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  1. as far as I know...the discount is only valid for Tying Materials. Nothing else. I don't know about the Fishing centre though...check there.
  2. Yeah..they carry GPS units at TFH. They got Garmin....Magellan...and Lowrance.. and all the accessories too.
  3. As a recent employee of the Fishin Hole...I can tell you that the 10% is not added on. From a guy that was in the inside, they are cheap cheap cheap.
  4. Ya know...I can really feel the love in this place... Kinda gets me right here. you know...HERE :lol: RB...He looks more like Harry Potter, than my Avatar
  5. Ummmm Ranger B. Matteo is a BOYS name. Matthew in Italian.
  6. Well, it's happend. I am now officially a DAD. Matteo was born January 23. This picture was taken about 30min after birth. As soon as he can hold a rod, I will have a new fishin buddy.
  7. Good to see that everyone is in the festive mood. Merry X-mas to all.
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