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  1. Peter - do you have availble to letter for items? I had inquired last week about obtaining a copy ? Sorry haven't been to meetings yet, but hope to be able to get there.
  2. Look just above that post. On the dark blue line click on CUSTOM and change the filter to show all, and the rest will pop up. Pauline
  3. Hey Kristi - Congrats on winning the tickets. We are hoping to be down there as well. Missed last year but are hoping to be there this year for sure - weather permitting. Am sure will see you there..!! Pauline
  4. Seminar Agenda – Sat. Jan 21 0 9:00 Jack Dennis Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Wife or Dog to Fly Fish This first topic for the seminar makes me want to come & heckle!!!! LOL!!! Really Jack, I can only imagine.... May have to adjust my plans......
  5. Regarding a post made to another board regarding Phil and Jack, you may want to amend the dates. Not sure who posted but I was asked if it was really SUNDAY, MONDAY?
  6. Just reading thru the new Fly Fusion, and see that they have Rick Hafele coming. Hmmm weather permiting, maybe take a drive down there to see if anything new....
  7. Oh No!!! Say it ain't so Jo!!!! Darn, some still have to work, even on these nice days!!!
  8. Truly sad to hear of Rocky's passing. His character will be missed!! Our condolences. Pauline & Frank
  9. Thanks Paul ! Had an awesome birthday in Mexico Will bring photo of the Marlin Frank caught Talk about making his day! Hope you are well!!
  10. Weather permitting - looking forward to it.. Pauline
  11. Just thought I'd add some traffic... Sorry...
  12. And the fishing boyds bears snow globe..
  13. And part of our Lennox village
  14. Some other stuff Stained glass, fly fishing beer can/bottle
  15. And of course, the fishing tree in the fly tying room...
  16. and seven - the newest addition
  17. Three.. Yes - they are all different
  18. Awesome Kerry - they should enjoy Dave's presentation.!! Hope it all works out.. Pauline
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