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  1. The day before Christmas I received an e-mail from Ed Nicholson. The Board has given the go ahead for a Canadian division od Project Healing Waters. I will be talking to Ed right after New Years to work out the details. One of the details is web space, I am looking for a Canadian contact information spot on their site and I imagine that will happen. Once that is done I will be able to put the information out through Peer Support and through Soldier On. I have also enlisted the help of Capt. Rick Biolo here in Beaumont, to promote the effort and to help me locate some contacts I have been looking for on CFB Edmonton. Once I have had a talk with Ed I will be moving forward on the other issues I need to get done in order to hold a Spring event. Location suggestions for the event will be welcome, I was thinking about the Beaumont Pond, simply for convenience but I am open to other ideas so please feel free to offer ideas. I am hoping to find six veterans who are interested in the program, there may also be family as well if they come through Peer Support. I will have more to report soon......Kerry
  2. I phoned PHW yesterday and apparently I was misinformed about their meeting date. It is this Friday, so I will know after that what I am doing and with who.
  3. Thanks Scratch, I actually ended up chatting with Greg Prodaniuk who is involved with peer support here. he has offered to help when we are ready to launch. I also talked with a Sgt. McLean who heads "Soldier On" in Ottawa. That being said I know we need people to liase with both groups, we should talk about this soon......Kerry
  4. A quick update. I received a call from PHW yesterday regarding a letter I wrote to them with questions I needed answers for before I could continue on with the list of "must do's." Sandy at PHW told me they are having a board of directors meeting on Dec.05 and will address the question of creating a board of directors in Canada to let us be a chritable organization etc. If they go for it then I will continue on as PHW Canada, if they do not and I understand if they are hesitant, I will continue on as a new and seperate entity. Ray and I will keep you up to speed on what happens after the meeting in December.....Kerry
  5. Inconnu

    Wing Burner?

    I use my stonefly nymph burners all of the time. I use them on church window feathers from the ringneck and I use them to trace and cut shaped wingpads from synthetic sheet material.
  6. First let me say thanks one more time to the members that attended my awkward presentation. There is so much to do and so much already done that sometimes it is difficult to put it in any kind of order. I have been asked a number of times why I do not just start something like this locally and create my own entity. I have a vision of where this thing will go and PHW has a great infrastructure that I wish to emulate as we expand. There are other reasons as well, but the dream of where it will go is what keeps me moving forward. That being said, I cannot do this alone as the brochure I handed out so aptly states. I will need help. I am going to need a Board of directors, volunteers for the events from start to finish and people who will step in and help provide direction. Ultimately I want this to be something that will live and operate without any one person. As I gain more knowledge and move forward with the initial tasks such as establishing this as a Charitable Organization etc. I will add particulars to what I need as far as involvement goes and for future events. Feel free to ask questions here or PM me I can provide contact information if you need it. As I mentioned I have a list of questions I am sending to Ed Nichlson and I will update this post with the information the answers will provide me with. Thanks again to all of you, I look forward to working with you on this and other projects through the Club.......Kerry
  7. Thanks Emmerson, the thing that really sucks is that I cannot be there for that meeting, backswimmers and boatmen are some of my favourite patterns.....Kerry
  8. I am reading this albeit a little late. I do intend to join again I have just had alot on my plate this last year. More than I care to remember. I will see you again shortly all going well. Thanks Pauline and hey Ranger I will follow the link, thanks.....Kerry
  9. I'm away on a fishing trip for a few days, but if I am here on the day they are coming, I will help out. Haven't been to the site for a bit so I missed the first post until now.
  10. I'll be chatting with field staff down there today, I'll ask for you....Kerry
  11. Hey Gravity. Typically because the Chironomid is usually taken near the bottom or in the surface film, you can try greased lining. Use floatant or chapstick and coat your leader in it down to about the last foot. When you lay your line out, the nymph/larvae hangs about 10 to 12 inches under the surface. No need for a strike inidcator, just watch your line for the tell tale movement that indicates a "take."
  12. Hopefully it is a lone Koi! I know people are letting the goldfish go in the Beaumont pond as well. I know it is not on the same scale but, I was thinking about trying to bait and net them with golfish pellets chummed on the bottom. A Koi that big may be accustomed enough to people that you could get close enough to dispatch it....errrr catch it and give it a good.....home? Might be worth a group effort in conjunction with the CO's?
  13. Doc I can help if I am not on shift, I get the next two weekends off I believe and a whack of weekdays.
  14. If you make your marabou tail too long, it will occasionally wrap itself around the bend in your hook. Soft marabou is usually better, though most marabou is soft enougn. Looks like you have some of the centre stem in the fly, which is no big deal, should still work okay. If it does wrap itself, just pinch the excess off, you should never cut it if you can avoid it, though the tip of the feather tends to be tougher to pinch off than the rest of the plume does. Small leeches tend to work better in most lakes in the Spring. This is on leeches in general and is not in any way advice on Muir.
  15. For what it is worth. B.C. has always charged out of province people more than a resident of B.C. I have listened to this complaint for years. Personally on strictly an annual lisence fee I don't know why Alberta doesn't do the same? At least on that level it has little to do with equality as a Canadian and everything to do with who puts how much into a resource. Why should I come to Alberta to fish for your resource when as a British Columbian I have put little or nothing into it? Say what you will, but there is room here for some improvement, in that at least some extra revenue from out of province license fees could be used in various projects around the province? If this was strictly a Federal Government run item, then okay one price country wide, but it isn't. As far as this B.C. user fee is concerned, I don't think it is being done in the right spirit at all and it is odd to blame the guides in general for it, when many of them have lost rod days themselves, especially the smaller guide businesses. I met a fellow at the Boat Show, who guides there, I later e-mailed him for information on what was happening and what his thoughts were on the topic. For what it is worth here is his letter, I have witheld his name as I did not ask if I could print it; (Letter starts)Anyway, regarding the politics of the new regs, I can only speak for myself, I think it is completely a money grab. I have been very vocal about this since June 2004 when I found the EK Angling Management Plan (AMP) by accident on the web, when I asked the regional bio why they hadn't contacted the guide community with this info he was offended at the suggestion, too much work? This plan greatly affected me, they closed to guiding 42% of the waters I do business on with 0% consultation (yet they are allowing hunting guides to "incidentally" guide their clients there for fishing, unbelievable). Here's the stats 19% of the fishing effort on the Elk river and therefore extrapolated to the rest of the EK's represent the Guided angler, 65% non resident angler, and the remainder is local effort. You can see where the main brunt of the effort is. From my point of view I find it ridiculous to close any area to existing guides especially now when they are regulating the number of rod days we get and where we will use them. I have been operating a relatively small operation for 10 years and have retreated to these areas to avoid the rat race. Not only that but it has been done in such a fashion that the Kootenay Angling Guide Association guides that lobbied and were participants in developing the plan did not loose any areas to their operations (Hmmmmmmm)? I had attended a meeting in Kamloops to discuss the Provincial plan to Manage Quality Waters (QWO) and the EK AMP with the director of WLAP F&W branch Al Martin and several of his staff, this meeting they did invite us to by letter, this was the first and only letter I received regarding meetings. The meeting was poorly attended by the large operators and it seemed was mostly smaller businesses which should have given us a stronger voice. In short we received lots of lip service with much promises but they all simply fell flat when it came time to deliver. They promised to keep the channels of communication open with us and in future conversations admitted to forgetting to, they promised grandfathering operations that were affected by closures then reneged later. They promised to effectively manage the bulk of the pressure and deal with illegal guiding and poachers before intensively managing 19% of us. I pointed out that as a guide involved for ten years I have seen them allow unimpeded new guide companies on these rivers to a point where the market is over saturated with them and now we have these perceived problems ( the locals hate us guides eventhough they have jobs that involve harvesting trees and mining mountains or gov jobs) and another gentleman from the Caribou region stated that with the moratorium on new guides in the EK's for the last 18 months, his area has now been inundated with new outfits moving there to set up. I also made the point that the guide community currently represents 19% and the Non Res angler 65%, these numbers can change dramatically to the non res becoming much larger as there is quite a pool of them to the south of us. I then asked how do they intend to manage for this eventuality, the guide population is now under control and that effort will not grow, what is there to manage that 65% from growing to 99%. They replied that they felt the $20 fee was enough of a "deterrent" (I can't believe a gov that spouts about tourism's importance to our economy would use that word) to manage that effort. You can imagine how I feel about that, UNBELIEVABLE. I simply have lost all faith in our government's ability to deal with this in an honest and reasonable way, this is clearly a money grab. The EK's is the first area to have the AMP established on it and this process is planned to continue to all the other regions of BC. A local guide and lobbiest Barry Rogers has seen to it that we become the pilot project for the province and he was largely involved in developing this plan so you have him and the executive of KAGA to thank (note: KAGA executives nominated themselves adhoc about 5 or more years ago and have repeatedly resisted elections within the association to replace them with voted in members). So you can see that the Gov doesn't either care or are completely incompetent In essence many things were promised not 1 thing was delivered. It is quite clear that their minds were already made up, the meetings and request for comments were just a side show. The main point being not 1 word was changed in either of the two plans from the initial draft phase to the final draft which has now been accepted into law, eventhough we were encouraged to and sent comments, attended meetings, had many phone calls, etc. I will continue to fight this tooth and nail, I am currently looking into a lawyer who can deal with this. ( This ends the letter) Personally, I feel that if the money was being used to enhance the fishery and thus the regulation was done in the spirit of habitat and resource enhancement, then sure I'll pay the extra, but it is not. The B.C. Gov't has become notorious for its' ability to do all of the wrong things for all of the wrong reasons. What you have here, is more like bureaucratic favoritism and stupidity and it is too bad, but I guarantee you can holler all you want about Canadian equality ( when has that ever actually been true??!!) but it isn't going to change the minds of the people that need to change their minds. I should point out that this management fee has been used in other areas as well, under different guises, just not in areas that are easily accessed by Alberta fishermen, so it probably has gone unnoticed. What I see here is that if this has become a pilot project for B.C. Sportsfishing, there will be more to come. Yes it is a tax grab, everyone including the Gov't knows that. At this point all you may have to hope for is that on May 17 they do not get back in and that the next party elected will approach this from a different and better angle. But then if wishes were horses wel l.....
  16. I corresponded with Al several times and really appreciated his articles and his personal touch delivered through FAOL. The loss to them and those of us who were familiar with him, is significant. I believe they will have a hard time filling Als' shoes. My heart goes out to his friends and family.
  17. You might try picking up one of those Fishing Guides to Alberta magazines. I saw them in, hmmmmm Exra Foods magazine rack but I am sure you will find them in other places as well. They give you the names and fishability of alot of different water in Alberta. Don't forget you need a different license to fish in a National Park as well. Sounds like it could be fun though!
  18. I agree, the largest threat posed by these farms is the biohazard! Both directly and indirectly. Our governments however only think four years ahead, they SAY they think further than that, but it is only to the next election. I suppose rather than convenient science, they also rely on hiring good "spin doctors." to do damage control. The very best thing that I can think of is for everyone who is concerned with this problem, to write to the address on your reply and to promote NOT eating farmed salmon. Make a point of telling your grocer or a restaurant that you won't buy or consume farmed salmon. These days, you are right, we seem to be besieged by potential biological disaster, especially with food and water. Feeding sheep to cows was not a good idea, look at the long term, as yet undiscovered effects on people. This is a huge issue, one that cannot be solved in the short term, but we certainly can start on it!
  19. Gosh, the letter was similar to several I have received from the Gov't on other environmental issues. Perhaps they have a large form letter that just needs tweaking for each response? I also noted that AdScam was for alot more money than they are putting into the research required to maintain a healthy environment for the entire population of salmon on the west coast as well as the thousands of people who rely on them to make a living, sports and commercial fishermen alike. Okay this is third hand info, but not all of the salmon that escape do poorly. There are some that are healthy and there has been several cases of possible spawning with other Atlantics, thank goodness they do not cross pollinate. While the head of the Salmon Farmers Association was telling everyone that Atlantics were not showing up in the coastal rivers, they were. This person is not a government emloyee but spoke like one. I grew up on Coastal B.C. where the salmon farms are in remote areas, well out of the public eye. I have a friend who is a fisheries biologist and used to act as an advisor to a large salmon farm that contracted a disease and died enmasse. I have another who used to dive for the salmon farms on the coast. Perhaps his stories of escapement and net repairs were the scariest. The odds are that with continued losses that are in the millions of fish via escapement, what are the odds that some will eventually "take." Disease by naturally occurring organisms is a nice phrase, sounds like, "Well all fish are subsceptible to the local organisms, we are not introducing anything new." But they are holding huge populations of fish in a fairly static environment. Hmmmm sort of a breeding ground if you ask me. Creating a great place for a bacterial organism to grow, the host can't leave. To trust that research being done, will be done in a timely manner is well.....is rediculous to harsh a word? When has the Government done anything in a timely manner? The Canadian Gov't can waffle with the best of them and the Campbell Gov't is following along because business has him in their back pockets and hey! He can blame the Feds for just about anything that happens. I didn't see anything about antibiotic use in the letter? This is one of the more current issues I was reading about. There have been several articles written on just if and how much farmed salmon one should eat, because of the antibiotics fed to them and then the residue sits on the bottom in andamongst the waste from the fish.....Hmmmmmm antibiotic resistant disease? We can have the same problem over time once the stuff gets into the food chain. I am not dead set against salmon farming. I think their are several issues to deal with though. One is NO FISH that is not native to this or any other coast, where farming would take place. At least one of the other issues, is to get them out of the "open" ocean and put them in landlocked ponds. Regulate the circulation and disposal of the effluent (most of the regs are there for this already and just need some adjustment for the situation). A board made up of both gov't and civilian reps should be created to police these operations. I think sometimes environmentalists can be a tad radical in their actions, but ya know, sometimes it takes that kind of action to get people to stop and look for a second. I'm not talking about tree spiking etc. I am talking about making ALOT of noise to make up for the rest of us who are not. I think if everyone who read this reply that John posted on this site, was to reply to it in whatever manner or capacity they saw fit, it would let them know that alot more eyes are watching. Thanks for sharing John......
  20. I will certainly do what I can!
  21. Sorry I didn't make it last night. I was politely reminded by my wife, of a previous engagement. I am going over this morning to pick up garbage around the shore. Can't wait for the city to "slip" and do it and I hate fishing for Rainbows or anything else while standing amongst refuse. I will be fishing there this evening though.
  22. I'll be there as well, watch for a giant walkin vest....
  23. Apparently Ranger has found his own kind of madness! Nice meeting you yesterday!
  24. There will be a time when you will find that you cannot farm and fish. Sure you can as a youngster, but when farming is your living.....well I made the choice and it has been full of trade-offs. Got a regular job, moved into town, I can fish alot more than I could have otherwise but!......... I miss living in the country, where you can forget all of your problems.....because they are buried out in the back 40!
  25. In this day and age it seems, that it is all too easy to try to quash any complaints against these types of things, by crying racism. I have to believe it is some kind of racism to discriminate against the other Canadian citizens who are not metis, or whatever. It is a typical ploy of government, to create dissention between the ranks when one of their pet policies is threatened, then on the other hand, to preach unity of Province and /or country......with the people that they tried to alienate. It is not, I believe the Metis that we are upset with as much as it is the Government, for its' own anti Canadian policies. I do not hate, despise or dislike First Nations, Metis or any other group of people. If they told me I could fish year 'round, I might well take them up on it. I despise the willingness of the government to betray the majority of Canadians, to satisfy the minority. To take the cowards way out and promote dissention, rather than work towards unity on these and other issues. I also fail to see how "aboriginal rights" can be restored when harvest methods are so much more efficient and are no longer "traditional" in the true sens of the word. My $.02 worth, for all the good it will do. I have written to the appropriate parties, but even if we speak our minds at election time, I do not believe that things will change any time soon.
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