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    Don't forget your tying gear if you have any and bring a coffee cup See you on the 7th Dave M
  2. May the joy of this season be in your lives forever. Merry Christmas to all and happy new year too. Dave and Ferne
  3. Happy b'day old man. And a Daddy too Woolly
  4. Welcome. There's always room for another member. Come out and join the fun Dave (Woolly) M President
  5. Shan: My family and I add our condolences to those of the fly tying and fishing family of all of Alberta. Our prayers are with you at this time. Dave (Woolly) Murray
  6. I can only see one slight problem...I'll have to go ashore to pee just like everybody else. Dave
  7. Thaks ladies and gents. See you at a meeting soon Dave
  8. Hello all I'm home and doing reasonably well. Was released Thursday night at 6:00 pm. Dave
  9. woolly


    Thaks for the info
  10. woolly


    This notice is for ALL club members. The following rules must be observed when you make a purchase for which you expect a discount: 1 Your current membership card must be presented. 2 Please be discreet when you make such a presentation. 3 The discount offers amy not be for all purchases. Thankyou fro your cooperation in this matter. Dave Murray President
  11. woolly

    Wet Fish

    Mr. Dell: Did it rain a Dolberg? Woolly
  12. It took Scratch so long to land that fish it grew an inch. Great vid Ranger. Woolly
  13. The TU fly box will be available for additional flies on wednesday. It needs more!! No excuses accepted. Woolly
  14. I'm looking for some help tomorrow night at the Gold Bar Community hall (The address is 4620 105 Ave.) There are about 24 Cubs who would like to have the chance to tye a fly. We need to be there for a 6:30 start. They are supplying the coffee. I can be reached on my cell at 915 3694 if you can help. Dave M
  15. I'll have one of the new "Northern" Back woods map books at the beginners tomorrow. Silent auction, raffle or something Woolly
  16. hmmm I seem to be left out in the cold so to speak. I definately need this rod! Woolly
  17. Hey now thats my rod your'e trying to give away Vince. Presidents Ceptre you know! Woolly
  18. I'll be there Greg We need someone to bring a coffee pot, fixins. Dave
  19. Some of may be aware of the assistance rendered by the club to Superfly. We recieved this message from them yesturday just before our meeting: "To the amazing Northern Lights Members: On behalf of all of us at Superfly, I want to thankyou for the tremendous effort that each of you made to assist us at a very critical time. The members who came out to help symbolize not only their strong commitment to the club, but also the commitment we all have to the sport and the future of fly fishing. It is through your generous contribution of time and expertise that new fly fishers will start out the right way with the right equipment." " With thanks " Janna This kind of effort by our club does not go unnoticed. Dave (Woolly) M Pres
  20. woolly


    John: Wow what a topic! Its a bit much for the forum but here goes. One method is to tie a short 24" or so piece of tipet to the bend of the front fly the add your dropper. OR Tie the dropper fly and tippet ahead of the main fly The main thing for me is to open up my loop to keep the flies from getting tangled. Some of the oteh members may have more suggestions. Flies: Hopper patterns that really float, Stimulaters, Elk hair Caddis, etc smaller nymph or emergers as the dropper, Pheasant tail and the like. Dave M
  21. I thought it was Febrrrrrrary. Dave
  22. how do I add more picts? Forum says i'm at memory limit dave
  23. Had good show trip home was a bit dicey. But the captain did well getting me home!
  24. Wonderful stuff! Thanks to all who helped and those who attended. Dave M
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