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  1. Sorry, I am on nightshift Saturday and wouldn't be able to make it to the centre in time if I was there. Hopefully I will be able to contribute to something in the near future....Kerry
  2. I have been to Russels, Wholesale Sports and Country Pleasures. I would have to rate Country Pleasures as number one of the three, but then I was with a guide and thus spending money, so it could be an unfair comparison. I like Russells, they were always good to talk to and well, I won't talk about the other, though the Calgary branch seems better than the one here in Edmonton.....sort of. What I wonder is "How much help do we want/expect?" Also 'how much can we expect from people who are not being paid that much to work there? The observation I have is that quite a few of the people that work at the shops we frequent, are quite sure they are better than the rest of the customers that come to do business there and tend to have that "I'm doing you a favour by even noticing you. Myself, I like to wander in, look around and if I have a question about an item it is nice to get an answer. I also wouldn't mind talking fishing if the person is not overly busy, just for a few minutes. Kind of like the shops that were around when I was a kid. Anyway my $.02 worth.
  3. I posted a copy of it on a couple of other sites and have written to anyone who was involved, even slightly. Probably not close enough to the next election to make a difference, but ya gotta try.
  4. Wally I received the flies you sent for CFL! They are awesome! What is the wing material you used? It would be great to see a step by step if there isn't already one! Thanks again for the contribution.....Kerry
  5. Ayyyyye it's a sad day when wandering strangers can assault the innocent, with a herring!
  6. At Scratch's behest I past on regards from the NLFT. Lynda passed this on I thought I would just copy it here. Did anyone know Jim was doing a Blues concert? Hello to the folks at Northern Lights Flytyers and Flyfishers! Just thinking it would be fun to have us come up and do a concert for everyone. Let us know if that would be of interest and we can work something out! Or Jim could come and do a talk on something!? Looking forward to the Amos Garrett, Steve & Jim concert on Apr. 2. The evening show is sold out and we're hoping that someone will show for the added matinee I should copy the first e-mail I was sent so it makes sense: The Amos Garrett Acoustic Trio show at the Okotoks Performing Arts Centre on Saturday, April 2 at 7:30 pm. has sold out! As a result of demand, a matinee has been added at 2 pm. Doors open at 1:30. Tickets are $15 in advance or $18 at the door and are available now at Megatunes in Calgary, the Station and Flowers and Things in Okotoks, Bradley's Western Wear in High River, Wonders in Black Diamond and Coyote Moon in Turner Valley. For more information call Jim or Lynda at 938-6493. Amos will be playing tunes from his Juno nominated Acoustic Album with Steve Pineo on guitar and mandolin and Greg Caroll on upright bass. Steve Fisher and Jim McLennan will open the show, playing a mix of country blues, ragtime, and swing tunes. Thanks to all of you who have bought tickets already. Please pass this on to anyone who wasn't able to get tickets to the evening show. Best Regards, Lynda
  7. I hate asking for donations. So I am not sure how I find myself doing this stuff, except that I strongly support their cause....then again I support kids programs, but most of that is volunteer work, so I don't have to ask, I just do it. I did their last raffle box myself, though I picked up a wooden flybox myself, from e-bay. So okay, if you have a pattern, that you like to use here in Alberta, if you wouldn't mind donating 1/2 dozen of them to this raffle box, please drop me a line pittfam@telus.net . All donators will be able to sign a card, one for the winner, one for the folks at CFL. Thanks Scratch.....Kerry
  8. It is not a request for a donation as such, I just figured that if someone was tying them for CFL I could ship them with the main body of flies or if someone was moved to participate in the project, they could but I am not asking anyone to tie extra flies or to donate to the project as I said there seems to be enough activity to keep everyone busy as it is. As for Albertans, well I have flies from Holland and Ontario that are going out as well. The CFL is based here in Alberta and as well as the site I work through and Copperfly.com is Albertan. I do not wish to inconvenience anyone and only posted here because you have a link to CFL. The theme of the raffle box is Alberta patterns. I have had responses from places other than Alberta to whom I have sent a list of possible patterns, which has made my job alot easier. At any rate, I have no wish to inconvenience anyone and only posted here because of the link on this site and the link to NLFT on CFL's site.
  9. Since I am once again a legitimate member I thought I would post this here as well. I am working on a raffle project for Lynda McLennan and Casting for Life. The project consists of a custom made flybox (being made as I type) that was donated by a fellow in Ontario and 6 dozen Alberta themed flies. I have got most of it put together thanks to some tyers from southern Alberta, one from Holland and a few here in Edmonton that have offered through copperfly.com. I am only putting this out here because you have a link to CFL otherwise I know the club has enough to do, raising money for Muir and other projects, which I hope to be included in. If anyone has anything they were planning on sending to CFL anyway, I can package it up with this project, but I will have to get the card that goes with it, to you, so that you can sign it. This won't be a big problem, I am just making sure that all contributors are recognized for their work. Thanks folks, hopefully I am not sticking my nose where it shouldn't be...Kerry
  10. Inconnu


    Scratch, hey mon amie no problem and for you or anyone who is free on weekdays when I sometimes drive down to the Bow, I usually have an empty seat or two for company.
  11. Inconnu


    Hey James, welcome! I have a friend who lives in Gifu Japan, teaches english and fishes a little, but is rather disparaging about the quality of fishing there. He comes back to fish Calgary now and then, so he gets his "fix" so to speak. Hope to see you at a meeting. I tend to be one of those "scarce" members with a restrictive work schedule, but hey I made it to the last one, Scratch was there to witness it!
  12. I grew up fishing Sooke, moved up the island and fished there as well. Should be a good trip. I will be at the meeting tonight unless another blizzard sets in.
  13. Up north where I used to lurk and fish, there is a lake about Muir size, that was stocked and aereated by using a wind generated impeller. The lake produced Rainbows and Brookies well up to and over 5lbs. But there were of course many egg bound females. One afternoon, my partner and I discovered a local oil production company dumping produced saltwater via an ancient drain line from their plant, into the lake. The outcome of this was that instead of a fine, the company built a spawning channel for the fish. A high wooden fence was placed along both sides and across the top end and chicken wire was put over the top, over wooden poles to support it. Two marking buoys were placed out where the "No Fishing" zone was and there was a volunteer manning it as often as possible. The volunteer was there to answer questions, help out with school tours as an information giver. The person(s) manning the site got to pass on good information not only to the general public, but also to the school kids, the up and coming fishers and the conscience of their parents.....this could be an opportunity?
  14. Geez! I was playing that stupid beer game and my Mother - in - Law leapt up on the screen!!!!!!
  15. Hey I spend alot of time looking for dubbing sources, those cheap gray camping blankets are pretty cool once you pick a piece apart, there is an amazing variety of materials in them....mystery fluff! As far as the mouse thing goes, watch out for what type of mice they are, deer mice carry the Hanta Virus and as dumb as this concern may sound, it wouldn't seem so if you caught it and I don't want to be going to any 12 cast salute funerals for any of you, thankyou very much.
  16. I've been dealing with Tom at Rockymountainflies for about 3 years, very good service, prices seem good, he sells alot on e-bay where I first found him. Sorry Pacres I didn't read this post first, I have alot to catch up on....Kerry
  17. I think the large obvious Report a Poacher sign would save alot of problems. It has my vote!
  18. Thanks Ranger. I was looking at wave patterns yesterday when we stopped by and figured the guy who was the only boat out there, was either really knowledgable or was just getting lucky. Too shallow for me thanks!....Kerry
  19. Sorry I am working....sigh...the story of my life
  20. Thanks Dave...Kerry
  21. I was going through a travel Alberta website when I noticed that the park sign for Miquelon Lk. shows fishing availble. I stopped in their last October just to have a look at the park, it was windy the water was opaque and rather treacherous looking, as in rocky and shallow....are there fish in it?
  22. Yeah me as well, out of town guests on Saturday for FIVE DAYS!!!!! Ahhhhhhh! First I break down on the way to Muir now I have company coming, nexy my Mother In Law will be moving in with us!!!!
  23. As long as that is July that you mean, I will come.
  24. Yeesh! I thought it had been changed to the 12th, I better re-think my Monday...Kerry
  25. Hi Kamitrout, I also am a displaced British Columbian. Nice to see you here and I look forward to meeting you, down the road....Kerry
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