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  1. John and his wife are retiring as soon as the present stock is gone. No one is taking over the business. Go to his web page to select and order any hackle you might want. After all these years of development John has some pretty good hackle. Griz may be in short supply very quickly.



  2. On behalf of the members of this club I wish to thank those who went out a collected donations for this event, My inventory had more than 125 items by the end of the night. Unfortunately I succumbed to a raging cold and ear infection the next Day. She who must be obeyed was not inpressed with that outcome.anti biotics and plenty of rest says the Doc and she who must be obeyed. :whootwhoo:



  3. Our annual Silent Dinner and Auction is onSaturday the 8th of November Tickets for the event are $35.00 per person.

    As a reminder this event is the major fund raising activity for our Club. Ticket sales are not very good at this point.

    Please Contact Emerson to get yours. They are available at the club as well.


    We are in desperate need of Auction items. I am including an electronic copy of a letter that you can use to help you get auction items.


    Dave M Woolly


  4. The first of our new tyyer sessions wil be tonight, Oct 7th. Bring your tools if you have any, there are some club loaners if you need them. We are Using Charley Cravens book as our guide.

    Materials are provided for those who are participating as new tyers.


    :dar: Woolly Dave M


  5. creek mouth and tidal pond a bit south of St. Johns Newfoundland. Fished there this morning. Saw some big fish (20" plus browns. biggest I could food was 6". Caught and released half a doz. of the 2 to 3" variety. A great day fishing though. Ocean to left Creek to right







  6. First Annual Northern Lights Fall Grayling Clave


    When: Week end of September 20 2014 (19th through 21)

    Where: Freeman River Camp ground

    Activities: Fishing, Fun, Fishing, Camp fire, fishing and Fishing




  7. HOOK: TMC 3761, #12 -#16, Daiichi 1560 #12-#16, Mustad 3906b,#12-#16

    THREAD: Uni 6/0 or 8/0 Orange, Wapsi ultra 70 denier, Orange

    TAIL: (Optional) Dark brown Hackle fibers

    ABDOMEN: Hare’s Ear #4, from the cheek

    RIB: SM or x-sm gold wire

    THORAX: Hare’s Ear #1, Dark from the ear

    HACKLE: Brown Partridge

    Posted Image

  8. Hook: Standard dry fly #12-#18.


    Posted Image

    Thread: Black 6/0 or 8/0 Tail: Golden pheasant tippet Body: Peacock herl, red floss, peacock herl Rib: None Hackle: Dark brown. Wing: White neck hackle clipped on the bottom.


    The thread is open to be Dennisized a bit. Fire red thread will give it a hot spot in low light conditions (near sunset)

    Use the tying thread to make a peacock hurl rope to add some durability.


    Have fun and challange yourself to tye some 18s.


    Dave M


  9. Are you ready? Do you have enough knowledge to effectively fish Muir? Is you fly box full?

    Does you float boat leak?


    The entire month of April will be in preparation for the new season of fishing Muir Lake.

    Fly patterns for still waters, Hatchery information, Still waters gurus, and a whole lot more for the novice still waters fisher and the an opertunity for the more experienced among us to mentor.


    Join us for the madnees that will be April!


    Dave M


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  10. This week is the monthly business meeting followed by the beginners/free tye session along with a round table discussion of fly fishing/tying topics.

    Bring your ideas or just come to learn something.

    Bring your vice and tools, Charlie Cravens book and some enthusiasm.

    There will be the usual coffee and Tim Bits so bring a coffee cup too.


    See you there.


    Dave M

    Programs Director

    Aka Woolly


  11. There were quite a few kids tying their woolly Buggers on Friday afternoon as well as Saturday. I had a blast and the people from Hook and Hackle were a great help on Saturday. Left Calgary on Sunday Morning so I don't know how the Kids booth went that day.




  12. certainlybring your own tolls. We are running an ongoing tying class based on Charlie Cravens beginners fly tying. Jan 8th is the first meeting of the new year.bring your sons too. We have loaner tools for them to use while at the meetings. Come check us out. Be sure to introduce yourself.

    I know the weather has made it tough for my son too. He doe snow removal as well.


    Dave M aka Woolly


    ps bring a coffee cup


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