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  1. I think Dragon Troller is right, though I gotta say the professional service and the knowledge available in any of the fly fishing sections of Hosting stores is often poor, though I buy a fair bit when I have to. There was a "local" online dealer for a while at Thornes Manufacturing, but Robin shut down because he found out being retired was more fun. The dynamics of the retail business are changing and has anyone noticed that even with the Canadian Dollar surpassing the U.S. dollare we are not seeing any savings at the flyshops either? Things that make you go Hmmmmmmmm.
  2. Anyone who knows the Malahat will know there really is no better or worse route as far as the path of least resistance goes, It has been where it is since Model A's ran the trip from Victoria north. I used to fish the Goldstream when I was younger and more flexible. The area of the crash would put it very close to the estuary, which is bad of course, but with some help from high spring tides the damage may be somewhat reduced we will probably never get the truth out of anyone on this. It is true that the routes of some highways may be better picked, but it is also true that the operators of commercial or private vehicles need to not only act responsably but be held responsable for their actions. The comment in the article said " Columbia Fuels will pay for much of the clean-up and remediation." I have to ask which part they would not be paying for? The fish kill will be disastrous but again, hopefully the location mixed with tidal action will help disperse the worst of the spill. Follow this link for a bit more info on the highway itself…….Kerry http://www.shawniganlakemuseum.com/malahat.html
  3. I'll be there for Saturday, looking forward to it!
  4. Thanks Pauline. I hope to bring Mark Campbell with me since it is chair accessable, Fraser and maybe another. It is all good and I want them to feel comfortable with the Club so they may consider becoming members as well……Kerry
  5. Thanks Dennis, I will contact you about possibly meeting up to get it, I have to work next Wednesday night and cannot make it. Pauline I think Fraser enjoyed himself, but he has upper back issues from leaping out of airplanes and he had to leave right away as his back was hurting him. Phil was great and I think it probably did make us all want to go fishing, how cruel was that? As I mentioned Fraser will be fishing with Colin McKeown (our Petiwawa co-ordinator) and Brian Chan next Spring, lucky guy.
  6. I will be coming, maybe bring my Son and a couple of Soldiers in the program…..Kerry
  7. Tonight I brought one of the Soldiers in our program to see what the NLFT/TU was all about. He has done his time in Afghanistan and will benefit from participating with you folks. I also managed to leave behind a black duffle bag and plano box. Apparently I can only focus on one thing at a time. Was wondering if it was put away with other items or if someone picked it up? Please reply here or phone me at 780-929-6913. Thanks for any help with this……Kerry Pitt
  8. Sunday was great! Best money I have spent on tying in a long time. A.K. is a great instructor, good story teller and nice fellow……I think we all learned how to get more out of less materials as well. Upright hen wings and Turkey Flat wings are no longer a mystery LOL.
  9. Happy Birthday Lance. 43 eh? I liked being 43, it was a good few years. Have a coffee on me
  10. Twitter, nor Facebook is meant to replace newsletters or telephone. They are a very quick and efficient way to move information to many subscribers when it comes to making people aware of upcoming events, rather than having to wait a month to announce it. If there are or will be younger members in any Club or Organization then it may behoove the Club to look at both forms of communication. To garner support from the public or to draw more interest from specific groups, both are hard to beat…..actually they can't be beat. So you can try to talk to 1000 people face to face or you can use this format to do at least some of it for you. All about "we" and what may benefit any Group. Some members do not have computers, I imagine that may be so, yet the website is updated and used as a communication tool. So rather than phone every member you should be able to post on the website and have people pick up on it so you do not have to spend so much time on the phone. I still love to get magazines and newsletters, talking on the phone is still a big part of my day but there are other bigger and better uses for Facebook and Twitter. I am an unfriendly user and it has taken me a couple of years to see what the benefits of these two media streams are. 8^)
  11. Does anyone know if he will have his books there to buy? As well is there anything else we should bring for the Saturday event?
  12. I echo the sentiment. Thanks for hosting the Banquet and a special acknowledgment of Brian's ability to make the auction just a little bit better than many I have been to.
  13. Nope mine warned me of the same thing. Good heads-up!
  14. I fell because I WAS carrying the doughnuts.....might not have been his tail?
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