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  1. Kristi, Greg here, you might also catch Leroy Hyatt's TV show "Fly-Tying: The Angler's Art" on channel 22 (Detroit public TV), Saturday mornings at 7:30. Of course, there is the club library and it's selection of books and DVD's.
  2. Kristi, Greg here, try Hans Weillenmann's website; he's listed on the user contributed links section of the links page.
  3. Don, my preferences would be as follows: 1) 3 or (better yet) 4 piece 2) 9 foot 3) Perfections guides - How do Hopkins and Holloway compare? 4) Wine or Red thread wraps 5) What about Acrylic, maybe some type of flexible acrylic cover material 6) Is the dipped urethane any better than the other methods mentioned ? 7) Medium or medium-fast action 8) 4 wt, 6 wt, 8 wt, 12 wt (one in each weight, maybe the 8
  4. Hi all, Greg here in Port Alberni, planning on going to the Nahmint area sometime in the next couple of days, any suggestions for flies; I remember Dennis (I think it was Dennis) saying cutties are suckers for anything with red in them; what about surface or near-surface flies (dries and/or emergers)?
  5. Ken, that's a definite yes although I think I'll be out this afternoon so please phone around 6 at 780 756-0897.
  6. Ken, how did the meeting at Golder Associates last night go? I almost forgot about it; by the time I got there everything was locked up.
  7. Ken, it's looking like I will be unable to make the 7th due to a camp trip to pigeon lake on the 7th thru the 9th.
  8. Ken, Greg here, I will be able do any or all of those shifts even though my casting leaves an awful lot to be desired but I can help out with the tying. Where is the store located?
  9. Ken, Greg here, Mica has told me he can't make the survey but I am most definitely interested so I will make the time for July 20th meeting.
  10. Kemo, Greg here, yes I am interested in participating however I can`t make the July 13th meeting as I will be in Athabasca for 4 more days till the 17th.
  11. Dennis, Greg here, are there any spots left on the survey? I've posted Mica about partnering up with him for it and he wants details.
  12. Hi all, Greg here, anyone going to Muir for the wind-up & BBQ next week, if you want some company on the trip, call me at (780) 756-0897.
  13. Garhan, Greg here, we don't need another fly shop because between the three Fishin' Hole locations, Wholesale Sports, The Fishing Centre, Halford's, and soon; Cabela's; I think we're okay. Besides, we can always order out.
  14. Carter, Greg here, try the river across from Hermitage Park, below Strathcona Park. Access (if the river is low enough) is via the north parking lot, down the paved utility road to the outfall station. Go around the corner along the fence to the dirt path running down the bank. Alternatively, try Hermitage Park itself.
  15. Steven, Greg here, if you would like some company for the trip, call me at 780-756-0897.
  16. Steven, Greg here, all my sinking lines are full sink although I do have one sink tip (WF-5-F/S Wet Tip III).
  17. Hi all, Greg here, does anyone know whats on the schedule for the presentation (if anything)?
  18. Yonderin, jfisherman (Greg) here, checking my copy of the 2010 Alta fishing guide and it has 4 listings for island lake: the listing north of Smoky Lake is the one that notes smallmouth bass in it.
  19. Dan, Greg here, aside trom a trip to Pigeon last week I just haven't been out, therefore I don't feel like I have anything to say, although I am presently tying sz 20 evil weevil ice nymphs. As for Pigeon, I did get some casting in (chucking hardware, although I did take a couple of fly rods, I didn't get around to using them). jfisherman (Greg)
  20. Rockyman, jfisherman here, I'm game although it looks like a rather long piece of river for one day. Phone me at 780 756-0897. Jfisherman (Greg)
  21. Dave, Greg here, I'm interested, are you east of town? I'm just west of downtown. Star Lake sounds good. Any ideas?.
  22. Hi all, jfisherman here, are we following last years schedule, with the dates adjusted for 2010?
  23. Brian D, your flies are ready! 134 of them: at $ .50 each that's $67.
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