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  1. I assume we are talking about Wolf Lake west. South west of Edmonton. I'm checking with Ferne's work schedule so I'm a maybe
  2. will attend next trip headed east to Sask for a couple of days
  3. doI need to book my own site? I have a 23 ft class C Dave M
  4. We will try to be there. Probably Friday pm Dave
  5. I can only add the prayers of Ferne and I to those for Kenzie. Get well soon I need to help you with your casting. Dave M (woolly)
  6. my hook chart has it as R73-9674. or a 9394 ,9395 TMC or a 1750 Diichi Dave M
  7. If the fishers cannot identify the species they have caught then it should not be kept. Ignorance does not excuse poaching!
  8. Make sure the hole is big enough to hit with a fly!
  9. Have a great day Dan. Here fishy fishy! Dave
  10. Thanks Dave. Been a little out of circulation for a while but all is good. Dave
  11. Steel wool is great because it works when wet
  12. This is probably very un-fly fishing like, but a small spinner is also good to throw in. Water proof matches ans some fine steel wool for fire starter is handy too.
  13. woolly


    I'm headed to Dolberg sometime tomorrow (Friday 22 June). Plan to be there a few days. Woolly Dave Murray
  14. You have come to the right place. We pride ourselves in our ability to help new fly tyers. Come to a meeting and Just ask any body for help. We have a huge library of books and CDs available for members to sign out. I hope to see you at the next meeting on Wednesday night. Just ask for Dave Murray. Bring a coffee cup and have one with us. Sincerely Dave M :0
  15. Sorry I had to miss out o the Cabela's opening. Developed sudden onset profound deafness in my left ear from an inner ear infection. Wobbling around like Bobber in the Red deer near his rock.. Can't drive for a few more days till anti Virals fix the infection. Dave M
  16. Make sure the ice auger is at least a 10". Smaller holes are hard to hit! Tight loops and no wind Dave M
  17. Stupid does not excuse the fact that this driver deliberately climbed into the cab of that truck after consuming any amount of alcohol. there should be a zero tolerance for drivers of these types of vehicles!
  18. I was told On Wednesday that "At least you didn't win another rod" Dave
  19. I donated Two Borger Tickets to be given away be CHED ( my cost ). A little advertising never hurts Woolly
  20. Best wishes to you and yours B. Keep happy Woolly
  21. I guess the people there don't talk. I left instructions with those there when I dropped the tickets. Sorry for the problems Dave M
  22. This is my second favorite season of the year. Christmas was and is the most specia family time of the year. I count the members of this club as an extension of my family. They have been there when I needed the support most. God bless you all and may this Christmas season be the best yet for you all and your loved ones. Dave Murray
  23. ho ho ho All the stores (wholesale, fishing hole and fishig center) have tickets. Get yours soon there are limited seats Merry Christmas all Woolly
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