that I might have to use them, I am just confused when the status switched from LOW to RECHARGE within 15 min time frame, when status GOOD to LOW to switch took the entire day.... Weedy you wrote "The Maxxum charge indicator has seldom indicated a full charge even when the batteries were new and fully charged. I may get 2 minutes of use before it goes to "Good"" The same thing happens with mine, after 2 min or os it changes to GOOD status, which I can understand, you also say that when it switches to low that means you got a 3/4 of charge left, that's crazy... I mean shouldn't the minn kota indicate LOW status let's say at least at 50% , LOW to me is LOW not a 75% of remaining charge, well looks to me like I am gonna have to experiment a lot more with my set up, but you must be right regardin the status of LOW readout because when I put the battery on charge after I got back home it indicated 70% of charge remaining. My question would be how much more time would I have left on cruising at 50% thrust?? I would think probably another 4 hours? ?? However please guys advise if I should get a Voltage Meter and how would I use the damn thing I am scared of electricity JK, Well thanks again, pleasure to chat with you, Morph1
  12. Hey Again, I guess I would most likely address my question to Mr. Dave again since he's got an electric motor and he is an electrical engineer, well to my question, as I had been at a lake this weekend for the first time planning my trip for the whole day, I must say I was very pleased with the electric motor and the battery setup, however something strange happend that I just don't have a clue how to approach it. Well the thing is I used my motor from 6 am till 3:30 pm that is 9.5 hours, from all that time I figured I used my motor for a good 7 hours trawling, most of the time at 25% and very frequently at 50%, and some time I was going full throttle, till about 1 oclock pm my battery level indicator switched to low that really scared me as I was about 1.5 km away from the boat launch, where my car was parked... I just panicked, switched my thrust to 25% and slowly started heading towards the boat launch, after I've gone about 1 quater of the distance the indicator switched to RECHARGE, now I seriously thought I was AFU , I just agreed with myself that I am gonna have to paddle about .75 km. Well after about 30 minutes of I reached the boat launch without any need of paddling the status of battery on the minn kota display was at RECHARGE indication, I had been thinking and assumed gees my battery must be at like 10% or less, well I packed up, got back home and first thing I did was get the battery on the charger and examine the charge levels, I hooked up the battery read the indicator on my charger and it says 69% ????? , what the hell is happening?? , if I knew I had so much juice left I would've stayed at least few more hours, why would the minn-kota indicate the critical level at 69% and freak me out like that ?? Can anyone relate to this if possible and give me some idea of what is happening, could I buy some kind of device that would read the battery charge level ?? any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Guys,
  13. Hey Guys, Finally got my boat out, with the new motor and the new 115 amps battery, I was very pleased with the results, I was out on the water for about 3 hours, I had been maxing the motor going 75 and 100% thrust fighting against the waves (it was windy) I was quite surprised when I got home I had used only 15% of the battery charge I thought I had some what used a lot more charge cause of the windy weather and having it going at 100% thrust, what a great deal, I love it. Thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks Flycaster, Yep I just came accross a website Maligne Lake Lodge or something, they have posted that the lake is being stocked every year., I am not sure of anything I read of the net as anyone can write anything. I also heard from a friend of mine that the lake has hardly any fish, he happend to fish the lake twice last year and caught nothing. The water looks so clear, it is a sin that they don't stock it, I phoned the Pyramid Lodge and they confirmed that the Pyramid lake is ice free, I think I will try this one instead. Has anyone been fishing there last year ???, and yes the lakes open May 19 a $10 dollar fee per day for fishing in Provincial Parks. I just would like to hear some more positive stories from last year regarding fishing Maligne or Pyramid Lake.
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