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  1. Just going through some older posts and found this neat topic. Is there any future plans to revisit a spawning channel or stocking of triploids. I found lots of neat projects where lakes built spawning channels, and would be a very neat addition to Muir if it could happen. See ya Adam
  2. Ok..got me thinking here...I was looking at possibly picking up an 8wt Lauch at the upcoming Outdoor show..hoping it was on sale for cheap... I'm going to use my 8wt for mostly pike fishing...meaning throwing heavy flies. What type of action would you recommend? Any lesser expensive rods you would recommend (i.e. no more expensive than the Launch). See ya Adam
  3. Adam


    Bah Humbug!!! My wife has an appointment tonight, and I need to be home to watch our little guy. I was looking forward to meeting some of you folks tonight, but it will have to wait until next week. See ya Adam
  4. Adam

    new to this site...

    UT..Meh.. Counterstrike is the wave of the future guys!!! See ya Adam
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    Good morning fisherpeople, I finally convinced my wife to let me get away on Wednesday nights to join your wayward group. This was especially tough since we just had a little boy 10 weeks ago. I have posted a few times on your board and am a frequent lurker. Last year was my first year fly fishing, and I am now addicted. I’m really excited to try my hand at tying flies. I am curious what I need to bring to your fly tying meetings, especially the first few meetings until I figure out what I need to purchase? I was given an old box that looks like an introductory fly tying kit from the ‘70s. It does have a few odds and ends and a few bits of material. Other than spending time with my wife and new son, I try and get away and spend some time ice fishing in the winter, and dreaming about getting back to Prairie Creek (and nightmares about the willows at Stauffer) in the spring. Looking forward to meeting everyone next week. See ya Adam
  6. Some friends post on another board at http://www.topfreeforum.com/fff/viewforum....&mforum=fff They've been out to Wabamun the last couple of weeks. Have a look at what they've been catching. Note: They are not fly fishing if you are faint of heart..lol.. See ya Ace
  7. Here are some pics of my motor mount. The brace is just a 2x4 with a groove rotored out. On my canoe the brackes need to hold onto the canoe edge on the outside of the canoe. I belive some brands have their edges on the inside, but this would work on eigher. The main brace has the motor mount attached to it. The motor mount was cut/out slightly and glued and screwed to the 2x4. My electric motor does not have great thrust (only 30#) so it doesn't need to be crazy strong...just strong. The brackets are just 2 pieces of wood glued and screwed together so they fit under the canoe edge. There is a carriage bolt in it that runs to the top. The handles are from Lee Valley. My father-in-law made this for me as he's an expert handy-man, and I came up with the engineering...lol... Hope this helps. See ya Adam
  8. Hi Dave, I've seen those ones at Totem..they usually run about $100. I made mine out of a 2x4 and a couple of knobs from Lee Valley..lol...probably cost me under $5.00. Adam
  9. Hi Ray, No problem on posting some pics of the motor mount. Give me a few days as it's a bit of a pain for me to haul the canoe out. See ya Adam
  10. Here's a few of the 'bows we got at Bullshead. They were rising all around us, but they didn't want my dry fly, so my father-in-law and just used our spinning gear, and caught a few. See ya Adam p.s. Dont' let my father-in-law take your picture..he'll cut part of your head off..lol...
  11. As a new fly fisherman, I am thinking about heading to Prairie Creek tomorrow to try out my new and unproven skills. Any tips advice on where I should start, and what to use? What time should I plan to be on the water? Any help would be helpful. Thanks Adam
  12. Just bought my first fly fishing set-up and I'm stoked to try it out. I'm heading to Lethbridge this weekend, then heading to Cypress Hills (Elkwater) for a week. I ended up getting a TFO Series One 5 wt (2 piece), Trion reel (from ebay), 444SL Floating WF line. Any tips on where to go at each location (I'll hit Bullshead and Ressor for sure). As well, any tips on flies and technique would be appreciated. I know practice will be needed on whatever I do, but I'd like to get a bit of a headstart. I'm also bidding on ebay for some fly tying equipment, so maybe I can spend some time getting more addicted over the winter..lol... Thanks Ace
  13. Adam

    Sunday Fish

    Hi Paul, I wasn't there at 5:00 with you (wife wouldn't get up that early), but I think I saw you and a buddy of yours chatting on shore around 8:00 when me and my wife showed up. We were unloading our yellow canoe as you were just getting back in the water (I recognized you and your vest from other posts..lol). I'm not a fly fisher yet, but I've had a taste a couple weeks ago and I can't wait to get all my gear. My best fly fishing story came on Friday when I was out at Star. The fish were rising all over the place all morning long. So, I tied a dry fly (Adam's) and strung it behing my ultra light spinning gear. I dragged it behind my canoe about 40' or so behind....then BOOM...little 'bow took the dry fly. I was so happy I was able to land my first dry fly fish with my spinning gear (sorry to anger any pure fly fishers here..lol....) Here's a pic of my dry fly bow on my ultra light spinning gear. See ya Adam
  14. Does anybody know what type and brand of line they put on the TFO Combo? Thanks Adam
  15. Hmm...I was hoping the rod/reel decision would be simpler. Just plop down some money and be on my way. I should have known it wasn't going to be this easy. I think I will wait until after my fly fishing weekend course to get a better idea of rods/reels. Maybe I'll get some insight while i'm there. I saw the casting course you held last week. As I was going fishing on Sunday and Monday, my wife had a list of chores for me to get done on Saturday, so I wasn't able to make it. I'll have to see what comes up in the future. Thanks for everyone's advice and insight. See ya Adam
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