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  1. Sorry Ranger really wanted to be there. Had some technocal difficulties with dialysis. be there next week. dave
  2. Thankyou for all the good thoughts and prayers. I'm home from the hospital and should be back at work on monday. Will see u all next wed. Woolly
  3. It is not hard to tell us apart, we are numbered. I'm 2 of 10 Dave Murray
  4. My record have the club trip on the weekend of the 16th. Woolly
  5. I'll get the info from dennis asap then we'll be set. Will email you as soon as i have the info Woolly
  6. Hello friends: The time has come to plan some things for our year. So far I've planned some beginner level flies on the 14th of September (Tie along flies led by Woolly, hey thats me, and Tom Gaunt has agreed to tie one (again a tie along) of his intermediate level flies on the 21st. I need a tie leader to present an advanced pattern on the 28th. Once I've got the plans set I'll give Dave R the recipes and materials required. Please contact me by email at dfmurray@shaw.ca if you can help. Dave M (Woolly)
  7. Geee Bob at least it was the right end of the horse. Woolly
  8. Hey i'm not that slow. I'm just careful. Woolly
  9. woolly


    Looks to be pollypro olive colour My best guess! Woolly
  10. Yes Paul those are the materials, Some mylar tubing and holo tinsel works too. 3/0 hooks are just fine 25 to 30 pound mono for happy salad guards helps. Woolly
  11. Assistant tyers are always welcome. At this point about 20 beginners have paid to attend. Wolly
  12. Bring your tying gear some really big hooks...(#2 to 3/0), some zonkers strips in your fav colour and tye along with Brian Hep and me. Spring pike beware.............
  13. Fellow members: Here is the list I gleaned from Jeremy Davies' patterns. Hooks Daiichi 1150 or Mustad 80200BR, 1xheavy scud hook turned up eye sizes 8 to 20 Mustad 37260 Scud TU eye standard weight hook sizes 4-12 Daiichhi 1270 or Mustad 80050 or 80060 , 3 XL curved shank sizes 4-10 Daiichi 1730 or Mustad 81002BR 1x heavy 3Xlong nymph hook sizes 4-10 Thread Olive, Red, Tan, Black 8/0 Beads Black, gold and copper Body and thorax materials Natural and Light peacock Arrizona dubbing Red Acetate Floss Yellow /olive antron dubbing Brown, Tan UV and olive Ice dub Assorted materials fine lead substitute wire brown and olive goose biots Uni-Mylar pearl colour, or Prismatic Pliable sheet #10 (Hareline product) Gold, or copper wire very fine and fine Olive Maribou Ringneckk(Chinese) pheasant fibres (not sure if body or tail. Jeremy suggests female bird feathers) Brown super floss Light tan and antron antron or Phentex (I'll bring lots ) There's more stuff on his fly pattern sheets, but this should keep us busy for at least two years... I mean days Woolly
  14. Great picts paul. go ahead post more please!
  15. thanks guys the help will be welcome gnit woolly
  16. I have confirmed the times for Wednesday setup. They are as follows: We need to have our "stuff" at Mayfield by 8:00 pm I suggest that we load up at the seniors centre at 7:00, that will give us about an hour to load and get to the Mayfield. I have contacted the two members who have offered thier trucks to move our gear and they should be there at 7:00. We will need some extra muscle to load the boxes. Woolly
  17. Hey I resemble that.... Wait thats better than old farts club..
  18. Hi guys I'm from Edmonton being flyfishing for about 6 years and love it mostly potholes west of here and threw out the year I like to hit places like Jasper,Crowsnest,RMH,K-country.Would like to learn alot more about the sport which none of my friends like fishing. Next is tying my own flys which I started but is having a hard time right now some day would like to join your guys club and also meet people to go on day trips hopefully on rivers which Im staring to relize that,s were my love for the sport is at. I practice C&R which I respect the waters and at the same time for my 3 sons ages 1,4,5 to have somthing waiting for them 15 ,20 years down the road. Happy fishing and keep that line tight.
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