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  1. I thnk i can spare a couple hours for the 6th or 7th if you need it. I'm no means a pro at casting, but i can froth up a pond like a pro!
  2. Hey Ken, I'm very instersted in getting involved, but only got wind of this week. Is it too late? I'm still trying to comb through all the info.
  3. Spring Lake - Does anyone know where the aerators are in Spring? Muir Lake I was at Muir when the conservation guys were pulling out the aerators, quite tempted to cast a line in that open water, too bad it's not May yet.
  4. Hey guys, I've still not received my TU card as well. Is there any chance I suffer the same fate Paul did? I signed up durring the trade show at the NLFT booth. I also wasn't aware that there were any meetings for this Wendesday. It's the first time this year I got a Wednesday free and was thinking of comming out. What is the format for tomorrows meeting? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  5. Hello, I recently posted about getting my cards replaced. Would I be part of this as well and can I get my membership cards replaced?
  6. So, my wallet spent the night of the crazy storm in a pocket of a pontoon boat. Needless to say, I'm happy that Canadian currency is waterproof, but I can't say the same for my membership cards. Is there a way to get these replaced?
  7. Are there any Large quick dry shirts left?
  8. Tee

    Nsr Goldeye

    Thanks for the tips
  9. Anyone get to the River for some Goldeye? I was there last week for a bit but no surface and nothing hitting the flies. The river is looking good, and ready to fish.
  10. Hey Fourweight, I was on the river last night for about an hour. Two Goldeye to the hand and two missed in the few minutes of casting I did do. They all rose to a EHC with a pearl ribbing. They are all over the river and are not too far out usually. Just look for seams near shore. I've nymphed for them, swung soft hackles, and streamers.
  11. Tee

    Sick n Star

    HAHA no i actually decided to make the run to LSR when I got the toe highway 43 thingy (turnoff). I posted results somewhere in here.
  12. Hey all, Calling in sick today and hittin star, i'll be in the fishcat (blue) and i'll be fishing. Come say hi if you are also suffering the same horrible flu.
  13. Hello all, Has anyone here ever waded the Pembina around Evansburg. I was looking to work on my nymphing skills and was wondering if there are whitefish that hang out in the area.
  14. So how did you make out at Star?
  15. Sup all, I was thinking of hitting up Muir tomorrow in da tube to see if the backswimmers are ready. Anyone interested? Anyone hit it up this weekend? All I hear is bad things now but the weather has been cooler for a few days so i'm hoping they may have started up. I'm off at 1:30 all week so if anyone is going anywhere else durring the day durring the week and could use a bit of company PM me.
  16. So does this count as bait fishing?
  17. Tee


    Were you fishing Mayatan? how did you make out?
  18. Scratch, thats ok, I got to get out there and it was nice, the gold eye were rising, but they all seemed just out of reach. I got a couple swinging a softhackle through the seam right out front of the drainage.
  19. Would you be interested in some company? I was thinking of heading there today anyways after dinner, maybe 7 pm?
  20. Scratch, Did you wade out there or fish it from shore? I've never fly fished the area (only pickerel rig back in the day ( like 2 years ago ) I was thinking of heading down there after last night's fun.. you know, they could have been mooneye that i was hooking into, didn't look to closely at them. Whatever they are, they are sure ready to hit a hook.
  21. Goldeye are rising in the River, Managed to hook up a few last night on anything I could throw at them: Foam hoppers, stimulators, EHC, X-Caddis, and a few swinging a soft hackle. I recently started tying them and fished one for the first time last night. lots o fun anyways.
  22. Tee

    Trip tp BC

    Hello all, So in August, I have about a week scheduled to get to port qocquitlam. I was hoping to do up some fishing/camping all allong the way, as well as fish pitt lake/river( which is where I'm ending up). According to resources, there is a Sockeye run then. So I was hoping I could get some advice on places to camp/fish. I'lll be getting national parks and a BC license so I'll be able to hit the some points allong the way. Any advice would be appreciated. I also would like some advice on any flies that I should have tied up for the sockeye/dolly varden. I imagine streamers is the way to go, but I'm willing to spend alot of time filling a box for the journey.
  23. So how did you make out at Salters?
  24. Tee

    NSR Goldeye

    Well i was out yesterday walkin the dog by the river, and they're rising... I didn't get a chance to fish it and the river still looks pretty silty, maybe next week or maybe two?
  25. So has anyone heard anything with the river and em goldeyes? hoping to start hittng the river soon.
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