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  1. Happy b'day Tuber Another day closer to 365 fishing Woolly
  2. Well said Dave. Membership in a recognised and internationally accredited association would create a comfort zone for prospective clients as well as the Guides themselves. If the Codes of Conduct and standards are appropriote then there would be absolutely no need for Government Regulation. Dave M
  3. Very interesting discussion.... Dave...It looks like a red perch. Woolly ps Waiting with anticipation to meet you Ian. Sounds like you'll fit right in wth the rest of the madd westerners here.
  4. Love the travelling vice mount!! Woolly
  5. Ok all you inovative Tyers....Tye your best Christmas fly for this new swap. The only rule is that the flies must include red and green (not olive). Contact me through this post to join in. The mad Woolly
  6. I'll have the clothing at the meeting this Wednesday. Bring your money for the discount of 50% on whats left. Dave
  7. Welcome to the forum. Hope to see you at a meeting. Be sure to identify yourself.


  8. Another balast on the way? Congrats To Darren and spouse Dave M
  9. I have the flies. For the right price i'll bring them to Wed. meeting. Hmm 6 flies for CFL? Dave M
  10. Happy birthday Dave. Sounds like we'll reach all day every day fishing about the same time. Dave M
  11. Thanks Dan. Not up to snuff is an understatement. More like improve to feel sick Dave
  12. woolly


    Welcome o the nut house. If yo paddle you can't be ballast. Dave M (aka woolly)
  13. My BAD I had information that the show opened at 10:00 am Any of you who showed up to work...Coffee is on me . Dave M
  14. We were supplied by Superfly to complete our Cub/Scout tying session. 8 to 10 kids at once and the session went very well. The boys loved the experience and they are excited to do it again next year. Woolly
  15. Thankyou To Dan Tulic, Dave Robinson and Paul Fitt for the help tonight. We win again 24 Cubs and Scouts hooked (no pun intended) on fly tying. Well done ents. Next round is on me Dave
  16. Thanks gents see you there around 6:00 ish 6115 Fulton Road. This location is different from last year.
  17. I've heard from Dipperdan but no one else. dave
  18. 1. I'll need a total of 3 helpers on Tuesday the 24 Feb. to teach Cubs and Scouts some really basic entomology and Fly tying. 2. The event is at 6115 Fulton Road. This location is different from last year. 3. They would like us to start at about 6:30. They have promissed coffee and treats Woolly (Dave M)
  19. Thanks friends. I'm not old just a little recycled Dave
  20. We arrived safe and sound this evening. Highway clear and dry for most of the way. one or two spots with blowing snow but no real problems Dave
  21. Hear yee hear yee all who would read this. A presidential citation to Brian Bleakly for a great deal of work and high blood preasure. We all owe this special man something very special. My presidential hat is off to you Brian. I personally owe you a great big one. Dave M ps the other club members involved in this last minute fix should be knighted for their efforts on our behalf.
  22. Members and Guests - We have received unfortunate news from Dave Whitlock. Due to circumstances beyond the control of Dave, or the Northern Lights, he will not be able to arrive in Edmonton this weekend. The Northern Lights Executive is operating to come up with a presentation for this weekend that will be of value to those guests who have made plans to attend from distances, however for those travelling with the specific intent of seeing Mr. Whitlock - we are simply unable to do so. As for the standard NLFT / TU membership presentation Friday evening at the club - due to our guests absence the session has been cancelled. We are working to establish a program for this weekend, and will communicate that as soon as is possible. We are currently in the process of making arrangements to have Dave and Emily up for a rescheduled seminar in the next 2-3 months. Please be patient - we're doing our best to get something together and get word to you. Dave Murray / Brian Bleackley / Webmaster
  23. Happy birthday Mr. bow hunter and many many more. Basically "Live long and prosper" Woolly (Dave M)
  24. congratulations Gramps. One to spoil at last! Dave M
  25. Well done Kerry. I whis you well in your work on this project. Send me a email if you think we can help. Dave Murray Presedent NLFT
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