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  1. CCJ, I can do all four days, as much time as needed, same with the fishing hole show.
  2. Jim, jfisherman here, count me in on it.
  3. Whomever walked off with my "new balance" shoes tonight, I've got your "fila"s. Mine are sz 11, white with blue trim and "new balance" printed on the heels and on the sides. Let's trade at the soonest opportunity.
  4. Tyler, there's the fishin hole (south) at 51st Ave, the fishin hole (north) on 97th St, and the fishin hole (west) in WEM. There's also the fishin center on 82nd St.
  5. Hi all, as an addendum to my post of the 21st, add a terrabyte drive. Will be back later when I remember what else I had in mind.
  6. Hi all, jfisherman here, mine's an anchor bag for the belly boat.
  7. Hi all, jfisherman here, one heck of a game, quite the heartbreaker of an ending.
  8. Hi all, jfisherman here, back from paska. Kept 5, 2 of whom were nice fat approx 8", other 3 were approx 6" but rather slim. All kinds of nibbles, a bunch of releases cause too small, a bunch of long-distance releases. Alas, however, I forgot pictures.
  9. Johnk, jfisherman here, thanx for the tips. I'll bring back some pictures to show around the club.
  10. Hi all, jfisherman here, well tomorrow (July 5th) I'm heading to vancouver for a couple of weeks for a week of camping/fishing. Does anyone know of any good steelheadish streams/lakes in Kamloops/pasca lake area?
  11. 5weight, jfisherman here, as far as I know, yes; at the usual place (Queen Mary Park).
  12. Dennis, jfisherman here, I will have the cash for the books at the next meeting (the 28th). thanx
  13. Canadagrey, jfisherman here, that's 10844, to be precise. thanx
  14. Grumpy, jfisherman here, I am interested in several of the titles on the list; said titles as follows: Fly Fishing Still Waters for Trophy Trout, Denny Rickards: $ 20 Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwaters, Brian Chan: $ 20 Micropatterns, Tying + Fishing the Small Fly, Darrel Martin: $ 10 Morris + Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes, Skip Morris + Brian Chan: $ 10 Pike on the Fly, B Reynolds + J Berryman: $ 15 Trout Flies of the West, J Schollmeyer + T Leeson: $ 10 Please post me on the results when they come in. Thanx in advance
  15. Troutfisher, jfisherman here, maybe try wrapping the male end of the next piece down the line with some cellophane or, better yet saran wrap or maybe scotch tape; insert the wrapped end into the tip section as far as it will go and then apply zap-a-gap to the split area and let dry.
  16. jfisherman here, is anybody thinking of going to the little smoky this weekend? If so, give me a call at 780 756-0897 if you some company on the trip. Thanx in advance
  17. Acipenser, jfisherman here, check the "goldeye info" listing. Try dry flies like the light cahill, the mac's mayfly, or mosquito. subsurface, try a black seal & collar, an irresistible, a pink shrimp, a few meal worms and maybe a few mac's giant chironomids.
  18. Terry, jfisherman here, is it Dave Robinson on the Crowsnest River?
  19. Paul, the bug in picture #2, is it a caddisfly?
  20. Jfisherman here, Paulf, is that a blue winged olive in picture #1 because that looks (at least from a distance) an awful lot like what was hatching at Hawrelak on Sunday (the 13th). To get a closer look I captured one and it had a body awfully close to that in the picture with splotchy brown wings.
  21. Jfisherman here, I went west of the university just south of Emily Murphy.
  22. Jfisherman here, I gather that Nemo isn't too crazy about fishing the river, so is anybody doing any of the alternates this Wednesday (the 16th)? BTW, I went to Hawrelak yesterday (the 13th), didn't catch any fish but caught a duck, along with some weeds.
  23. hi all, Greg S(original) here. Wednesday morning, just got in from week of fishing out at halfmoon lake, caught 9 + a couple of nibbles, for a total of 15 to 20 fish, 2 to 4 inch perch fishing off the beach dock. Had a great time, the fish were quite willing; and quite willing to scrap with application of a little pressure.
  24. Greg S (original) here anyone going out to muir lake or any of the local holes, for that matter, is 145 St/108 Ave in Jasper Place on the way, if so, I would appreciate a lift there. For a more precise address call me at 454-6322 PS I get off work at 4:30 Mon-Fri (holidays excluded) and transit time is about an hour so figure no earlier than 6:00 for pickup time.
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