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  1. I had a good time last night everyone. Thanks for being patient and for the kind words about the flies afterward. Cheers! Joe
  2. For a little extra $$ you can be an extraordinary Joe like myself! J
  3. Congrats to all and good luck in your new positions. J
  4. Good suggestions for advertising Dave. On the Facebook page too? J
  5. Thats too bad. I recall him helping me out with reel choices quite some time ago. Super nice guy. J
  6. Mike It's all good. There is no "I'm right and you're Fing wrong" with me. Yes you could still realistically launch a float tube from the end of the walking path....but that's pretty much it. If Spring had some better shoreline access for folks I would not be complaining. Look at Star....most of the lake shore is not accessible and yet a couple dozen folks and families show up to fish that place every weekend. Not more than 2-3 individuals can realistically fish the spot where the walk in path meets the lake. How can a lake be supported by license dollars and be included in the mantle of the ACA whose mission states "ACA conserves, protects and enhances fish and wildlife populations and their habitats for Albertans to enjoy, value and use." Should that statement be amended to say "...habitats for Albertans with float tubes or the money to pony up for a key to the locked gate"? I guess when you get right down to details it is also not right that the RV park there could be seen as profiting from ACA license dollars. Like I said...it's all good Mike. And later today when I suggest putting your hand in the dubbing machine....just do it. J
  7. I agree....and if the lake had similar opportunities as East Pit then you would hear no objection from me. If the shoreline was wide open, or at least open a fair amount then I would be fine with it. However, if you can't even walk and fish 5 meters from where the path meets the lake....is it really open to public fishing? I'm not miffed at the ACA for some cabin owner getting fiesty....thats merely me showing that you cant walk the shore to fish so you are stuck in an extremely small spot to fish. It's not even worth the walk in. In some circles the ETC is viewed as profiting from this venture as well. A couple guys mentioned this to me when I was tying at Cabelas a couple years ago. If I was part of the ETC upper echelon I would be worried about being viewed as making a buck off of a publicly funded resource that in fact benefits the Club far more than the public. That would be a PR nightmare for everyone involved. When it comes right down to it I just don't think the ACA should be involved with a fishery unless there is equal access for all. And Spring just doesn't qualify when you look at the details. I would be all for the ACA looking at keeping more water the in lakes themselves. A solution like that would eliminate or reduce the aeration needs. I think that's a great idea. J
  8. DragonTroller Because there is very limited access for the public. The only public access is a walk in path from the village. Not suitable to launch anything more than carrying in a float tube on your back. The last time I used the path to just chuck a few flies from shore I was threatened to be charged with trespassing as I started to walk the shoreline to the side of where the path meets the lake. The only other access is to pay your membership fee and get a key from the ETC. Why should we have to pay to fish a lake that our license dollars already support to some extent? There used to be public access via the RV Park but after abuse and litter the owner closed that. Can't say I blame them for that but to not have proper access to fishery supported by the ACA seems to be in direct conflict with the underlying premise of the ACA itself. Rubs me the wrong way J
  9. That's pretty darn generous for them to foot the bill.....ACA dollars going to a lake that not everyone can fish. Just awesome. J
  10. I have also been considering getting back into things as far as memberships go. I have long been a TU member and now that my schedule is more flexible I should have more time for meetings and whatnot. However, the issue is also that because of work I can't really play favorites. If I join one I really need to join all and for now that doesn't seem right to me either. I have never joined the ETC, solely based on some political issues and a somewhat stubborn stand I have taken and for reasons known only to me I don't feel I should back down on. I'd be curious to know what the current state of the ETC is. I have folks ask me from time to time if they should join but I really don't know how its being run at the moment. If anyone would care to enlighten me on that I would appreciate it. You can PM me if that would work best. Cheers guys J
  11. Sorry I couldn't make it to the event this year. Had a social comittment I was told I could not avoid. Glad it went well. J
  12. Thanks for the clarification Peter....I had always thought ACA funded the stocking. Good to know. J
  13. If the ACA is opting out of aerating Spring are they still going to be funding the stocking as well or will that be from a private individual too? J
  14. This is one of the best tying sites I visit and they just did an extensive study on 26 types of UV cure resins....the Bondic included. Give it a look. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=82303&page=1
  15. Well that sucks. Makes me wonder why any fall stocking was done then. I know they put quite a few tiny guys into Fiesta a couple weeks ago to help that one bounce back. Those fish will almost certainly die as even with aeration that lake has a high winter mortality rate. Not to mention just how badly this will bugger up the "plan" (and I use the quotations here to indicate a massive amount of sarcasm) for stocking the Tigers. Not that this is the ACA's fault. I dont blame them one bit for covering their butts against manslaughter liability. Just another setback as far as decent man made fisheries go. J
  16. How do the fish out of Star taste? I haven't eaten one in over a decade. J
  17. Hey Dennis I will repost this on the AF3 board with a link if thats OK with you? J
  18. Well it was a pretty poor turn out for number of guys but we got a lot accomplished. Several bags of trash were collected (how many single shoes can be lost at one place??) and we ate a bunch of hot dogs and shot the breeze. Had one nice fellow who was just coming to fish for the day take an hour out of his day to grab a bag and take a long walk looking for garbage which was really great. Big thanks to Dick from the NLFT who showed up on a mission to save a lot of us from flat tires and ruptured pontoon bladders. Dick raked up the dirt at the boat launch and used a strong magnet on a pole to snag nails, screws, staples and who knows what else that was just waiting there for an accident to happen. Dick definitely deserved the $150 worth of Superfly tying materials he got for a prize. We will likely do this again in a few years. I know that the perimeter of the lake was in really good shape as far as trash went but perhaps the next one will be more of a work day where we do some really good clearing of the heavy growth around the signage. It's a pretty wild jungle in some of those spots. So thanks again to the few that came out. Cheers J
  19. Hi Guys Just wanted to let you all know that the actual date for the Muir Cleanup and BBQ is this Sunday the 25th. The main page has the date listed for the 24th so please come out on Sunday if you are able to. There will be hotdogs, pop and water for all particpants and fishing afterwards. There are also prizes to be given away. The last time we did this it was a great day. Got lots of garbage cleared out and I met a lot of excellent people. Please come out if you can. Cheers J
  20. If it makes it easier for anyone who has pike flies they want to drop off you can hand them off to me at the Muir clean up and BBQ this Sunday. It's looking really good so far! Cheers J
  21. Thanks Dave! Every bit helps and the box is filling up nicely. Cheers J
  22. Jokey

    Muir Lake

    I think I know where you mean Dennis and from what I witnessed there was definitely a fair amount of kill. J
  23. Thanks SnoWolf....much appreciated! J
  24. Hey Guys I posted this over at AF3 but thought that for the people who don't at both boards may want to see this. I am hoping that perhaps you could put one of your free tie nights to this cause. I need to appeal to you guys for a chance to contribute to a really great event being put on by some people I know at Project Healing Waters Canada and Wounded Warriors Canada. On Aug 1-5th Wilderness North Lodge will host 14 injured serving members from Manitoba and Saskatchewan at their fantastic resort. The concept of the event is to offer participants a tribute to their service by means of a well thought out event that offers some of the best fishing in Canada as well as time to relax, reflect and enjoy the great outdoors. I was approached at Superfly to help contribute some equipment to this event and have arranged to donate an 8wt rod, reel and line combo for all the participants in the event. This will give them the basic gear they need to catch good sized pike, walleye and lakers in these lakes. What I would like US to do is to put our tying effort together and fill a boat box of pike flies for these guys to chuck while they enjoy the lodge. Superfly will donate the boat box as well....all we have to do is fill it up! Please think about this event and how easy it will be to donate a handful of pike flies. It can be as many or as few as you like and they dont have to be too fancy. Maybe you are a beginner tyer and yet tying heavy bucktails yet. No problem....tie some of the biggest wooly buggers that you can and please donate them. If you are an avid pike fly tyer then please...use this as an opportunity to show off and let it all hang out. Topwater patterns, baitfish streamers or swimming frogs....its all good. They didn't ask for any flies but I think this is something we can easily do to help out. How cool would it be to have tied a great fly that can help a veteran catch himself a great big pike! Please contribute if you can. You can either mail them to me here at Superfly or drop them off during business hours of 8am -5pm. The address is Joe Belohorec c/o Superfly International Inc 11233-120st Edmonton AB, Canada T5G 2X9 If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We have some time to put this together but the sooner the better. I will take pics of the filling of the boat box as it progresses. Please let me know if you plan to contribute. Thanks for listening guys! Cheers J
  25. Hey Guys We left the "Bugger Box" and Superfly Banner there from last weekend there for you to use. It has plenty of vises, tools, thread, and all the materials for kids tying in there. You will likely see 50-80 kids show up for tying over the two days. Be sure to take advantage of the discount that Cabelas will offer you as it's quite good. I grabbed myself about $100 worth of stuff for only $70. Let me know if I need to go back to Cabelas and get the banner and box afterwards or if someone is able to drop it off back here at the Superfly office. Either way works. That box is heavy with pedestal vises so lift with your knees! Cheers guys Joe
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