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  1. Hi all, Greg here, going thru my emails I came across this opportunity from TUC.



    Posted ImageTrout Unlimited Canada
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    Fresh Water Clean Future!


    Trout Unlimited Canada wishes to advise you of a volunteer angling opportunity to help collect valuable information on the Stauffer Creek/North Raven River fish population.

    Alberta Sustainable Resource Development (ASRD) recently completed the tagging of numerous fish along with a population assessment on the Stauffer Creek/North Raven River.

    AESRD is now looking to collect seasonal fish movement data within the Stauffer Creek/North Raven River. Pit tags, small "pill like" tags, have been implanted under the skin of a number of fish. The implanted PIT tags track fish movement within the river and allow for individual fish identification. Each tag emits a unique signal which can only be identified by a handheld PIT tag reading unit.

    AESRD is looking for movement and recapture rates of fish in Stauffer Creek/North Raven River to better understand the population at this time.

    Volunteers are asked to participate in the project by:
    • Obtaining and signing out a sampling kit prior to their outing.
    • Follow the simple instructions housed in the kit (using the PIT tag reader and GPS to scan any fish that you catch and record the locations of fish caught using the included GPS).
    • Fill out the included creel cards completelyduring your outing.
    • Return and sign back in the sampling kit and the competed creel cards at the end of your day.
    Each kit is contained in a RED pelican case as displayed in the image below. Each kit is locked to avoid easy access to this equipment by people not participating in the project. If you participate in this project you are asked to please return the case to the same location you borrowed it from.

    There are two tagging kits available for use:
    • One kit is housed at a private residence in Edmonton (10224-79st., N.W.) The kit will be under the steps at the side of the house. The lock Combination for the Edmonton kit is, 780.
    • Another kit is housed at a private residence in Red Deer (26 Wiltshire Place) This Kit will be located under a bush right at the north west corner of the house. The lock Combination for the Red Deer kit is, 403.

    Posted Image


    For any additional information please contact Brian Meagher, TUC's Alberta Biologist viaemail or phone, (403) 209-5185.

    The information gathered will be used to better manage and understand this unique fishery. We thank you for your support and any volunteer time you can add to this important project.





  2. Hi all, Greg here, going thru my emails tonight I ran across this.



    Message from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Post-flood Fish Recovery

    Alberta’s anglers asked to aid post-flood fish recovery

    Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development is asking anglers to assist with the recovery of fish populations in streams affected by the recent flooding in southern Alberta. For details, please open this link to the ESRD webpage:http://srd.alberta.ca/FishWildlife/FishingHuntingTrapping/FishingAlberta/PostFloodFishRecovery.aspx

    Fish and Wildlife
    9920-108 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2M4
    Email SRD.FWDLicensing@gov.ab.ca

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    Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development
    Fish and Wildlife
    9920-108 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5K 2M4


  3. Hi all, Greg here, in my daily check of my emails I came across this one from TUC.




    17/08/2012 For Immediate Release


    Rocky Konynenbelt


    AESRD Beaver Lake Survey



    We have been asked to forward this message to all of the TUC chapters in Alberta regarding an online survey about fishing regulation changes at Beaver Lake near Caroline, Alberta. Note the survey deadline of Sep 4.


    Beaver Lake is part of the Quality Stocked Fisheries (QSF) program, which are trout-stocked waters managed to promote the growth of larger and older fish compared to general trout-stocked waters. Based on recent monitoring, Beaver Lake is no longer achieving the QSF objective of 10-15% of trout in the population being 50 cm or larger. Angler pressure and harvest relating to the current angling regulation has resulted in a decline of fish over 50 cm to less than 5% of the overall population.

    There are different angling regulations that can be applied to achieve the QSF objectives at Beaver Lake. Fisheries Management will benefit from your input on the regulation change options. Please review the information and regulation options at the website below, and take the online survey:



    The results of that online survey will become part of the public consultation necessary for the selection of which regulation option the majority of anglers support toward the desired fishery objectives.


    Call if you have any questions. Thank-you.


    Rocky Konynenbelt

    Fisheries Technician

    Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development - Clearwater Area

    P.O. Box 1720, Rocky Mountain House AB T4T 1B3

    Tel: (403) 845-8268, Fax: (403) 845-4750

    E-mail: rocklyn.konynenbelt@gov.ab.ca


    For more information on Clearwater Fisheries Management, please visit our website at:


  4. Amunoz, Greg (jfisherman) here, yes, we do have a limited number of vises (for which there are some bases if needed/ preferred) and tool kits. Contact Ken Monk or Rick Leblanc, at thier phone or email which are listed on the newsletter.

  5. Oizo, Greg here, we meet every wednesday evening at about 7 PM. The location being the Queen Mary Park Community Hall at 10844 117 St.

  6. The executive chose to price the seminar tickets low in order provide this educational opportunity to as many people as possible.


    In order to keep costs down, we will not provide coffee/doughnuts this year. Remember to bring your own travel cup.


    Kids under 18 will be admitted free with a parent/guardian who buys a ticket and attends the seminar.


    Is $65 for a two day seminar of this caliber a good deal ?


    It sure is. I got an email from the Western Canadian Fly Fishing Exposition in Calgary, and the January seminar tickets there are going for $60 for a 2 Hour session. Our program runs for two full days and is only $65!

    Ken, Greg here, I'll have a check for the seminar at the Jan 4 meeting.
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