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  1. Thank you to all that attended and to the organizers, as Jim said what a great seminar.
  2. Great news Peter. Well Done. Does Doc need a thermal support? Woolly
  3. certainlybring your own tolls. We are running an ongoing tying class based on Charlie Cravens beginners fly tying. Jan 8th is the first meeting of the new year.bring your sons too. We have loaner tools for them to use while at the meetings. Come check us out. Be sure to introduce yourself. I know the weather has made it tough for my son too. He doe snow removal as well. Dave M aka Woolly ps bring a coffee cup
  4. Me and few others sooner than we'd like Only thing missing is the seat on the walker. lol Woolly
  5. Probably a mustad 94833, a dry fly hook but could be used as nymph, or wet with a little added weight , and a mustad 9874 3x long streamer hook
  6. Materials should be ready for first mtg in January. Woolly
  7. I'd like to see some brown trout too. I'd also like to thank peter for all of his hard work.. Dave
  8. Wonderful presentation Ken..Still digesting the information..Santa's getting a wish list...lol Dave
  9. Hmmm...Sounds like a new rod for me! Woolly
  10. Tonight,November 11, is the first of this years beginnerd tying sessions. We will use "Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying" as our teaching manual. Copies of this book are available from the Club library. Bring your tools or borrow a set from the club. Dave Murray Woolly Program Director
  11. David Sent November event to you tonight via msg Woolly
  12. My surplus supply has been exhausted. FlyRod I'll have some for you.
  13. I'll have some bags of multi-coloured cord at the meeting on Wednesday. $6.00/ bag Woolly
  14. I'm afraid I'm in the same boat as Michael. Unable to attend due to having a bad cold for most of this week
  15. His phone is not in service till spring. Hope someone can hold 8 or 10 for us Dave
  16. I cannot seem to get hold of Rolf. His phone is always busy. any ideas?
  17. Thanks Dan I"ll try to reserve 8 or 10 Here fishy fishy fishy! Dave
  18. Yes the plan is for both of us, however my large boat will not be coming. needs some maintenance that will take longer than a few days. Dave
  19. Do you think there is room for my 23 foot class C...
  20. Vince memory is second...I can't remember the first! Dave
  21. Thanks for the info. Found two Wolf Lakes...1 N.E. 1 S.W. thanks again
  22. What were we talking about again...
  23. Sorry to hear about the breaks Jim. Are you taking orders?
  24. Michael Dell and I fished the eastern slopes near Nordeg for grayling. We had a great day of +31C weather and did manage to catch one fish each. I guess thats why it is called fishing not catching. It was a wonderful day of wading crystal clear streams thanks to Michael. I hooked and landed my first ever Cutty and Michael snapped the hero shot. As I said a great day Oh by the way Neoprenes were not good for +31 now have some breathables
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