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  1. I was notified by my trout club that Queen Mary park hall was damaged on the weekend so i am wondering if there will be a meeting.
  2. Hi all, Greg here, going thru my emails I came across this opportunity from TUC. Trout Unlimited Canada Quick Links Join TUC Donate to TUC Contact Us TUC Website[/b] Follow Us On Facebook! Join the Conversation on Twitter! Watch Us In Action On You Tube Fresh Water Clean Future!
  3. Hi all, Greg here, going thru my emails tonight I ran across this. Message from Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development Post-flood Fish Recovery Alberta’s anglers asked to aid post-flood fish recovery Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development is asking anglers to assist with the recovery of fish populations in streams affected by the recent flooding in southern Alberta. For details, please open this link to the ESRD webpage:h
  4. Hi all, Greg here, anyone going to the Little Smokey on or about Sept 14 - 18th? If so, would you like some company there & back? My phone is 780 756-0897; my email is jsterp1@shaw.ca. Thanx in advance.
  5. Dennis, Greg here, I'm up for this one if I can find a ride. Would you possibly have room? Please phone me at 780 756-0897 or PM me re: your reply.
  6. Hi all, Greg here, in my daily check of my emails I came across this one from TUC. RELEASE 17/08/2012 For Immediate Release Contact: Rocky Konynenbelt AESRD Beaver Lake Survey We have been asked
  7. Hi all, Greg here, I also received that notice and forwarded it to Ken (president) and Rick (vicepresident).
  8. Amunoz, Greg (jfisherman) here, yes, we do have a limited number of vises (for which there are some bases if needed/ preferred) and tool kits. Contact Ken Monk or Rick Leblanc, at thier phone or email which are listed on the newsletter.
  9. Don, Greg here, the way things stand currently I am still available for that time frame. My address is slightly west of downtown Edfmonton, phone is 780-756-0897, and email is jsterp1@shaw.ca.
  10. Ken, Greg here, I am up for this one as well. I will try to make the June 20 meeting. Thanx in advance.
  11. Ken, Greg here, I am willing if anyone would like some company along the way. If anyone is amenable to said company, please phone me at 780 756-0897 or e-mail me at jsterp1@shaw.ca.
  12. jfisherman


    Oizo, Greg here, we meet every wednesday evening at about 7 PM. The location being the Queen Mary Park Community Hall at 10844 117 St.
  13. Thanks all, brother and sister-in-law and I went to Tony Roma's for rib supper.
  14. Quentin, Greg here, I'm available and just west of downtown. Please phone.
  15. Quentin, Greg here, "the Angler's Art" program is on Saturday mornings on channel 22 at 7:30 AM. There's also a chance it's on one of the discs in the library.
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